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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim November 2nd 2018

Most people in L.A. probably don't write a blog about going to Disneyland, but we are not like most people. Plus, it was Rosie's 2nd birthday, and Disneyland is big vacation for anybody even for one day. While we are adding additional part-vacation posts, why not add a picture of some cute Halloween pictures of front of the pumpkins and Halloween costumes.... read more

Mothers Day Abs woke up and 1 am but I got her back down and then wished Caroline a happy mothers day before we went back to sleep again. Abcde and I then got up at 5:30 local time but it still feels like 8:30am to us cause, ya know, Kentucky time. She watched Disney channel in espaƱol while I read a book until wife was ready to greet the day. We killed some time at the hotel, gave the monkey a shower, got soap in her eye, took 20 minutes to pick out a toy from the treasure chest behind the front desk, removed the car seat from the Hyundai and watched some HGTV. Katrina and Joel came to get us and our first stop was target. It had been decided that it was my ... read more

Today we visited California Adventureland - the next door neighbor to Disneyland, and it was fantastic! Loved it so much. We saw several street shows, was able to rub elbows with Pluto and Oswald (the original lucky rabbit drawn by Disney), visited Cars Land, ate some amazing sourdough bread bowls at the Pacific Wharf and chilled on a massive ferris wheel ride. It was fantastic! We have been super lucky in that the weather has been overcast, the lines short and the food great. I actually enjoyed it more than Disneyland, though I think you just have to go to Disney! And remember.."it all began with a mouse"...... read more

Graduation time came and went, and in order to celebrate this milestone I have had the great opportunity to go to Disneyland! A childhood and adulthood dream come true! On the way we stopped and visited the Seven Magic Mountains "art" collection of rocks, the beautiful desert, a tortoise and the world famous Baker thermometer. Disneyland has proven to be much more and much different than I had imagined. We went on several rides including the storybook canal, It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion, and a few more. It's a small world - that about blew my brains out. It was just so much going on, it was complete sensory overload for me. To finish all of it off we waited and saw the Disney Parade of Lights which ... read more
Much more beautiful than the rocks
7 magic mountains art exhibit

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim February 22nd 2016

Geo: 33.8327, -117.916We decided to pack up early, load the car and check out so we could grab breakfast. If you're ever in the L.A. or Anaheim area, I highly recommend Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. We've always had great service and the chicken 'n waffles are effing amazing. I know they're all the rage these days but I was going to Roscoe's years ago BEFORE that craze started. Now they've expanded to multiple locations, one of which happened to be a quarter mile from our condo. YESSSS. It was so damned good. I love just eating the chicken, waffle 'n syrup, dipping it in the gravy and eating it all together in one bite. The waitress even gave us a free sample of their mac 'n cheese. On par with what homemade baked mac n cheese ... read more
Walking through Cars Land
Cars Land
Galen eyeing Mr. Potatohead

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim February 21st 2016

Geo: 33.8327, -117.916We started the day off with coffee and mimosas and nice clear view of Anaheim from our balcony window. =) Then it was off for a full day in Disneyland!dWe hit up all of our favorite rides. We kept wondering what drama would befall us that day but literally nothing crazy happened. We got on Splash Mountain with virtually no wait in the line. Rides kept breaking down this weekend, and we managed to get to the ride right as it reopened. This is my favorite ride in both parks. It's just so damned happy and fun. =D For lunch, Anna and I slipped out to Downtown Disney to get Earl of Sandwich and some wine. Then I realized Chris had my ticket to get back in so he had to come rescue me. ... read more
Why Herro
Waking Up with Coffee and Mimosas

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim February 20th 2016

Geo: 33.8327, -117.916We got up at the crap hour of 4am. Most of us work so we were limited to a 3 day trip. The cheapest Disneyland tickets were ironically 3 day park hoppers. So... We ended up doing two partial days and one full day. We made the long drive down I-5 and got to Anaheim around 11am. Not bad timing! We did most of the checking in process to our condo but the rooms weren't ready yet so we just headed over to the park. My sister Geneva made Galen and I some badass crocheted Disney hats. My Minnie hat had a detachable bow (she made three other bows in other colors). Even though it was February, it was already incredibly warm outside. The next two days the heat would reach into the 80s ... read more
Sunrise on the 5
Disney Ready!
Galen's Ears

So, we accidentally chose Disneyland's 24-Hour Party as our day to go to Disneyland. It was insane.They had record-breaking crowds, and both parks hit max capacity. If you left the park for any reason, there was no going back in. We had no idea what was going on, or even that it was a 24-hr party. We'd checked the website before our trip and saw there was a diamond celebration, and that they'd be giving our prizes all weekend. Sounded good! Oops. When we arrived, all of the parking lots were full. After circling around for a while, we were finally directed to an overflow lot. From there, they shuttled us into the park. The line to get into Disneyland started back by California Adventure. We still hadn't caught on that this was abnormal. When we ... read more
Navigating the "24-Hour Party" Crowds
Jo sees Buzz Lightyear!
The Buzz Lightyear Ride

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim April 26th 2015

Geo: 33.8327, -117.916The wake up call was at 6 am and true to form BJ greeted us with an "Is something burning?" propped up in a saucepan surrounded by onions. A fireman's delight.The new purchases were stuffed into the already overflowings bags which were efficiently wheeled to one block to the bus pickup point and right on 6.50 the #Fab5 were assembled for the LUXBus ride to Anaheim and Downtown Disney.The ride was effortless - a small coach - a friendly driver - a few diversions because of filming in Downtown LA - but no traffic and plenty of open road on the freeway. It was all done and dusted just on the hour and without a fuss we were dropped at the Portofino, checked in the luggage and with nary a backwards glance were literally ... read more
Twins: BJ and Von with mohawk and ear plugs
Welcome to Main Street Disneyland
Getting Ready to Ride

Well, poor Liam was still sick, this damn virus really knocked him back. So because He had been up all night, and Shiree with him, they both stayed back while Gary and Jaime went to Disney. A lot had changed since my last visit...not the least of which was the fact that they had built a whole second park next to Disney, and a bunch of money extraction options (Californialand and Downtown Disney respectively). Some of the animatronics haven't changed and so are a bit dated, while others are astounding. Overall...a little disappointed. Jaime realised this is aimed at smaller kids, at the age ours are maybe a full on roller coaster park might have been better. But the rides we went on were still cool, and we are thankful to be able to be here. ... read more
Splash Mountain was great...
Space Mountain was cool...
Autopia, best ride in the park....

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