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March 16th 2009
Published: February 14th 2010
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I took a little trip up to Savannah GA for a good old St. Patty's day celebration. I will go ahead and say this was a beer/ liquor/ wallet damaging weekend that was a good time. I guess the only really bad thing about this trip was the temperature, it was cold the entire time. I was barely prepared with green long sleeved clothes, so i had to settle for wearing green long socks, suspenders, and whatever other item I picked up along the way.

We arrived at a the nice hotel in old town, with one bed... we had 4 people per room. We got some good cuddling in over this weekend. I quickly put down a half bottle of Jameson and Meredith gave me my most valuable item of the weekend, a shot glass necklace. This beautiful item got us free shots all weekend, all you had to do was look at a bartender and they will just fill you up. This seemed to be an issue once the drinks started to flow. This first night had the pattern of shots, green beer, shots, hi sister, shots, green beer... bed. Savannah Patty's day is good times, but those dam cobblestone streets can be tricky, watch your step.

Felt pretty decent at the start of day 2, so had some great breakfast, did some looking around, and started to drink. What did we do? We played a game called "3 man" in a alley with about 10 strangers. Good times, its always fun to play dice games in a scrubby alley with a bunch of people, yelling things like "clickety clack" or "papa needs a new pair of shoes".

After a fantastic power nap we hit the streets. This is where things go interesting. We naturally went to many bars again and I randomly found my friend Sparkle, its a long story, but we call him sparkle... As I am walking a random girls asks me, "are you single?" I replied yes... then she asks "can my friend take a shot from your crotch, she's getting married?" and once again my natural answer to an attractive group of ladies is of course you can. Once this grand event goes down, can she spank you too? Haha this actually happened and they took my friend Sparkle and I around the rest of night. It was good times, until we were shunned towards the end by limo driver... random, but whatever.

Patty's day in Savannah is a must if you are a little bit of a boozer, however its not for everyone, a little dirty, and you are at risk for attractive females with KY accents to ask for odd favors.

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Spanking hahaSpanking haha
Spanking haha

it was a legitimate question if an attractive female can take a shot of liquor from my crouch and then spank me...

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