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February 13th 2013
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Hard Rock CasinoHard Rock CasinoHard Rock Casino

Fun Time with Fun Friends
What a wonderful and winsome day! Our wonderful and great friends, Diane & Walt, drove over from Tropical Palms today to see us. What better meeting place than at the Hard Rock Casino. It surpasses sharing a Morning Joe at any local coffee shop. It has only been a couple days since we have seen them but it seems like a month. It was terrific being with them again. We met at the Lobby Bar at 10:00 AM....yes, a bar; yes, 10:00 - however, we did not imbibe (Jack Daniels over cereal...yuck!). Calling this reunion another glass of lemonade from our vat. We just chatted in the comfy chairs, catching up on everything even though it has only been two days. Then the gambling urge hit us and we headed off into the maze of sparkling slot machines. For a couple hours we worked those possessive, bewildering machines...sometimes they like you, sometimes they don't. Fortunately, we were on the "Like List" today. We met for lunch and carried on with our chatter. We are accustomed to meeting Walt & Diane for dinner every Wednesday at the Ale House....this was a pleasant substitution. Then, back at it in the maze. My finger
Dear DianeDear DianeDear Diane

Her Song Posted on Casino Wall
was getting weak and tired and cramping from all the "bet button" pushing. I wish that motion could count for exercise but I guess not. If it did, I would be the size of a pin. Cory & I eventually decided it was "time to fold them" and headed off to one of the many bars to check our tickets. Now it is around 3:00 PM: okay to imbibe...so we did. Diane & Walt joined us. We bid a fond farewell @ 4:00 - hoping to see each other back at Tropical Palms in a week or so (probably more like "so"). I don't want to jinx anything so I'm sticking with "so" but things seem to be progressing quite well at Lazydays. This morning we got real excited because Cory found an unpainted compartment door in the vicinity of our RV. It was short lived; our bubble was popped: it wasn't our door. Slammed in the face! He talked with our serviceman who assured us: our time would come; ours was coming......yeah, right! But wait..."Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"....Lo and Behold....when we returned home tonight, we discovered a bright, white door on the side of our RV.
Our Broken Compartment DoorOur Broken Compartment DoorOur Broken Compartment Door

First it's gone; now it's not...
It is like a glowing white beacon drawing us close. Fortunately, it is just the primer coat that is blinding us. They have also sanded and repaired the other surrounding dings. The paint job should be next....please let it continue at this pace....pleeeaseeee. Don't forget we still need the wheel rim plus we want them to check one of our levelers (it was stuck this last time until Cory pounded on it with a hammer). it should not require any "cobbler" action on his part.

Our third glass of lemonade came as dinner tonight at one of our very favorite places to eat in this area: Willies. It is another old fish camp. It is a tad less primitive and ostentatious than Cherry Pocket but it has a full bounty of paraphernalia to awe you. A decor to die for.....I think it is so inspiring. What an atmosphere. Top it off with great food and your cup runneth over. Lemonade for all..CHEERS!

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We aren't alone...another RV needed a new end cap.

Great Fish Camp Restaurant
Outside WilliesOutside Willies
Outside Willies

Mango Tree
Inside WilliesInside Willies
Inside Willies

Decorative Decor
Willies WallWillies Wall
Willies Wall

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