Day Sixty-One...

Published: August 27th 2015
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…another day being chauffeured by my seester. Today we went topless. She has a school bus yellow Jeep with both a hard and soft top. She has the soft top on for summer and since today’s tour included a drive through Garden of the Gods Park, she put the top down. Garden of the Gods is a Colorado Springs city park. Portions of the park were once owned by two gentlemen in the mid- to late-1800s. Upon each of their deaths the parcels were donated to the city: the first designated that it become a free public park, the second added to the park. The city bought more land to make the park the size it is today. The park has a nice paved one-way road, a paved walking path and several unpaved hiking trails that wind through it. Visitors can also, if they’re experienced, have the right equipment and a permit, climb the massive stone facades. It was a beautiful day and there were several climbers out taking advantage. Near the park entrance is a cluster of smaller rocks for everyone else.

From Garden of the Gods, Donelle took us on a brief tour of the nearby town of Manitou Springs. After the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire burned everything holding the dirt in place on the hills around Manitou Springs, the rain in August 2013 brought the hills down through the steep streets and into the homes and businesses of the town. Two years later the only evidence still visible are sandbags still stacked in front of a few basement windows and along property walls, and continuing construction repairing one of the higher roads. The quirky town seems to have bounced back nicely.

This time for lunch we went to a place I was curious about—Sonic. We’ve heard rumors we actually have two Sonics in Washington, but after looking online I learned we have several…of course the nearest one to us is near Canada…that’s a bit of a drive for a burger and shake. The meal was tasty, but the berry Master Blast (their version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard) I got to go was very yummy…of course, it was ice cream…only chocolate and coffee flavored ice cream aren’t yummy.

Donelle’s reminder sounded on her phone…time to go pick up the boys from school…good thing the Jeep seats 5. Our last day with my youngest sister came to a close with another dinner at their house. Hugs and handshakes with the boys and Donelle…and Brent…then back to the campground. Tomorrow we start the last leg.

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