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North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs November 10th 2021

It has been 10 1/2 years since "the big trip" as we call our previous year long jaunt. We have traveled since then but never for more than three weeks. But we are now 50-somethings, not 40-somethings, and my Parkinson's Disease continues to increase its hold on my life. I only have a few things left on my bucket list so we decided to attempt to cross off the most difficult...the Green Flash. For those who have never heard of it, the green flash occurs right at sunset (or sunrise), almost always over the ocean and only when the sky is perfectly clear, or so I hear. It is an instance of bright jade green right at the horizon. The only person who has told me they have seen it said they saw it in the ... read more

Colorado Springs 2020 9 Breakenridge, Colorado 2020 9 Garden of Gods, Colorado 2020 9 Cave of Winds, Colorado, uSA 2020 9 Seven falls, Colorado 2020 9 Denver, Colorado 9-18-2020 Breckenridge, Colorado. Sang thuc day la vang day thanh pho. Chung toi rat sung suong nhin la vang tren nhung canh cay ma cho la da mai man ngung lai day de ngu dung noi ma la vang cua mua Thu den truoc tien o Hoa Ky. Tai sao la tren nen vang? Colorado voi Evergreen State vao mua xuan va ha la cay xanh muoc tren canh, nhung den mua Thu thi la ba... read more

I am now returning to finish the blogs for our Alaska trip. I apologize for the break in action but hope to catch up now. We left off with Pike's Peak and our next adventure was seeing the sites around Colorado Springs. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.... read more
Anasazi people
Cliff dwellings
Internal passageways

North America » United States » Colorado » Colorado Springs September 5th 2017

Once upon a time, in a previous life, I had a client in Colorado Springs for a few years. I must have visited at least 3 or 4 times, never got a chance to see much, other than a drive through the Garden of the Gods, and an even quicker drive through the Air Force Academy. But the city has always been touted as one of the best places to live in America. Maybe we should investigate further? First, we are a mile above sea level at 6,035 feet, and bordering famed Pikes Peak, at over 14,000 feet. Most significantly to young, promising athletes with Olympic aspirations, Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Olympic Committee, and the U.S. Olympic Training Center (1977). The city is often called Olympic City, USA. San Joaquin Valley (Tulare) legend ... read more
Springs party
Brew one for me!!!!

We are off on another trip to see parts of the USA that we haven’t seen before. Left home this morning shortly before ten and arrived in Colorado Springs about three. The trip was fine the whole way with a little bit of traffic building up around Pueblo that stayed with us the rest of the way. We checked in at the Hilton Garden Inn, and Philip was able to catch up on his class’s posts before dinner. He has two weeks left in this class. The areas we drove through today started with the desert north of Albuquerque, then a few forested mountains before reaching the plains of northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. The landscape is calming and quiet with a long way between roadside stops. When we did stop for gas, it was ... read more
New Mexico / Colorado border
Lots of named highways

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin je ne m'étais pas trop chargé en km, c'était moins de 200. "Gèremène" s'en est mêlé, et je fini au double. Ma première programmation est Canon City, j'avais envisagé plusieurs routes, pour éviter l'autoroute, sans en trouver, mais "Gèremène" m'en trouve une, qui est superbe. Je me dis qu'elle commence à connaitre mes goûts, montagne et grandes prairies. J'échappe de peu à me faire prendre en excès de vitesse, sur une belle route je suivais presque aveuglément un pickup depuis peut être 50km. Le gars conduisait très bien, pratiquement jamais le pied sur le frein, et je n'ai pas surveillé ma vitesse, qui ne me paraissait pas excessive. Je ne sais pas d'où elle est sortie, mais j'avais une voiture de police aux fesses, il m'a doublé et de suite a ... read more
Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs centre
the Bridge

Geo: 39.0712, -104.663We were scheduled to leave the cabin by noon on Friday. Glenn and I "repacked" our stuff in our overnight bags, for the next 3 nights, until we get to Frisco, Colorado. That way, we don't have to lug our large suitcase around, and I'm packed in the overnights and my make-up bag. We did the same thing with David's stuff. We had way too many toys for him, especially since they had toys in the cabin already.We made instant oatmeal for breakfast. David ate 3 packages. Emily ate 2. Lucy is so cute. When she wants to eat, she will climb up into her high chair, turn around and even put her bib on. Yes, she is a climber! Glenn had pre-loaded the van the night before with all the bicycle stuff such ... read more
Emily Laughing
Going for a Bike Ride
Emily as happy as can be

Geo: 38.8331, -104.822The g'kids woke up around 6:30am this morning. I fixed Instant Oatmeal. They all ate very well. Then G'dad decided to do some minor work on the RAV 4. Like draining something. While that was draining, he took David and Emily for a bike ride.Afterwards, we decided to go into Colorado Springs. Glenn wanted me to find a Muffler Shop, so he could have the Sienna Van's muffler repaired. I searched the internet and and Glenn called several places determining which would do the repair today.It was a 30 minute drive to the Muffler Shop. It was just around the corner from the old Current Outlet store. After dropping the van off, Glenn dropped me off at the Current Outlet. The Outlet store is going out of business effective mid August. I had told ... read more
Batman and Emily
Afternoon Ride

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 14 juillet Je rêve depuis longtemps de mettre les pieds dans le Sahara... Bien que de nature aquatique, le désert me fascine au plus haut point et ces immenses espaces arides et dénudés m'apportent une totale sérénité que je ne saurais définir. Au Sahara, il y a deux types de déserts, le reg et l'erg. 80% de cet immense désert est caillouteux, tout minéral, c'est le reg. Le 20% restant, celui qui enflamme nos imaginaires avec les oasis et les caravanes, couvert d'immenses dunes de sable fin, c'est l'erg. C'est justement ce que j'ai découvert ce matin au pied des montagnes Sangre de Cristo du Colorado dans le Great Sand Dunes National Park, où les fins sédiments venus des montagnes toutes proches (plus de 4000 m) furent balayés par les vents dominants de ... read more
Tres Piedras, New-Mexico
Costilia, New-Mexico
Costilia, New-Mexico

Had a windy trip from Santa Fe to Colorado Springs, but the scenery was wonderful through the mountains. All the mountains were snow capped and the sky was blue so it was beautiful. We visited the Garden of the Gods which is such a gift to all who come here. It is easily viewed from the road or can be hiked through also. Colorado Springs has the only American mountainside zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is at 6800 feet and all up hill, but it was an interesting zoo to visit. It has lots of hands on things for kids to do. They can feed lettuce to the giraffes and vegetables/fruits to the elephants. The peacocks where just out walking around the zoo. They had great African lions and mountain lions along with beautiful tiger. We ... read more
Garden of the Gods and Pike Peak
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

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