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31st March 2018

Jo, I hope you're having an AWESOME trip. Your post makes me feel like I was on the flight with you!!!! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!!
15th August 2016

Hi Jo, Did you fine all 39 pigs? Hope your having a great time. Kathy
10th August 2015

Thanks for including us!
So nice to read about your travels in familiar places and abroad!
11th August 2014

Hey Jo, First I have to say that it is such a great idea to create a blog of your trip to England! I can enjoy your trip vicariously. I really like the yurt. My daughter is visiting England also. She's staying in hostels.
11th August 2014

Living Vicariously Thru You
Jo, I signed on to Monet with the intention of starting those required school tutorials. I am in the midst of a mess here with major wall repairs and painting so I figured I would stay out of the mess and get some work done. Well, I saw your blog email and took a slight detour. What a nice time you are having! Since a vacation is not in the cards for me, I am enjoying your trip all the more. Enjoy and stay safe. Debbie
15th August 2013

Thanks for taking us with you, Jo!
Keith and I are enjoying the trip to the UK with you via your blog. Wales looks just as beautiful as I remember, and the caravan is an adventure. Sally will definitely have won an Olympic-level driving award by the time you are back in the drive at Poplar Farm House. Love, G
15th August 2013

Great Photos, Jo
Dear Jo, We are enjoying your trip vicariously. Your photos are great. Please have someone take a picture of you and Sally together. And any of her family. Thanks Jo, Love, Suzanne
9th August 2013

Have fun!
This sounds like an amazing place ... no wonder you like to visit! I can't wait to read more about your adventures!
9th August 2013

Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep writing/typing and I will continue reading. :)
9th August 2013

Cool beans!
I love it! Keep writing. I can't wait to read more. :)
8th August 2013

I hope you get to stay in the yurt!

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