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June 5, 2014 (37,000 feet above Colorado Springs) As you can see by the attached inflight progress map provided by we are about halfway from Chicago to the city of angels. The other form of Colorado Rocky Mountain high! I think I see Bill Clifford down there! It actually feels good to be sitting down on the flight for a few hours now, given the chaotic last 12 hours. The flight from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles (direct) was cancelled due to "mechanical" problems last night around 8:30 pm. American Airlines said there were no options to get out. I called the American Aadvantage desk and got very helpful agents to help us figure it out. Not that easy rerouting five people on a transcontinental trip...but they managed to find enough seats. One problem was ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 22nd 2013

Here's our boat/ship/whatever. I found this website pretty pictures of our longboat. It sort of keeps track of where the ship is but it's off by about 24 hours. I packed, unpacked and packed again. When you're a contingency packer like I am it's always hard to figure out what to bring. Will it be warm? Will it be cold? Will it rain? I have my suitcase crammed full and also a carry-on and a giant "purse" which is really kind of a tote bag that will hold my tablet and keyboard as well as my ipod, a camera, my phone, drugs, and anything else I can put in it. I saw and bought this thing a long time ago. It was expensive but I love it! I wrote instructions for Jessie, answered a few ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 21st 2013

Trying to figure out how the heck to use these maps and how to add photos. Gradually getting everything together.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 19th 2013

Yesterday was the last day of work. I am very happy about that. I have Oktoberfest tonight and I am hoping that is the last time I see Black Forest people for a while. I am making lists and slowly packing. I can't do too much since I don't have a suitcase yet. I pulled out my larger American Tourister and it's falling apart thanks to the airlines. I will need one that will remain intact all the way to Paris and all the way home. We received all of our travel documents a week ago which included a little zippered portfolio, luggage tags, transfer slips and personalized booklets...but no tickets. After talking to people on FB, we realized that the tickets were part of the booklet. We'll be getting boarding passes 24 hours before our ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 14th 2013

When I left Minnesota I made my way across the western portion of USA. A trip that I took once before via car when my mother moved to Nevada. But doing it solo, and with a cat...well it went as well as my trip from New England to Oklahoma...smooth. On my way out of Minnesota, I decided to stop in Blue Earth at the statue of the Jolly Green Giant man. The company is based in southern Minnesota (however, not in Blue Earth). And I always knew about the Green Giant statue. Located right off of I-90, when I went there, there was construction going on but I managed to find my way around that. Driving around the construction probably took about 10-15 minutes but stopping was worth it-for me it was anyways. Growing up I ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs October 12th 2013

12 days to go. I have most of my shopping done. New a few travel things and a new suitcase but that's about it. I don't even worry about Cal, he''s on his own. I bought him a pair of shoes that are supposed to be very comfortable for walking and he acted like I was being a neurotic nag so the heck with him, don't care if his feet hurt. Cat is still a problem. We don't have his diabetes stabelized yet. Hoping that'll happen before we leave. I left a letter with our vet in case Jessie has to take him in. I am testing this blog out to see if it'll work with my Infinity tablet. I hate the keyboard but I don't want to lug my laptop with me and I don't ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 20th 2013

It’s been in our thoughts for years, but we finally put it in play after discussing it for month or so; we are now headed out for a grand tour of the Southwest. Our ultimate goal is to visit John’s aunt in Phoenix and her long time friend, Greta. Recently Greta has been having some health issues and we want to see her and Dosia when we can get there in decent weather and driving. So we plotted out a trip that will allow us to visit friends in Colorado, Nevada, and then on to Arizona. It promises to be a long but fun filled trip. Promising Trish to take time and smell the roses (coffee for me) and not hurry, we left early the first morning with a destination of Jonesboro, Arkansas. We traversed northern ... read more
Kitchen bump-out for refirgerator
John at the Rock Ledge house
Sara Tate Merrill and her mother

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 13th 2013

It rained all night and the creek behind the RV park was flowing at a rapid pace. Thank goodness we are high enough that the creek won't at least flood the park until after we leave tomorrow. We spent the day running around town with Jill and John. We looked at more RVs and then had dinner at our favorite German restaurant, Edelweiss. We have had a blast spending the last 10 days with our wonderful friends from Colorado Springs. Jill and I have been friends for over 30 years, so its awesome our husbands get along so well. We are ready to hit the road with them and see some more of the US.... read more
Scenery 2
Scenery 3
Flooding creek behind RV park

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 12th 2013

We traveled from Glenwood Springs to Colorado Springs today. We had rain most of the way and then discovered Colorado Springs had flooding in spots. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Jill and John checking out Campingworld and their RVs.... read more

The days leading up to our leaving were full of emotion; excitement, sadness, anticipation, happiness. First it was Pat's retirement luncheon at work on Tuesday. A small reception on Friday where all the kids came in. Saturday was spent loading the last of the supplies in the RV in 107 degree weather. Sunday June 30, 2013 Fr. Don gave us a 40th anniversary blessing. Nicole and Jason and Renee' and Will were with us at this very special occasion. We had a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes on the car, did the last minute checks on the RV and left Lago about 11:30. Sunday was our longest day, we got in to Amarillo around 10 exhausted and ready for bed. I have to say that each day brings adventures and challenges, constantly presenting opportunities to make ... read more

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