50 States Before They Graduate


50 States Before They Graduate

Wife and mother of three beautiful children. We are on a mission to see all 50 states before kids graduate from high school. It all started from a map of United States on the wall of my sons bedroom. My husband came to me and said, “How about we take them to all 50 states before they graduate?” He tells me the route and I start all the planning. It usually takes me six months to a year to plan each 16 day trip.

I am former elementary school teacher and now an author of an up and coming children's book series called Flip Side Stories. The book in the series in called Just Because. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1933916907
I live in Troy,United States.
Hobbies: writing, drawing, reading, travel
Profession: Children's Book Author
Please do not judge errors in writing. I am often writing in bed after a long day in a hotel room and I don't do much editing.

North America » United States » Michigan » Muskegon August 1st 2018

We packed up our site in Leelanau this morning. I am sure our neighbors were thrilled though they left every morning for the entire day and yesterday afternoon, we were gone until 9:30 PM. So, I don’t think it was as bad as they thought it would be. Anyway, we turned the camper around and dumped and filled it for our next camp since we only have electric in Muskegon. We arrived in Muskegon State Park around 2 PM. It is a much more rustic campground along Lake Michigan. Our campsite was huge. Their sites are double. Not that we needed one that big. Most people had multiple tents and vehicles on their lots. The tent thing...uh no. Though next summer we are going on a week long rafting trip with the Naperville Houseys but it ... read more
Walk to Lake Michigan
Down to the Beach

Day 4 camping, day 2 in Leelanau. Today was great. We lazed around this morning. Took showers. My first since Saturday. Ewww. Nice showers here. No makeup this week. Love that so long as there is no mirrors. Paul made s’more pancakes with Hersey chunks and graham crackers. Oh, and we had a large mixing bowl that I didn’t remember packing until they were done eating when I asked where the dog water bowl was. Barf. Puke. Literlly, Hershey in it. We are also out of dish soap so the extent of the disinfecting was what was left in the washing wand. Glad I’m glutin free. We rode our bikes up to the lodge to look into some water activities. The boys played a little shuffle board. Elizabeth and I played a little tennis. We also ... read more
Campground Lodge
Shuffle Board

This morning I woke up with my cofffee and toast, took the dogs out and started a fire just as the sun was coming up over Lake Huron. A. Maze. Ing, The campground was still quiet so I got my yoga mat out and did a little yoga and Pilates to the sunrise. I really enjoyed It. We packed up camp and set off for our next destination in the Leelanau Penninsula. This RV park was different. There were actual permanant homes of the nice trailer variety and semi-permanent mobile type homes and campers and tents. It was really clean and nice. I wouldn’t say my type of campground. We were situated with a water view, sort of. Strangely, they put the hook ups on the lake view side and the fire pit and table on ... read more
Morning Walk

Day two, Millcreek Campground, I slept pretty well though I got hot in the middle of the night. Apparently, I was the only one. We have air but the night was cool. Hot flashes maybe. I quietly made coffee, grabbed a blueberry muffin and took the dogs out. I made a fire and enjoyed the quiet morning. Everyone roused and Paul through some bacon in the paella pan and some eggs in the bacon grease. Our plan was to take a ferry to Mackinac with our bikes and ride the 8 mile loop (Detroiter do 8 miles). We were contemplating taking thee dogs but it just didn’t work in their favor transport wise. The dogs stayed behind which was far less stressful for them. We took a shuttle to the ferry which was only a few ... read more
Ben’s breakfast

During the usual long, cold winter, about 6 months ago, I booked an RV and the insanely in demand campsites we would stay in. I did some serious research to find ones that would suit our needs and what kind of hoops I would have to jump through in order to book them. Millcreek wasn’t too bad. I called them early In the game, though it was a three night minimum and we only needed two. Sneakily, I booked three. Lelanau Campground had a four night minimum. Booked. Though, I felt guilty so I put a note on my request saying I only needed two if someone else wanted to other two. The last one, Muskegon State park was the one where the challenge began. I had to wait for exactly six months prior to the ... read more
The Passengers
The Co-Captain
The Lookout

North America » United States » Michigan » Troy April 8th 2018

We are home! There are amazing things that come out of these trips. The learning moments discovered by fights/arguments, being in close quarters for a long time, learning about spending money, checking into hotels, solving problems, changing plans on a dime, being disappointed, seeing how others live in the same country, trying different kinds of foods and so much more. We are never sure if our kids get the impact of these trips and bonding as a family but Ben wrote a paper for school that I found in his stuff (he never showed us) which validated everything we hope for. See pictures below. Another amazing thing is how each stop we make feels like a whole different trip each time. Once we get and the car and drive, it feels like that last stop was ... read more

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Wexford April 6th 2018

April 6, 2018 Weather: 45 to 72 in DC and sleeting in Pittsburg (wahhhhh) States: DC to Pennsylvania City: Washington DC to Pittsburg Miles: 258 Hours Driving: 4 hrs 35 min Hotel: Ghilanis Restaurants: Fresh (in the Pentagon) We packed up the car and had breakfast this morning. We did our best to follow Loretta’s directions to get to the Pentagon. We were already running late for our own schedule. She was on our timeline which resembled more of a squiggle line. She told us to drive to the Pentagon Mall which is literally a mall this time with a Macys. Of course, we couldn’t park at the mall because of our van, the magic bus. Not magic enough to fit. So we drove around and parked down the road at another kind of mall that ... read more
9-11 memorial
Names of Killed

April 5, 2018 Weather: 645 AM 35 degrees, 12 noon 45 degrees and sunny, 55 and sunny States: Washington DC City: Washington DC Miles: Hours Driving: Hotel: Fairfield Inn Downtown Restaurants: Cosi (lunch) and Cuba Libre for dinner We had an early start this morning. We had to be at the White House by 715 AM. We caught an Uber at 645 and arrived early to the White House Tour line. I’m glad we got there a little early because the lone got long and you have to wait outside to start, then walk inside and out to go through security and we were the head of our tour line. It was coooold outside this morning. 35 degrees but sunny. We were cold waiting outside. We met a very nice couple (young grandparents) who brought their ... read more

April 4, 2018Weather: 77 and sunny in Virginia to 65 and sunny DCStates: Virginia, Maryland to DCCity: Williamsburg to DC... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Williamsburg April 4th 2018

April 3, 2018Weather: 50s and cloudy half the day, Upper 60s and sunny rest of the day. States: VirginiaCity: Williamsburg to Jamestown to Yorktown... read more

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