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North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 15th 2014

October 12 – Sunday – I had intended to go to the Red Rock Canyon Open Space today but it looks like thunderstorms again this afternoon so I guess not. Maybe tomorrow. I went by the office and let them know I would be leaving Tuesday and heading back to Texas. I am planning on heading back on Tuesday so I will probably get there by Thursday afternoon. I am heading back so that I can help out with some family business. The flip side of having a close family is that you have to be prepared to come back home every now and then to help with some family business. So if all goes as planned I should be back by Thursday. October 13 – Monday – I’ve been gathering up my stuff and loading ... read more
Manitou Springs from the overlook on the West end at Hwy 24.
Beautiful lake in Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Back at the Casa in College Station

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 10th 2014

Saturday Oct 4 - A walk in the park - Today I walked on the trail from Schryver Park by Manitou Avenue and Hwy 24. It was quiet and almost no other people. I guess all the tourist are gone. It’s sad how most people vacation in the hottest time of the year when I have found September and October to be the best time of year to go almost anywhere. The crowds are gone, the prices are lower, and the weather is usually at its best. Of course I understand most people vacation when their kids are out of school which is summer so I guess that's how it goes. Oh well, all the little darlings are back in school as well as the college kids so most places I have to myself as long ... read more
A walk on the trail by Schryver Park and Manitou Avenue
A walk on the trail by Schryver Park and Manitou Avenue
A walk on the trail by Schryver Park and Manitou Avenue

October 2 – Thursday - Today I went up the Ute Pass to Woodland Park and had a bit of a look around near their rest area there. The rest area is in the middle of the town and has a building that looks like an old time railroad depot. It also has public restrooms. There is a beautiful view of the West side of Pikes Peak and the Front Range from the rest area. Also a deck there for taking pictures from. After taking in the view a bit I walked east a bit to a restaurant called The Hungry Bear. I had tried to ask someone who lived in Woodland Park for a good place to eat but everyone I asked didn’t live in Woodland Park but were just in town for something or ... read more
Gold Camp Road
Gold Camp Road
Gold Camp Road

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 27th 2014

September 23 –Tuesday - Today was a busy day as I was preparing for leaving tomorrow morning on my trip around Colorado to view the Fall Foliage colors. I paid up at the Rainbow Lodge for this week and next week until the 6thof October, as well since I am not sure when I will be getting back although I am figuring on next Thursday. I got all my clothes washed and my bags repacked. Also stuff in the truck I want in the truck and stuff out of the truck I want out of the truck. All devices charged etc. So I guess tomorrow morning I will head over Ute Pass and westward. Sept 24 – Wednesday - On the way up Independence Pass enjoying the magnificent Fall colors my brakes kept getting spongier and ... read more
Fall colors on Indipendence pass
William at Twin Lakes on Independence Pass
Independence pass Fall colors

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 17th 2014

September 16 – Tuesday – I’ve been sitting out on my shaded patio drinking my tea and enjoying the cool breezes blowing over me. It’s 78 degrees with only 18% humidity today and beautiful clear blue skies. Truly splendid weather. Its true what they say….. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”, so at 18% humidity it is very nice. I went by the office and paid for another week here at the Rainbow Lodge. I am enjoying a pleasant stay here. I am figuring on going by the Zoo later today if I can ever get started. I’ve been lounging around in my lounging pants and navy blue ‘wickaway” t shirt and if I can get motivated enough in a bit I will get dressed and head out. read more
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Will Rogers Shrine
Will Rogers Shrine

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 15th 2014

AUGUST 25, 2014 The Hampton Inn in La Junta provided a decent free breakfast this morning. Probably some mornings are less good, so I count myself lucky. Bent’s Old Fort is kind of a pain in butt to find, but it is well worth a visit. You got to go clear out to the north end of 3rd Street and then turn left on Highway 109 (it is the only road that crosses the river), and then turn right onto Hwy 194 and go about 6 miles towards the rising sun. The fort will be on your right. It is about a quarter mile walk from the parking lot. Use the restroom before you make that walk or your teeth are likely to be floating by the time you get back. Don’t step on any rattlers. ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 7th 2014

Sunday Sept – 7 – Good Morning from the Springs. Yesterday was rainy with thunderstorms but that has cleared out and this morning it is cool with clear blue skies. So today I will go out and about and enjoy it. I'm drinking my tea while thinking things over and looking out the window now. This afternoon after spending a leisurely morning drinking my tea and having toast with honey and cinnamon I got dressed and headed over to where Stage Coach Road takes off and over to meet Gold Camp Road in the Pike National Forest. I had tried to get to Gold Camp Road on Thursday via the High Road but found that route blocked by a tunnel cave in. Today when I started up the Stage Coach Road to access the Gold Camp ... read more
7 Falls closed for Renovations
The road going up to Helen Hunt Falls

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 6th 2014

September 4 – Garden of the Gods – Today I went out to the Garden of the Gods and after visiting the visitor center again and taking some pictures I got a map of the hiking trails in the Garden of the Gods. They gave me a map but as it turned out I already had a better one that I had gotten from the Manitou Springs Visitor center. I had come to the Garden of the Gods visitor center to watch a storm, hopefully with lots of lightening, from the observation deck, and hopefully get some pictures of it. The weather channel had predicted storms and thunderstorms. I got me a coffee for $1.88 at the Visitor Center Café, and sat on the terrace a bit enjoying the scenery and watching a storm that was ... read more
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 3rd 2014

September 1 – Labor Day - It’s a gorgeous day at the Springs. I went to the balloon fest again but it was canceled because of high level winds. So I spent all of the morning at the Garden of the Gods. It was nice to be able to enjoy it in such good weather and not having to hurry a bit. I’ll be signing up for another week tomorrow at the Rainbow Lodge. That will put me here through next Monday. The Garden of the Gods started to get crowded so I will go back again on a weekday that is not a holiday to get better pictures. September 2 - It’s nice and cool this morning. Very nice. I'm having my tea and thinking things over. In a bit I will go through some ... read more
Failure to launch
Failure to launch
Garden of the Gods

August 27 – I stayed at a very nice Free campsite right on the banks of the Rio Grande between Creede and Lake City last night. It was on FR 529 off of Hwy 149 and about 9 miles west of Creede. A deluge came up late at night and I was afraid the river would flash flood so I moved further up the hill and went back to sleep. This morning I drove back into Creede for another excellent coffee and breakfast burrito at a café called Fardog. It is only open from 7:30 till 11:30. They have good breakfast burritos and excellent coffee. Everyone seems to be getting ready to leave. The restaurant I ate at is closing for the season after Labor Day. Everyone is talking about where they are headed. While I ... read more
Clear Creek Falls
Lake San Cristobal from Overlook
Taylor Canyon map

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