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North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 13th 2012

Saturday January 14, 2012 Florida RV Travel Association Super Rally, Tampa, FL It was pretty cold last night, there were freeze warnings posted (that’s big news here in central FL) and I had my heat on all night. My basil looked a little sick this morning; I will bring it inside tonight. I made my famous ‘breakfast before’ casserole last night, recipe thanks many many years ago to Linda McLaughlin. (Grease a 9x12 pan, cover bottom of pan with any kind of torn up bread. Mix as many eggs as you want with some milk and any type of cheese – I have used varying amounts of all depending on what I have available, this is not an exact rocket science recipe. I also crumbled in about 6 slices of bacon, have also used pre cooked ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa December 8th 2011

So today to help try to catch up my blog I thought I would describe two days. So the day after our move in drama, we were ready for a nice easy day. We decided it would be nice to find a place to run. So after a quick breakfast we went to a nearby area. We ended up doing about five miles that day, the path was pretty good, and we saw our first alligator! For a picture check out Stephanie's facebook. We also saw several turtles, and a couple lizards but nothing else terribly interesting happened as we ran. After we got back we showered and got ready. We needed to go to the hospital where Stephanie will be working. Neither of us wanted her to get lost on her first day. We first ... read more
Children's Area
Slow Motion

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa December 7th 2011

So after a fabulous day at Disney we woke up early at the Fairfield Inn and had a good breakfast. We couldn't move in until noon so we decided to check out the hotel's video game room. This was very cool. We got to play with an Xbox and Kinnect set up on a game called Kinnect Adventures. Gotta say if you already have an Xbox if I were you I would definitely get the Kinnect and get this game. It is tons of fun. Stephanie and I ended up playing for almost two hours! After our game session it was time to check out and head back to Tampa, to check in at ** *****. But we decided to have lunch at Earl of Sandwich, because they really do make awesome food. After lunch we ... read more
Stephanie and the Earl
The big tree at Downtown Disney
Lego Dragon!

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa November 13th 2011

Left the luggage outside last night. Took a chance and checked the rolling carry-on filled with Lencan pottery from Honduras, wrapped in dirty clothes. Disembarked about 9:00am, the bags were there, onto the waiting bus, and to the airport for a 3 hours wait for the ATL connection to Seattle. All went well until I got home and all the pottery wan broken, one piece shattered. There was a note from the TSA saying they had inspected my luggage. Was it the ship? Was it the longshoremen? Was it the TSA, or Delta Airlines? In any case, I feel bad that I probably won't go back to Roatan or have the chance to buy Lencan pottery again. Next time I will baby it and carry on, even if the airline tries to coax me to check ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa November 7th 2011

Day At Sea Slept in until 7:30ish and had coffee in the room (there's a coffee maker in mini-suites) and read The 19th Wife, good book, for Book Club. About 9:00 I headed up for an omelet poolside. Then off to buy a few items in Ports of Call. sunscreen, a thermal coffee/water mug. It is pretty choppy today, I'm glad I went for the mid-ship cabin. There are a few seasick people around, wrist bands and an herbal remedy are flying off the shelves. My Meet & Greet for Cruise Critic is at 11:00am. Lots to do today, I headed for Trivia, dinner at the Ginza Asian restaurant and Bingo. Weather isn't great for sunbathing, but will be doing lots of reading on my deck as well. Had dinner in Ginza, a Japanese named Pan-Asian ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa October 3rd 2011

We've learned a lot on our summer travels, including seeing a variety of crops and transportation styles plus other aspects of America. Today the cotton looked pick-able in Tennessee (already stored in large cylindrical bales in Alabama), many bales of hay were being trucked to Texas, a humungous truck/rail inter modal transportation center in Tupalo,MS processed containers on a massive scale. The conditions of roads varied, even in a single state, but the worst seemed to be in Mississippi, equaling Oklahoma's and the old I -10 in Louisiana. I-75 in Florida proved to be the speedway for the worst drivers since we left California. The driving courtesies of the Northwest, mountain states and plains states seem to be missing in many drivers on the freeway of student life around Gainsville. We drove into our driveway around ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa June 25th 2011

Wednesday morning, 22 June, and we pulled out of our Florida driveway on the road to Calgary, Canada. It was hot already in the Sunshine State but with both the coach A/C on (supplied by the generator) and its RV driver's A/C we were comfortable. Traffic was reasonable until we reached Gainsville, naturally, but we pulled in to Ft Rucker, AL's RV park and enjoyed a great evening among the trees. Underway the next day we enjoyed the hills and green landscape of 'Bama and into Tennessee, crossing over the border into Ft Campbell,KY’s RV park. Again the camp hosts were excellent and friendly and steered us to the largest PX in the Army. Of course getting around the base is a challenge for us Navy types but it was great to mingle with the young ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa March 21st 2011

This morning, I awoke in Tampa, Florida. Tampa is an old port town that has become one of the state’s leading growth centers. It has a beautiful historic district and some good museums. Tourists don’t come here for any of that. They come here for the Busch Gardens theme park. Since theme parks are now an essential part of Florida culture, I came here (for now, anyway) to join them. I chose this park out of all the parks in Florida because I haven’t seen it in a long time, and the rides at Disney have become too tame for my tastes. That wouldn’t be a problem at Busch Gardens. For some reason, all of the low priced hotels near Busch Gardens are lousy. The chains known for descent standards, like La Quinta, take a nose ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 15th 2011

Once again, The FSU Music Education students take a road trip (this time to Tampa) to further expand our minds and fill them with musically educational knowledge. The trip back included a brief stay with some family in Clearwater and a detour to Islands of Adventure to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One word: butterbeer!... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa January 10th 2011

For perhaps as long as two million years, manatees have called the temperate waters of the Florida peninsula home. A vegetarian that feeds on the sea grasses, often called the sea cow, the manatee is the most inoffensive of animals. In fact, the manatee may well be the basis of many mermaid legends. There are many places where you can view manatees; TECO’s Big Bend Power Plant, for example. There are also places where you can swim with the manatees following State and Federal guidelines. Swimming in the shallow waters, the manatee is often the victim of power boats. If not injured by the collision, the manatee is at an even graver risk from the spinning propeller. Many manatees bear the scars of such encounters. Over time the manatees have adapted to the warmer waters that ... read more
Manatee in Shallow Water
Manatee surfacing For Air
Shallow Swimmer

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