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North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 18th 1989

well, yesterday was our planned day to depart this lovely city of savannah...however, i sit here....still in savannah typin this blog... yesterday...the city even spent the entire day crying...sayin its goodbye to us... i remember when we first got here...some one told me this is a magical city, in regards to people not being able to leave...or if they do leave...they eventually, i sit here i going to be part of those statistics? one of the main reasons we even decided to come here...was because this friday there is going to be a beach bum parade...though, we had a feeling...that we'd never be able to stay here long enough to actually partake in this, we have to go buy some cheap ass water guns and water ballons for this parade...which is this sunday ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 7th 1989

today marks a full week that we have been here...and the time really has slipped away. ever look at your alarm clock before you go to sleep, notice the time...roll over and back again to see that the time has magically changed 8 hours during the motion of rolling over? that is what it feels like at this moment. james, has introduced us to the game of BANANAGRAMS...if you have played it, you know how awesome it is...if that shit. well, we came up with a kickass idea to make it life size (we call it SAVANNAGRAMS) and play it in the park. for tomorrow, since james works for SCAD (google it) there is a thing called model in the park. we will do the modeling thing for a few and then will bust out ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 3rd 1989

so i walk into this liquor store to buy some cheap ass beer (cause that's what one buys when on a long journey with a tight budget) and i see a sign that says "Golden Dollar Coins Not Accepted"...and of course, i ask why...the man behind the counter says "It doesn't say In God We Trust"...This, is another sign of reminding me, that i am in the south. Also, from saturday morning at 12 until monday morning at 7...except at a bar or restaruant, you can't go buy alcohol....some crazy shit. we stayed, i believe it to be 5 days with goose and friends and then rolled out to where we are now, savannah, a dude name james' house we are becoming official fans of couch surfing and definately recommend it to others. savannah is ... read more

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