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I have been busy driving all over the country, enjoying the freedom of my own transport. My road trip started with collecting the rental car from the airport in San Francisco, and driving to Yosemite National Park. Nothing like getting use to a new car and driving on the wrong side of the road by taking a 5 hour drive! The drive its self was nice, I had some nice views of the sandy coloured hills and at one point I was driving along the road looked like it would continue on into the sky, when I reached the crest of the hill, I could see lovely bright blue water on both sides of the road bridge. I also got to see some busy traffic filled roads and some very twisty roads up a steep gradient. ... read more

…another day being chauffeured by my seester. Today we went topless. She has a school bus yellow Jeep with both a hard and soft top. She has the soft top on for summer and since today’s tour included a drive through Garden of the Gods Park, she put the top down. Garden of the Gods is a Colorado Springs city park. Portions of the park were once owned by two gentlemen in the mid- to late-1800s. Upon each of their deaths the parcels were donated to the city: the first designated that it become a free public park, the second added to the park. The city bought more land to make the park the size it is today. The park has a nice paved one-way road, a paved walking path and several unpaved hiking trails that ... read more
The Kissing Camels
Learning to Climb
Lots of Pigeons

…and another museum. This time it was the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. The museum was housed in what used to be the Colorado Springs courthouse. It featured two men who moved to the area and struck it rich in gold mining. From there they branched out into other entrepreneurial endeavors. Other exhibits in the museum included the city’s history as a destination for people with tuberculosis, the history of the Pikes Peak region, and the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012. Donelle was sure they had a restored TB hut, but we couldn’t find it. On our way out she made a comment to the woman at the front desk. The woman said they still had the hut, but its exhibit was being remodeled and therefore closed to the public. At the same time, a gentleman in ... read more
Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race Car
The Elevator...Still Works
Chasing the Cure

…began in the dark. Well, not really since the sun was already up by the time we (Mike) rolled out of bed…at 7:30…but there was no electricity. It was pretty windy last night…you know, that whole tornado thing…probably excess wind…maybe it knocked out the power. Mike flicked a bunch of switches verifying that yes, in fact, there was no electricity coming into the trailer. He even went out to the breaker box we were plugged into and checked that they were still in the ON position…yep, the ones above our plug were still on. We sat around unable to start our morning routine of, toast and coffee for Mike and a smoothie for me. I called the campground office to see how long the power would be out, but they weren’t open yet. Just after 9:00 ... read more
Kit Carson Statue in the Center of the Fort Carson Memorial
Right Side of the Memorial
Center of the Memorial

…we bugged Brent at work…at lunch…very small chance he’d get in trouble having us all there…what could I have done to get him in trouble with his commander??? I’ll have to think of something for next time…wait, he’ll be retired from the Army before then…DARN! I missed my last chance! Brent is a Sergeant First Class in the 4th Infantry Division stationed at Fort Carson. He’s a Team Chief in charge of 34 mechanics, overseeing the maintenance of the 87 tanks and 2 Army Breaching Vehicles in his brigade. He has an office, but he only uses it when the Army makes him. He’d much rather be down on the shop floor alongside his men. He’s good at what he does and has earned the respect of his commanders and his men. Good, ‘cause he ain’t ... read more
Brent's Preferred Office
TB Hut
The Motor and Transmission

…was a very casual day spent with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. In fact, all we did was hang out at their house. Brent grilled up some delicious ribs, Donelle put together a wonderful dinner and we got caught up, ate, then watched a high tech slide show. Do you remember when family or friends went on vacation and, when they got home, they’d bring over slides of their trip and you’d have to sit there for hours in the dark of your living room listening to them drone on and on about what a wonderful time they had and explain in minute detail EVERY picture projected onto the bedsheet your parents pinned to the wall? My family was THAT FAMILY. My dad has HUNDREDS of slides of pictures he took himself or purchased from the ... read more

…I woke up feeling dehydrated so I downed a bottle of water…then another. By 9:00 I’d had two bottles and started a third when we left the campground. The trusty cooler was packed with more and I’d restocked the refrigerator. All set. Today we drove through Wyoming…lots of grazing land…lots. Lots of cows and sheep and horses…lots. Rest areas on Hwy 18…not lots…one…better use it whether you think you need it or not. Way up ahead of us we could dark clouds and that gray curtain of rain. We were in a nice sunny stretch and hoped we wouldn’t have to drive through it. As I gazed off in the distance I saw a bolt of lightning shoot down in the middle of that curtain. A couple minutes later I saw another. Wherever that was, they ... read more

Stunning location and most beautiful place – Caves, mountains, roads, people, food, hotel – we loved the trip. I have learned to be innovative when traveling. I am not talking about sending the satellite. Innovation can be for every small things - how effectively use the travel hours with kids, learn something new, create fun out of nothing, Kids sing along songs, effective use of IPAD, telling stories, romantic talk with spouse, remembering the sweet moments, talking about family & friends. Small is beautiful and small innovation leads to big happiness. It was 3 days trip. Day-1: Being stayed in New York and very new to New Mexico, When I start the trip I was amazed by driving. The roads are straight, no traffic, speed limit 75 miles per hour - Really!! The horizon looks like ... read more
At Cave of the Winds
At Broadmoor
At Helen Hunt Falls

First on today's list was snowshoeing! Certainly not a planned activity for a trip in the middle of May, but after finding the snowshoes in our cabin last night, we just had to try them. And we had plenty of snow for our snowshoe adventure. Well the adventure was really just around the yard of the cabin, but for us southern girls, it was an adventure. The snowshoes were big and bulky but they did the job. I only fell once and got a great leg workout in the process. It did not take long to realize that snow shoeing was the only safe way to walk outside this morning. After a little sunshine yesterday and more snow fall last night, the ground was all ice. So that was the only safe way to get our ... read more
Sandra and Linda - first attempt in snowshoes
Snow capped mountains
The Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Today began the first leg of a new trip - a girls trip. 'The Girls' are my mother (Linda), my aunt (Barbara), my step sister (Stephanie) and me. This trip idea came about when trying to determine what to do to celebrate a couple of 'significant' birthdays and Mothers Day. So a plan was developed and this is the weekend to do it - headed to Colorado Springs. We had an early flight out of Atlanta and arrived in Denver before 8am. I have never heard so many people sleeping in one place as on that airplane today. And the guy right behind me snored loudly from the time we boarded in Atlanta, through the take off, through all the turbulence, through the entire flight and through the landing. Amazing. We picked up our rental car, ... read more
Formations in the Garden of the Gods

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