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North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral August 9th 2017

Mercredi neuf Août, après nos deux jours de folie dans les parcs Universal, nous avons besoin d'un peu de calme. Aujourd'hui, on va aller sur la Space Coast, visiter le Kennedy Space Center, ou autrement dit Cape Canaveral, l'emblématique centre de lancement des fusées spatiales de la NASA. Il nous faut rejoindre la côte est de la Floride, soit environ une heure de trajet. Pour cela on emprunte la "Spessard L Holland East West Express", une autoroute à péage avec le sun pass, le système de paiement automatique des autoroutes de Floride. Quand on ne dispose pas de ce système, il faut payer en cash, et pour cela prendre une petite bifurcation, comme une sortie. Bien sûr, je rate la première sortie et je passe dans la voie "sun pass", j'aurai donc le droit de régulariser, ... read more
Le jardin des fusées
Le jardin des fusées
Un crawler

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral April 27th 2017

Cape Canaveral 22nd April Port Canaveral One of the highlights of our trip this time was to be a the visit to the Kennedy Space Centre. Port Canaveral is located along North America's 'Space Coast' and is surrounded by beaches where people flock to see space launches. Our main aim today was to get as much from this visit as possible, so we had booked for a visit to Kennedy Space Centre with an extra 'Up close and Personal' tagged on. Kennedy Space Centre is huge, occupying some 144,000 acres of land. It is also a wildlife reserve so there were some sightings of alligators and birdlife as we drove the 20 miles to the Centre. Where to start, it was good to have a guide to steer us through, from the Rocket Garden we passed ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral April 19th 2017

Canaveral National Seashore, New Smyrna/Titusville, Florida We are creatures of strong habits. Well, especially me. I very much enjoy the comfort that a routine gives me, programming behaviors so I don't have to think about them and can contemplate something else. One of those routines is my morning ritual - almost always up at six, dogs, coffee, journaling, meditating. Sometimes with Joan, sometimes without (she isn't quite as enslaved by routine as I am.) So it takes a lot to get me to do something different. But we certainly did that Monday morning, and the payback was spectacular. We had always planned to go to Canaveral National Seashore anyway because, well, it's on my bucket list. But we had read that sunrise on the beach could be pretty spectacular, depending on weather, of course. So we ... read more

Norwegian had a promotion going when we booked this next section of the cruise. As well as a really good price, they gave us the Ultimate Beverage Package and six nights of Speciality Dining completely free. We also have a balcony room for the first time for this segment. The Ultimate Beverage Package would have cost us about £850 to buy for the two weeks. We would not normally buy the beverage package, instead opting for the Soda package which would have cost us about £160. Either way it is a very good saving. The Speciality Dining would have cost us £190 if we had purchased it. The only negative point was paying for the Internet instead. As we are changing cabins, we are down at customer services desk for 7.00am this morning to get our ... read more
Canival ship docked nearby
Disney Fantasy moored nearby
Ready to start our next cruise

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral March 25th 2017

Last night was worse than the night before. There were even more trains and we both feel like we got little to no sleep. But, hey we are on a cruise for the next 20 days, so are quite happy and upbeat. This will be our second cruise on the beautiful Norwegian Epic. It is our favourite ship. It is one of the largest ships around and has some controversial setups which some people do not like. We love the set-up; hence we are spending the next three weeks aboard. It is like Marmite, you either like it or you do not. Norwegian had a promotion going when we booked this cruise in early 2016. As well as a really good price, they gave us the Ultimate Beverage Package. This would have cost us about £450.00 ... read more
Disney ship alongside Norwegian Epic
Carnival Magic alongside Norwegian Epic
Kennedy Space Centre nearby

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral March 17th 2016

Cruise Day 1 I think Day 1 is the hardest day. The checking process can be exhausting and the magnitude of the boat and people can be overwhelming. This cruise we have three families. The Starlings, The Gonatos (my sister) and The Blumes (high school friend). There is a total of 10 of us. Four adults and six kids. Parking Let the tipping begin... This time we chose to use the Port of Canaveral parking that is associated with the Raddison hotel. Parking costs us just under $36 which is half the price of the parking garage at the port. The instructions that the company provides are very clear and the staff is more than accommodating. We were parked were shuttled to the port in a matter of 15 minutes. So we tipped the Irish driver ... read more
Getting psyched for the cruise
They finally woke up 10 miles from the ship
Parking shuttle

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral February 5th 2016

2/16/16- FYI - My travel blog delivery site had a bug in their system so my last 2 blogs did not get sent out to my subscribers. Doing it again and hoping it works this time. Note dates on my blogs to see where I left off. Thanks for your patience - Sandy Time to get up! I know it's early but everyone wants breakfast before we start leaving the ship. Once, twice, three times, we check the room to make sure nothing is left behind. Lulu hooks herself onto my purse. She's not staying! No way! Our instructions are vague and confusing for disembarking. We need to stay together. If one gets lost, we will all get lost. Breakfast is slowly ingested, savoring every morsel..... and we are on our way. Need to find our ... read more
Moving on out.......
Freezing cold outside the building
Looking for the bus and sunshine!

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral January 31st 2016

We're back! Remember we have been 5 nights on a Bahamas cruise. We are back on land with our sea legs now touching the ground of the good, old USA. I've been faithfully doing my blogs while we have been cruising and stock piling them. No internet usage on board for me so now you have to relive this sailing adventure a week late. So close your eyes and enter the time machine. Lulu is at the controls so you should be safe. Hah! Hard for her to reach the dials but she'll give it her best shot. Bing Bong (a sound aboard the cruise ship to alert you to what is coming that you need to know). Bing Bong! Bon Voyage - Embarkment Day! Got everything? Your passports, boarding passes, suitcases and carry-on? I know ... read more
Waiting for the bus
On the bus
On the ship

The Space Shuttle Program, of which Atlantis is the most traveled vehicle, owes its existence to the International Space Station (ISS). Covering about the same area as an American football field, the ISS has two Orbital Sections: American (the USOS) and Russian (the ROS). It orbits 240 miles above the Earth, has been continuously occupied by humans since 2000, and has traveled over 1.5 billion miles in orbit. For a wealth of details go to: ). The idea of a manned Earth satellite and a reusable transport system to carry equipment and people to and fro had been tentatively explored during the Cold War: it became NASA’s main preoccupation after the final Apollo flight. Russia agreed to make it a joint ve... read more
Shown are the ISS and flags of all the nations that have contributed to building and maintaining it.
Among other challenges, nobody had ever tried to co-ordinate the work of fifteen different countries and space agencies.
This building houses he Alantis and many space shuttle displays

This is the second in a three-part series on the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) near Cape Canaveral in Florida. During the darkest days of the “Cold War”, less than 20 years after WW II, the United States and the USSR were locked in a battle of brains and determination, to see which could produce more powerful and deadlier missiles, and achieve greater military, scientific and international prestige. For some time the USSR was ahead: among their many “firsts” were the first satellite (Sputnik 1 - 1957), first animal in space (the dog Laika on Sputnik 2 - 1957), first probe to hit the Moon (... read more
obstacles to overcome
Space suits were the least complicated part.
closeup of a suit, which would be custom made at a cost of about $2 million each

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