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North America » United States » Florida » Tampa February 16th 2013

Another overcast day in Tampa so we looked for indoor entertainment. Back to downtown Tampa, we found the Henry B.Plant Museum/1891 Tampa Bay Hotel/University of Tampa. What a magnificent place. I just love these old mega mansions....I am awestruck. Henry Plant was an extremely wealthy entrepreneur who created the Plant railroad & shipping system which brought him to build the Tampa Bay Hotel in 1891. What an experience it must have been to stay here as a guest. Presently, one side of this grand hotel is preserved as the museum. The other side, as well as many newer surrounding buildings, is the campus for the University of Tampa. What an unbelievable place to go to school. It is so rich in history. Moving on, we headed to the riverside section of Tampa. Yipppeee - another trolley ... read more
University of Tampa
Henry B.Plant Museum
Lovely Lulu

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa February 14th 2013

Happy Valentine' Day! Even though it rained today, it didn't dampen our hearts. Just a little more water to add to our lemonade. What to do....hmmmmm. The cigar smoke from Y'Bor City beckoned us so off we went. This district originated as a part of Tampa where Cuban cigars were/are made. The area holds a lot of culture. First stop, a Cuban Cigar Store/cafe where we sat and drank Cuban coffee. Tasty. The aroma of the room was reminiscent of an old backroom poker game. Smelly. One cup of "Fidel Joe" and we were out of there. We walked around the brick lined streets checking out the various novelty shops...Lulu was in her glory. She even found a body for a few minutes at a vintage clothing shop. Lunch was at one of my favorite places: ... read more
Cigar Store
Y'Bor City

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa February 13th 2013

What a fun day! Our first huge glass of lemonade was terrific. Our initial plan this morning was to go to a Mardi Gras parade tonight at Dunedin. But first things at the Lazydays cafeteria since we had to be out of our RV by 8:00 AM (bummer). Always folks to chat with there. That's where we heard about the Florida State Fair going on just down the road from us at the they said it was "Senior Day". That's us. Off we went to the fair. The parade plan was dumped. Got there around 9:00 AM and left about 6:00 PM. It was a full day. I think we walked 200 miles! My legs are worn down to nubs. I don't think we missed a thing. Even saw a Tropical Palms couple that ... read more
New Friends
A Bevy of Beauties
Lulu & Cory in Hawaii

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa February 13th 2013

What a wonderful and winsome day! Our wonderful and great friends, Diane & Walt, drove over from Tropical Palms today to see us. What better meeting place than at the Hard Rock Casino. It surpasses sharing a Morning Joe at any local coffee shop. It has only been a couple days since we have seen them but it seems like a month. It was terrific being with them again. We met at the Lobby Bar at 10:00 AM....yes, a bar; yes, 10:00 - however, we did not imbibe (Jack Daniels over cereal...yuck!). Calling this reunion another glass of lemonade from our vat. We just chatted in the comfy chairs, catching up on everything even though it has only been two days. Then the gambling urge hit us and we headed off into the maze of sparkling ... read more
Dear Diane
Our Broken Compartment Door

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 22nd 2013

Our flight home out of Tampa didn't leave until nearly 5pm. We checked out of our bungalows before noon and swung by Turtle Beach to say goodbye. Oliver continued yelling at the ocean as he threw his shells back to sea. Andrew joined in, throwing shells and yelling, "I don't like work!" When we were done with our beach goodbyes, we left for Tampa. We still had a lot of time to kill, so we decided to find a park near the airport for the kids to run around. We drove by Raymond James Stadium, and then we spotted a large park called Al Lopez Park. It was perfect. It has facilities and at least three separate playgrounds. The kids played for a solid hour. My parents got to stroll around, and they spotted a small ... read more
Goodbye, Beach!
Joanna at Al Lopez Park in Tampa

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 19th 2013

Thursday January 17, 2013 and Friday January 18, 2013, Tampa FL RV show campground. The One About Looking for a New RV I am going to treat these 2 days like they were one day, and I hope I don’t get confused, and don’t confuse you. It rained for about 6 hours Thursday afternoon, turning our grassy parking lot campground into a sea of mud. The good news is, it got very windy, so most of the water went away, just leaving some muddy patches. Nothing new, I am getting used to wiping Winston’s feet every time he goes out. No water line, no sewer line, just great electric service. 4 days is a long time for me to camp like this. Washing of body and dishes is kept to a minimum, as I don’t want ... read more
More Midway

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 19th 2013

Travels with Snowbirds Saturday January 19, 2013 FRVTA Rally, Tampa FL I can see that my experiment typing on my iPad and transferring to travelblog did not put in any carriage returns. No new paragraphs. I entered some, but not enough. So sorry. I am tired. Xxxox The One About The New RV Today I am trying something new....typing this on my iPad. Not sure how it will work, but I will give it a try.I was anxious to get to the show this morning, I wanted to get back to talk to Joe of Lazy Days to talk more $$ about the rig I am interested in. On my way out Ginnie noticed the people from AalBrite-the RV washers and waxers. I hired them to wash and wax my rig, $8/foot, very very cheap; they ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 16th 2013

Tuesday January 15, 2013, Florilow Oaks, Bushnell, FL I am sitting here writing on Wednesday. I did not write Tuesday night. It was a wonderfully boring day. The only thing of note I/we did was have a wonderful breakfast made by dear friend, Judy C. Fresh squeezed OJ, blueberry muffins, and breakfast casserole of eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, cheese. It was sooooo yummy. Thanks, Judy. Also of note is a new friend, Karen, had a bark control apparatus she wasn’t using, and she gave it to me to try and potentially buy. It emits a high powered noise when dogs bark, yet unheard by humans. Runs on a 9V battery, and sits on the counter, or hangs on hooks on the wall. I did NOTHING. NOTHING for the rest of the day. I did not ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa December 4th 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012. Fort DeSoto, Pinellas County Park Campground--- We have breaking camp down to a silent silence. Silent because there is something quieting about leaving a campsite that we really like; and silent because we know the drill (“his” and “hers” tasks that get us back on the road efficiently). No real need to chat. Our previous stays at Fort DeSoto have pegged the highest number of visits of all (200 Plus) of our travel blogs. We have stopped here every year for the past seven years. I am focusing on keeping this blog fresh with mostly new materials; but visiting familiar and favorite restaurants is part of the fun. Billy's Seafood on the roof with entertainment, gorgeous water / sunset views, and full meal service at the bar is a perennial fav on ... read more
Sleigh Bells in Florida
Our Street and The Neighborhood
White Pelican About to Take Off

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 13th 2012

Thursday January 12, 2012 and Friday January 13, 2012 Florida RV Trade Association RV Show, Tampa, FL Thursday was a busy day, and I had no time to write. The morning started off with me and Winston and my herb pot trying to go out the door at the same time, and Winston won, the plant did not. It hit the bottom step inside the rig and bounced upside down on my mat. What a mess. The handy dandy prototype hanger broke. I used my broom and dustpan to clean up the mess. Not a smart idea, because I couldn’t get the dirt off the broom, and had to wash it several times before I could put it down on the inside floor without dirt and mud streaks. It was awful. Ginnie and I contracted with ... read more
AAL Brite
Me and Ginnie and the dogs
Seen at RV show

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