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North America » United States » Florida » Tampa July 7th 2015

I'm so happy that our kids are thrill seekers, they'd be having such a boring holiday otherwise, holding our bags while Bruce and I go on all the rides! It was a day of big thrill rides today at Busch Gardens in Tampa. This was a first time park for all of us and we planned on riding the nine big attractions in the park. Starting with the biggest of all, Sheikra had no queue so we looped round and rode again. On to the water rides to cool down, we got drenched on the Tanganyika Tidal Wave. More looping, twisting and inverting before a family face off on the bumper cars. I don't think I've driven bumper cars since the Shipley Glen fun fair days! (That's going back a few years). It was game on ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa » Ybor City April 1st 2015

After a rather restless night, being thankful I bought my Irish “blanket”, I had a great ride with the sun shining and the landscape interesting yet unremarkable. I read-started Detroit, napped, ate and took nips from my bottle of cognac. Arriving at Penn Station about 7:30pm, it took about 45 minutes to present our luggage-a curtain opened, luggage was spread out on the floor of a large space and people had to find their own stuff. I had no trouble finding the very colorful case Kay had recently purchased and let me use. I was the envy of the crowd.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa March 30th 2015

30 days and 12 stops. Starting in New York then Boston (p'town), Chicago, Seattle, LA, Kansas City, Houston, New Orleans, Tampa. That is the plan, but there is flexibility -with me and Amtrak. So the big challenge for now is what and how to pack. Will get back to you.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa March 13th 2015

Flying can be one of the most stressful aspects of any trip or vacation. You have to search for well priced tickets, make sure you have enough time to run through airport terminals should you have to take a connecting flight, deal with luggage and add on fees for checked bags, and if you’re traveling with kids, there’s an entirely new spectrum of issues you could run into. Luckily for me, I live in a city with a huge international airport. Tampa International Airportis a major hub for business travelers, families, and everyone in between. It serves as a place for thousands of people to leave from and arrive in daily. Living in Tampa myself, it’s extremely convenient when traveling, because the airport is easily accessible from everywhere in the city. The airport is modern and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa February 26th 2015

Tampa Bay Hotel Quote "Very well, gentlemen, if you do not agree with me that the hotel will benefit the railroad and the community, I will build it as a personal investment."– Plant to his business associates, 1887 When you're building a railroad to do you make the journey worthwhile? You’re heard the legends; the truth is better Henry If you enjoy history do not miss, this read both links about hotel. It has really great gift shop. This hotel was way ahead of it time in 1891. They wanted people to come and they did. A lot of great people stayed here. Tampa Bay Hotel In 1891, Henry B. Plant built a lavish 500+ room,... read more
Plant Tampa Bay Hotel
Plant Tampa Bay Hotel
Plant Tampa Bay Hotel

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 17th 2015

The one about the RV show and gambling and favorite old movies I spent most of Thursday walking around the RV show, looking at many new RVs. I am certainly not in the market, but it is always fun to look to see what the designers have come up with. Ginnie and Kim drove over again for the day, and we spent a lot of time in the new Winnebago Tribute. It’s a very updated version of the very first Winnebago that I am sure you have seen still on the road a boxy thing that had what looks like aluminum siding. They make it with bright yellow trim, and pukey green trim as well as several other more normal colors. One model we looked at, 27 feet, slept 9!!! We visited all the vendors and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 15th 2015

Got up early to get a good start at the Tampa RV show. It claims to be the largest RV show but I forget where...state, country?? It has to be the country! We walked close to 64 miles getting around legs say that, anyway. They were down to nubs by the time we crawled and slithered back to the car. I dreamed of sitting on Sam's lap and ride the scooter with him. But then his legs would really be in bad shape. So I dragged along like a polio victim with no braces. The show was very good just like it always is. Anything is here. We went in a couple new RV's and drooled but not as much as inside Sam & Sandy's RV. They have the best. As you can see, ... read more
Lulu and Friends
Right size
Riding with Sam

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 14th 2015

The one about mud It poured all night long as I slept in the service bay but the roof covered me. The overhead fluorescent lights burned all night long, but I have total room darkening shades and curtains so that didn’t bother me, but I sure did toss and turn. About midnight I heard the roar of a big truck. Looking out the window, I saw someone who had a bad day. One of those ultra large tow trucks was pulling an ultra large RV into one of the service bays. The RV was being followed by their tow car. I could not see who was driving, but I just now they did not have a happy day. Winston got me up early, so it really was a crappy night’s sleep. I walked him in the ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 11th 2015

Hello all! This trip was to Florida, and hopefully to Mexico, but the below the border portion was sadly dashed. I flew to Dallas and things went well. The second leg of the journey, to Tampa, went off without a hitch, or so I thought, My main goal while in the Tampa Bay area was to visit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Dali has been my favorite artist, ever since Mr. Lathrop displayed the artist's work to us in my 9th grade art class. The museum in St Pete is the world's largest private collection of Dali's original works. After checking into my hotel, I drove off down the I-275 freeway. The average speed was 70, but most of us were going 80 to fill in the fast lane. It was like playing a ... read more
Dali 3
Dali 4
Dali Museum 5

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa April 27th 2014

So this past winter, I had decided that I wanted to do something BIG for my boyfriend Avi's birthday since he threw me a surprise party for my 30th in December. I knew I wanted to surprise him with a trip, as we were both in MUCH NEED of a getaway! I had a rough winter with financial troubles, car troubles, health troubles, so I wanted to do something that would be the most affordable, but would be adventurous and different as well. Then I remembered that my best friend Kristin Turner, since 8 years old, has been working on Carnival Cruise Line's ships for the past 5 years. She had been asking me every year to come out, but the timing was never right, and I never had the money. Shit, I didn't even really ... read more
Ready for takeoff!
Last minute texts to my mom and some tea
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