Day Fifty-Seven...

Published: August 27th 2015
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…was a very casual day spent with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. In fact, all we did was hang out at their house. Brent grilled up some delicious ribs, Donelle put together a wonderful dinner and we got caught up, ate, then watched a high tech slide show.

Do you remember when family or friends went on vacation and, when they got home, they’d bring over slides of their trip and you’d have to sit there for hours in the dark of your living room listening to them drone on and on about what a wonderful time they had and explain in minute detail EVERY picture projected onto the bedsheet your parents pinned to the wall? My family was THAT FAMILY. My dad has HUNDREDS of slides of pictures he took himself or purchased from the places we visited (because you could do that back then). I don’t know why he always opted for slides rather than prints. I don’t know which came first: the slide projector or the slides.

Anyway, after dinner I hooked up the laptop to their big screen tv and Mike and I bored Donelle, Brent and their two boys with a THREE HOUR slide show of our epic journey thus far. I warned them it would be long. The boys lasted about 10 minutes (maybe it was 10 pictures) before they bailed and went downstairs to play video games or watch tv or read or clean their rooms or ANYTHING so they wouldn’t have to sit through more pictures of their aunt and uncle’s summer vacation.

The show ended just in time for everyone’s…Brent’s…bed time. He has to work tomorrow. Donelle and the kids are still on summer vacation for at least one more day.


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