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7th April 2018

Elizabeth and Rum
Can't wait to ask Elizabeth about dancing and rum. D.C. is one of our favorite places to visit. So much to see and do. Have a safe trip home.
9th April 2018

I promise Elizabeth wasn’t the rummy. Thanks for reading along!
2nd April 2018
Bread pudding french toast

Bread Pudding French Toast
That looks delicious. Wish you could bring some back to Michigan!
From Blog: Happy Follyday
2nd April 2018
True family pic

Family Pic
Cute family picture. The sunshine and church reminded me of when we used to go to Florida every Easter. Sunny today here, but NOT warm! Sounds like you are having a great trip.
From Blog: Happy Follyday
2nd April 2018

Looks like you are having a fabulous time!!!
From Blog: Happy Follyday
31st March 2018

Love the beach house. Beautiful sunrise pics. If I were there, I'd stay for the rest of my life.
From Blog: Lazy Beach Day
8th August 2017

Hello Housey family
Hi Paul, Amber, and kids. Kara gave me the blog address. I have not made it through all the entries, but wanted you to know I am following along. What a great idea to blog about your family vacations. We also visited Seattle and Portland years ago and had a great experience. We took the ferrry to Port Townsend and went into the Olympic Peninsula. Those are great memories, even though it rained part of the time on the peninsula. I recall seeing many animals and extremely large trees. It looks like you are all having a great time. Enjoy! Karen
From Blog: I Can Float
7th August 2017

Great photo!
Love this of Biddy with all the wild flowers.
From Blog: Tour de Mushroom
3rd August 2017

Fun times
I love being a part of the Housey's adventures! You guys look like you are having a blast :-)
31st July 2017

A Houseboat!
Okay, now I'm really jealous. A houseboat on Lake Washington with the downtown Seattle skyline across the water. WOW!
From Blog: Houseboat Livin'
4th August 2016

That's a keeper.
From Blog: Pictured Rocks
4th August 2016

Love it.
From Blog: Platte river
3rd August 2016

This awesome! Good to know Paul have the toilet duties!
3rd August 2016

Omg Paul looks like cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation!!!
1st August 2016

I have not stopped laughing! It will be epic :), constipations aside!!!
30th March 2016

Love Biddy's Easter dress!!! The house is...GREAT!!
From Blog: Happy Easter!!
30th March 2016

Blindside is one of my most favorite movies(could have a bit to do with Tim McGraw being in it)!! When Cody worked the Super Bowl in Nola Michael Oher played for the Ravens. Cody worked the suite level and got to meet Mrs. Touhey.
28th March 2016

Is there some reason the "teenager" never smiles? Not cool?
From Blog: Happy Easter!!
28th March 2016

Oh! Wait a minute. Is that a smile?
From Blog: Happy Easter!!
27th March 2016

I'm so glad y'all were behind the rain and only had to stay in that god forsaken town for a few hours!!! Also glad you didn't go to that evil campus there. Onto a better part of Florida!!!!
From Blog: One Night Stand
26th March 2016

Happy travels Houseys! Glad you're seeing some great sites, family and having warm weather! Enjoy and safe travel ??
26th March 2016

Brings to mind an old song called "Biddy on the Bayou."
25th March 2016

Mitchell, Meridian and Nola. I don't think I can handle much more of this trip. I should have come along!!!
25th March 2016

That food looks positively wonderful, especially the beignets. Glad you find NOLA growing on you. It's a great city of many cultures.
25th March 2016

Hi Houseys! Just catching up on your travels! Looks like you've been through some cool places and had some amazing food! Enjoy!

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