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Jo Lewis

I am a young professional working as an educator.
I thought that I would try this blog when I went to Canada for the first time but I got too busy! Here I am trying again and thinking it might be fun to share my adventures in England this summer with everyone.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 28th 2018

Tuesday August 28,2018 This morning I awoke around 9:30 am and watched some tv before showering and getting dressed. I said “good morning to Aunt Philippa and had a lovely breakfast while spending time with the dog. Philippa went out for about 20 minutes while I finished my breakfast and watched another show. Afterwards, I finished getting ready and organizing my other suitcase and bags. I wrote in the visitors book and Philippa had made me some lunch to take with me. We drove away from their house: Lower Chapters around 12 pm and arrived at Heathrow just about 2pm. I checked in and hugged my aunt goodbye and thanked her for a wonderful visit even if it was short. Went through security, walked around different stores while waiting for the gate. Around 3:10, I walked ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 27th 2018

MondayAugust 27,2018 I woke up around 7:15 am and had a quick shower and then came down, dressed and ready for breakfast. Sally and I talked and then we chatted till it was time to drive out of Poplar Farm House and off to Aunt Philippa and Uncle Jeremy’s house in Portsmouth. It took Sally and I about 2 and a half hours to drive to their house. We hugged and I brought in my luggage and then the four of us had a great lunch prepared by Philippa. Then around 2:15pm, Sally and the dogs drove back to Poplar Farm in Ipswich. I hugged Sally and I told her that I would text or email when I got home the following evening. After Sally left, Philippa, Jeremy and I had a quiet afternoon.We played a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 23rd 2018

Thursday 8/23-Friday8/24/18 Today Sally and I rested, relaxed, did a lot more errands and laundry. Sally needed to go out for a bit because she does a special “help-line” where folks call in and she listens. I watched tv and a movie and had a nice supper. Around 9:15, Sally came home and had a bite to eat and we saw a tv mystery show. Time for bed! GoodNight Folks! ——————————————————— Friday August 24,2018 This morning I woke up around 9:45 am, showered & got dressed and then came down to say morning to Sally. I had a wonderful breakfast and then we went off to do some errands in town. Came back and ate a late lunch. Then we just relaxed and rested till about 6:30pm. At 7pm, we met Sheri,Jason,Fleur and Millie at a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 22nd 2018

Wednesday August 22,2018 I awoke late today due to getting in rather late. Sheri came to say hello and ask how our holiday was. After Sally and I went to the town of Hadleigh and did a few errands. We both had a nice simple lunch, it was a quiet afternoon. I took an hour nap which refreshed and restored me. We then went grocery shopping nearby and relaxed until dinner. We were both tired by 9:45pm. GoodNight!... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 21st 2018

Tuesday August 21,2018 Today was our last day at the villa for Sally,Jay and I as we were flying from Bilbao at 10:50pm. John was driving down south towards Caceres and Córdoba. The four of us cleaned and organized the villa for awhile. After I was done, I made a “plastic creature” made from recycled plastic bottles. Afterwards-we all had a great and delicious lunch! Then we all relaxed and talked for a bit. About 3pm, Sally, Jay and I left the villa after John had driven away ten minutes earlier. I looked back one last time at our family villa! Sally drove for 2 hours before we stopped for a little break and coffee/water. Then we headed towards the airport and Bilbao. The three of finally dropped off the car and waited to check in ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 20th 2018

Monday August 20,2018 Today John and I drove towards the picturesque towns of Bragança and Miranda Del Douro in Portugal. We left around 10:30 am and arrived 12:30 pm-Spanish time. However in Portugal, there was one hour time difference. Then John and I walked up hilly and cobbled streets towards the medieval castle. We both decided to have a delicious lunch nearby and watch people walking by, as the sun was getting hotter by the minute. Then we went to tour the Castle which was amazing! Many military equipment, tools and steps. The view was outstanding! Around 4 pm, we left to drive back and go through the village of Miranda Del Douro. A beautiful and sweet town! Finally it was time to get back home to the villa! We were meeting Sally,Jay and Marcelino at ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 19th 2018

Sunday August 19,2018 Today John and I headed south east toward Madrid to visit a medieval castle in Medina Del Campo and then onward to the heritage city of Segovia, Spain. The Castillo De Mota is an amazing example of Mujader style, erected around 1500. On the grounds was a medieval festival of different folks making swords, medical tools, wearing gowns and owls, hawks and ravens ready to fly into battle back in the day. Then we drove through pretty villages as the Sierra Gardarama gets closer and more dramatic. Segovia is an extraordinary, exciting and mysterious city filled with historic and fascinating culture & architecture alike. John and I focused in the 2000 Roman stone aqueduct and the medieval romantic castle remodeled in the 19th century. I really enjoyed walking throughout the city! It was ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 18th 2018

Saturday August 18,2018 Today John and I met up with Sally and Jay in the pretty town of Tabara. The Spanish market is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. I got a ticket and we walked around and came back to the Fruit Stand, where we got some lemons and leeks for the house. John also bought a lovely white table linen for his aunt while I got a nice blue dress. Afterwards, we stopped at a small grocery store in town and bought a few things, plus ice. Then John and I drove towards the medieval & hilly town called Puebla de Sanabria. We walked up and down the narrow and steep streets. We finally made it to the top to admire the panoramic views of this beautiful city. Later we drove to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 17th 2018

Friday August 17,2018 Today John and I visited the beautiful and historical town of Tordesillas which is in the Douro River Valley between León and Madrid. I enjoyed the churches, museums and the medieval mansion. Amazing, unique and baroque & exquisite Moorish architecture throughout this village. I had lovely white asparagus with salmon sauce and John had soup. Both of us ate mushroom ravioli in this sweet restaurant. The meal was delicious! After walking around the town for most of the day, we finally arrived at their pretty plaza mayor where John and I had a nice simple Spanish supper. We both had ice cream or gelato for dessert . I also stopped in a few gift shops which were wonderful. We drove out of Tordesillas around 8:30 and arrived back at the villa around 10:30 ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora August 16th 2018

ThursdayAugust 16,2018 Today John and I traveled to the beautiful historical city of Avila. We enjoyed walking along the medieval wall and capturing panoramic views of the city. I also liked seeing some of their hidden churches scattered throughout the town. There were a lot of Roman,Moorish and Christian architecture among the buildings we visited. The city was great with it’s ambience, food, people and rich culture. John and I returned back to the villa around 6:30 pm in order to be ready and help with dinner. Marcelino-our neighbor was coming over for dinner and good conversation. Before Marcelino came over, a few of us had a dip in the lake to cool off the heat. We had an amazing, wonderful and delicious appetizers and meal! We were all up till about 11:30 pm(Spanish time). I ... read more

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