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The last morning was just like the others going to the breakfast café and having some time playing in the morning in pajamas with Nana in her hotel room. We spent the last time swimming in the hotel pool that our energetic Rosie enjoyed by jumping around, screaming, and jumping into the pool. The kids played in Nana and Grandpa’s hotel room as Tory and Steve packed, another example of a huge help they were for the whole trip. After packing we drove to Boston and had to go through the Ted Williams tunnel to get to the airport. Overall, the kids did pretty good with the trip and all the hustling around to do all the things and visiting places, especially 4-month old Vivian. Since Rosie and Nathan were only 2 and 5-years old, it’s ... read more

We had the hotel breakfast buffet again and then left Vivian with Nana and Grandpa at the hotel since they wanted to do some laundry. It worked out great because Steve and Tory could goto Brown again and take Nathan and Rosie. They first went to Brown St. Park and met up with Steve’s old football friend, Jarrod Lynn, and 2 of his boys that were age 2 and 4. Jarrod stayed at Brown after graduating and has been running AIA, Athletes In Action, the Christian Ministry for the Sports at Brown University for around 15 years. Next, everyone went over to the Atheltic Complex and Jarrod's 4-year old Wesley and Nathan had a blast running circles around the big green area. Jarrod with familiar with the sports complex, so he helped show us the new ... read more

Everyone woke up late and had the breakfast buffet again for the 4thstraight day. By this time, we had found our own corner table where we all fit and the kids can sit on the wall together. As was with almost all of the trip, there was great weather, so we decided to go to Narraganset and Salty Brine beach. The sand was white and the kids could watch the Block Island Ferry and fishing boats come and go. Steve, Tory, Nathan, and Rosie also had fun climbing on the rocks and took a walk down to climb the ladder at the lifeguard station neat the Galilee beach club. Everyone ate some tasty clam chowder at Geroge’s of Galilee and then went back to the room for late naps for Rosie and Vivian. Nathan swam with ... read more

By this day the kids still weren’t sleeping well but at least they woke up happy and the whole family went down to the hotel breakfast buffet. We planned on trying to visit Roger Williams Park and the kids had fun climbing a statue and walking across “Lover’s bridge.” It started raining so we drove towards Providence to try to goto the mall, but it was getting late so we went back to the room since we were going to Jenn and Matt’s house in Cranston in the afternoon. It’s hard to have to keep coming back to the hotel for naps with 2 little kids who need naps. While Rosie and Vivian napped, Tory and Steve took a short drive to East Greenwich for clamcakes (which didn’t taste like much) and delicious New England clam ... read more

A very early morning For Rosie allowed Steve and Grandpa to take her out of the room and down for breakfast so her loud excitement would not wake up Tory and Nathan. After breakfast, Rosie went back and played with Nana in the other room, which was a huge lifesaver several times during the trip. This allowed Steve to go back to bed as he, Tory, and Nathan caught up on sleep until about 9:30. Since Rosie woke up so early she was able to an early nap, so Steve, Tory, Vivian, and Nathan decided it would be a great day to go out and visit Brown, Steve’s old college alma mater. Before heading to Brown the group stopped to get Tory some breakfast at Wendy’s and some beach toys at The Dollar Tree store for ... read more

The first day in Rhode Island we needed to spend time in the morning before Tory and Vivian landed from Washington D.C. around 1:00. Steve, Nathan, Rosie, Nana and Grandpa went to Ann and Dave’s in the morning at the house that Grandpa grew up in. Ann used to be a pre-school teacher and watches her Grandkids a few days a week, so her house was perfectly setup for the kids to play with some puzzles and duplos while everyone caught up. Steve's cousin David's wife Gina came by too, but none of the other kids were there to play with Nathan and Rosie because they were in pre-school. We went back to the hotel so Rosie and Vivian could take naps in the room, so Steve and Grandpa could go to the airport to pick-up ... read more

North America » United States » Rhode Island » Warwick May 16th 2019

Steve, Nathan, Rosie, were excited to head to New England and see the state where Steve went to college and Grandpa George was born and raised. There was plenty of family to visit and places to see, but the first step was flying out there and Steve definitely appreciated the help that Nana (Susie) and Grandpa George gave him by flying out altogether. To get to Rhode Island, the easiest flight was to go direct to Boston, then rent a car and drive to Rhode Island, where there were 2 rooms reserved at the Hyatt Place by the Warwick/Providence Airport. The family left the house in Oak Park around 10 to get to LAX. The airport was busy so thankfully they had just enough time to get to the gate in time to be called for ... read more

The family trip to Rhode Island actually started a few days earlier in the week, when Tory and 4 month-old baby Vivian left to Washington D.C. a few days earlier leaving the Monday after Mother’s Day (May 13th). Vivian thought it would be fun to see where her Mommy Tory spent her college and work years before coming back to California. Steve, Nathan, and Rosie helped take them to the airport but first had to make a stop at the “Bruder” Factory nearby the airport. At the Factory, the kids can “test” the different trucks out and play in a ball pit. All of Nathan’s favorite trucks from home are Bruder trucks so getting “test” as many trucks as he wants, particularly the ones he doesn’t have at home. Who wouldn’t want to be a tester ... read more

North America » United States November 14th 2018

Another amazing nights sleep in a hotel was a great way to celebrate our “Babymoon” mini-vacation. We both slept in until around 8, and had some hotel room coffee before Steve went out to the hotel store called “Tidal Coffee” to get some breakfast for us both. We hung out in the room until checkout around 11, when we decided it would be fun to go do a hike at the Point Lobos Reserve State Park. The time spent at the hotel was very nice for us to be able to catch up and talk about so much on our minds, which can be so hard to do with the responsibilities at home and with the kids. We arrived at Point Lobos on a perfect, sunny day, in contrast to a colder and overcast day the ... read more
She won't sit still
Point Lobos Beauty
Bird Island

North America » United States » California » Big Sur November 13th 2018

We were able to enjoy the best night of sleep in a while, with no kids to wake us up early or the middle of the night. We didn’t start moving until after 9:00 and ordered room service for breakfast. Eventually, we decided to head out around 11:00, but not before being able to switch rooms to another King-bed that had a tub and view of Cannery Row and partially the ocean. Every interaction with the staff at the hotel has been superb, from the spa yesterday to the valet’s and room service, it has been friendly and better than any service at a hotel that we have had before. We started off down cannery row and stopped at the Pebble Beach store to buy Steve a golf shirt and some other essentials that marked our ... read more
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Bixby Bridge
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