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North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah January 3rd 2009

Greetings from Savannah, Georgia! I spent the last day touring the northern parts of Florida. I started out in the western panhandle, went to Tallahassee, Florida State University, and then across central Florida to Jacksonville and Saint Augustine. For those of you in New Jersey, I hear its quite cold up there. Sorry, it is mid-70s here with a great breeze. So Saint Augustine is the oldest city in America. To be exact, its the oldest continuing city in America. To be more exact, it is the oldest European city in America! There were people living here long before the ships appeared on the horizon. Some people confuse Jamestown, Virginia as the oldest American settlement. It was actually the oldest English settlement. Saint Augustine did not become an English territory until the Treaty of Paris ended ... read more
Parkway Inn
Gorgeous Forest
Backroads near Quincy, FL

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah December 20th 2008

Sorry this is a day late! I had technical difficulties trying to load the pictures, but it's all worked out now! These past two nights have shown no further ghost activities! Well, probably because I didn't sleep yesterday night (I was too scared haha). However, I slept soundly last night with no interruption. Maybe the Inn is haunted, I don't know, but I would definitely stay there again. It was beautiful and in a great location. The added bonus of possible ghostly encounters makes it all the more appealing to me! So, to start off our day, the weather was wonderful. It was warm with a slight river breeze. We decided to take the little water taxi (which the city provides for free) down to the end of River Walk so we could eat lunch at ... read more
Pretty building.
Picture Op!

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah December 19th 2008

So first and foremost, after I made the entry last night on this travel blog I decided to get some sleep. I didn't fall asleep for an hour or two (until Max was done watching TV and the lights were out). Right when I was about to fall asleep, like the brink of consciousness, my bed began to shake by my feet. It felt as if someone placed their two hands on the bed and was pushing it as if to wake me up. Oh man, I was soooooo scared! I tried to call Max's name, but I couldn't spit the words out---I seriously could not form audible words in my mouth. After about three tries I ended up yelling Max's name and waking him up, telling him about what happened. We ended up not falling ... read more
Reynolds Square
Planters Inn.
Camera Ready!

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah December 17th 2008

We have arrived in Savannah, GA! It's pretty cool looking so far. When we got here, we checked into the Planter's Inn on Reynolds Square and had a little cheese and crackers! By the time we got out into the city, it was dark and scary. We walked along the River Walk for a while then ate at the Boar's Head Tavern--it was pretty good. The streets are really old cobblestone and the stairs are soooo steep. Here are a couple pictures! Tomorrow we are going shopping and sight-seeing all around! I should have lots of pictures. ... read more
Savannah Buildings.

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah November 22nd 2008

Catawba, SC - Home Base... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah September 17th 2008

Day 83 (maybe?)- Wednesday I started off yesterday by doing one of those on/off bus tours around the old part of town. Their idea was that you stay on board for 11/2 hours to see everything then spend the rest of the day going back to visit in detail where ever you wished. However, since the old town is laid out according to a very careful grid plan around some 20 squares with lovely public gardens in the centre of each by the time the mini bus had taken me round in no fewer than 20 small circles I was confused and decided I would be better left to my own devices. In the early afternoon I joined a walking tour to view architectural marvels. That was much more my style. Then today I sucumbed finally ... read more
In memory of Johnny Mercer
Mercer -Williams house
Fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah September 16th 2008

Day 81- Monday After spending a great day in Washington, visiting all the classic locations yesterday I left Connie and Nora about 5.30pm to go to the Kennedy Centre. According to my guidebook there are daily free performances there . So... left them at the National Portrait Gallery ( one of 18 parts of the Smithsonian complex) and went to see the great cultural centre. LIke all of expense spared...magnificent with an expansive terrace overlooking the Potomac river. The was indeed a live free performance on at 6pm, A Jazz pianist with guitar, drums and saxophone. As well as playing her own composition on a Steiway she utilised the maain Concert Hall pipe organ. A great treat. Then my frustration was that the traain I had expected to take to Charleston and Savannah was not ... read more
Mr Lincoln
Vietnam Memorial
Washington across the Potomac River from the Kennedy Centre...

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah September 12th 2008

We loved Savannah! On one day we did have a little rain but seeing as we’ve literally had perfect sunshine weather all trip we can’t complain. We were hosted by Tamp and shared his place with one other couchsurfer from Santa Monica. When we arrived we bought a margarita to sip on as we enjoyed a stroll along the river. We saw a huge freighter ship pass by on it’s way to dock at the port, it was the closest we had been to one and we were amazed but it’s sheer size. That first night we went out for dinner with Tamp and his friends down on the river and afterwards Michael tried his hand at rockstar with reasonable success. The next day we whiled away the hours walking around enjoying the picturesque moss-draped parks ... read more
Forsythe Park
Beautiful Squares
The Haunted Pub Crawl Gang

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah August 29th 2008

Starting a new adventure is not to be taken lightly, but who worries about that when the thought of a new beginning is looming on the horizon. I completed my last few days of work like I should. I enjoyed the company of good friends and coworkers to say farewell, but who would have thought I would come to miss it so much. Packing was hectic just look at the pictures, and I still didn't pack everything. The flights were a little rough, a family of 5 under the age of 5, surly flight attendants, and terrible food. What does that mean, don't fly U.S. Airways. Seriously, I had a better experience flying with Delta and Air France to Russia. And make sure you have a decent lay over so you can walk to your next ... read more
Low Country Boil
Low Country Boil
Low Country Boil

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah August 28th 2008

Images of Savannah and Charleston ... read more
Spanish Moss
Colonial Cemetery
Drayton Park

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