Day Fifty-Nine...

Published: August 27th 2015
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…began in the dark. Well, not really since the sun was already up by the time we (Mike) rolled out of bed…at 7:30…but there was no electricity. It was pretty windy last night…you know, that whole tornado thing…probably excess wind…maybe it knocked out the power. Mike flicked a bunch of switches verifying that yes, in fact, there was no electricity coming into the trailer. He even went out to the breaker box we were plugged into and checked that they were still in the ON position…yep, the ones above our plug were still on.

We sat around unable to start our morning routine of, toast and coffee for Mike and a smoothie for me. I called the campground office to see how long the power would be out, but they weren’t open yet. Just after 9:00 I tried again. The woman who answered wasn’t aware the power was out, thanked me for letting her know and said she’d send her maintenance guy out to look into it.

When Mike got up this morning he noticed the trailer next to us had gone…maybe because of the power outage…but they left their hoses, power cord, and anything else that happened to be outside their trailer. Weird. While we were waiting for maintenance to show up, Mike looked at everything again. Circuit breakers inside hadn’t been tripped, circuit breakers outside above our outlet hadn’t been tripped, circuit breakers above the vanished neighbors had been turned off…they must have turned them off when they left. Upon closer inspection, Mike noticed that the circuit breakers above the neighbor’s power cord were both 30 amps; the circuits above ours were 20 each. Hmmm…when they left, they shut off electricity to our trailer as well as theirs. In every campground we’ve been to so far, if sites shared a breaker box, the circuit breakers were above the corresponding outlet. If your trailer had a 20 amp system, you’d turn on the 20 amp breaker; 30 amps, the 30 amp breaker; 50 amps, both of them. This one was set up so the 20s were on one side and the 30s on the other. Confusing. Once he figured out the problem, he turned the 30s back on and we were back in business. I called the office again and told her what we’d discovered and that the problem was fixed. Five minutes later the maintenance guy showed up. Better late than never?? Closing the barn door after the horses have escaped?? Injecting anti-nausea medication into your IV after you’re feeling better??

Fueled with our morning sustenance, we headed off to meet up with Donelle again for another day of Colorado Springs adventures. With my younger nephew at his first day of middle school, there was only my older nephew to tag along. He’s an eighth-grader and doesn’t start until tomorrow. At their school, the sixth-graders have one day to themselves to get used to the campus and their schedule before the seventh and eighth graders come back and make it a little more difficult. I think that’s a really good idea.

Hunter really wanted to go to the 4th ID Museum located outside Fort Carson’s Gate 1. He’s very knowledgeable about military things. He watches a lot of the History Channel. The museum was small, but everything that the 4th ID was involved with was represented: from World War 1 to Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein. They even had the foam block that was used to seal his hiding place. The gentleman who was there acting as docent was a fountain of information. He had story after story after story of things that aren’t included in your junior high or high school history book.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry at Donelle and Brent’s. Wow…exciting…but free!

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Fallen 4th ID SoldiersFallen 4th ID Soldiers
Fallen 4th ID Soldiers

SGT Fernandez was one of Brent's soldiers. SGT Forrest, PFC Gautier, SFC Hall, CPL Pautsch and SSG Woods were all in the same company as Brent.
9/11 World Trade Center Beams9/11 World Trade Center Beams
9/11 World Trade Center Beams

All the beams in this memorial came from the wreckage of the World Trade Center buildings in New York.

27th August 2015

This blog contained waaay too much math (ack!) & science.
27th August 2015

Math and Science
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