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North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 18th 2021

It was a late morning after coming back late from Kihei and we had nothing really planned for the day. We hung out in the room as the kids played and began the day long task of getting our things together and suitcases packed. Nancy and Nathan went down to the pool with the big green slide to try to reserve us a spot and then Steve, Tory, and the kids went to that pool to play. This time the water slide attendant did not let Vivian go down the slide, she told Steve she had to go by herself and with no floaty so that was not going to work. Vivian was still very happy playing in the pool and eventually Grandpa Jerry came down and played some with some rings and ball we had. ... read more
Last Sunset
Pirate slide
Koi Pond

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kihei June 17th 2021

The morning started nice as Tory made eggs and toast for everyone and we relaxed in the room for the first morning without having to run out somewhere. We had made friends with a couple from Chicago and their kids and they saved us a chair at the Nanea pool so we headed over there to play. The kids brought our inner tubes and used them to fly down the mini-slide as Steve pushed them faster, spun them around, and sent them down backward. Vivian did not like being pushed on her little purple tube because it went too fast but she had plenty of fun pushing daddy down the slide backward and then sliding after him so he could catch her at the bottom. The kids we were meeting with were more interested in playing ... read more
Old neighbors
Hula girl
Hula girls

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina June 16th 2021

We decided to go back to Slappy Cakes again for the kids to make pancakes because they love doing it so much, this time with Jerry and Nancy. Then we made a quick drive up to Kapalua to see the golf course before heading back to the room and getting ready for a fun day at the resort. We all went out to the beach to play in the sand and ocean with whatever the kids came up with. Nathan wanted to build a volcano of sand with Steve and Vivian that would erupt, while Rosie swam as much as possible in the ocean with Nancy and Tory. The girls came up with a fun idea to lay on their bellies pretending to be mermaids as the waves came and crashed on them, then Nathan joined ... read more
3 buds in the tub
Slappy cakes part 2
Nancy reading to the girls

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 15th 2021

The day started right as the kids slept better and enjoyed waffles as we all got dressed up for family pictures on the beach at our resort. The photographer, Jef, was referred by our old neighbors Brandon and Melissa, did a good job by having the kids playing and all of us working for an hour on the beach. We did the photoshoot at 7am so there would not be any wind and there are some great photos to pick through with Hawaiian island, outrigger canoes, palm trees, and the beach in the background. After the photoshoot, we changed into bathing suits and went over to the other Westin resort "Nanea" to swim and play at another pool. The kids loved the sandy pool that had a water slide and big rock turtles to climb on, ... read more
Mommy/Vivian slide
Nathan/Rosie slide
3 kids on a turtle

North America » United States » Hawaii » Wailuku June 14th 2021

We started our early morning with a much-anticipated family fun breakfast trip to Slappy Cakes where you can make your own pancakes on the grill at your table! This place made the kids very happy in the morning, which was needed after a rough night of sleep for everyone plus now that Steve has a cold that Tory and Rosie have had already. At the pancake restaurant, you can pick a regular or chocolate batter and whatever toppings your heart desires. In this case, the kids obviously wanted sprinkles, chocolate chips, pineapple, and butterscotch chips, in addition to the specially made coconut syrup at the table. It was certainly an entertaining breakfast for the kids so we bought "Slappy Cakes Maui" t-shirts for Steve and Nathan. We were able to pick up some supplies from the ... read more
Zipliners looking good!
3 silly cuddlers
Rosie loves her Mommy

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 13th 2021

There is nothing quite like waking up at 4:15am but realizing that you are in Maui and it is like a normal wakeup time in California. The kids were in a loud, wild mood so we had them watch TV and work together on a big sticker book of sweet ice cream and donuts while Tory made eggs for breakfast. We went down to Kaanapali beach where the sand was soft, the water was warm, and the family ran and splashed in the ocean while enjoying the views of two islands off the coast. Vivian ran away from the waves, Nathan was jumping over the waves, and Rosie was doing both plus falling into the ocean. Next, we went over to the main pool where we reserved a cabana for the day, and the kids relaxed ... read more
On the beach
Shovels in sand
Beach girl

On our way to the island of Maui! In order to travel to Hawaii we all had to get COVID tests 72 hours before leaving and register our results on a travel Hawaii website. We were picked up first at 5:30am by David's driver Neftali in his Suburban, which was just big enough to fit the 7 of us (Our family and Jerry and Nancy) and our 3 suitcases, 5 backpacks, carry-on beach bag, stroller, and a carseat. A quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast before stopping by Jerry's house and we were off to the airport! Checkin went fine but we struggled to get special wristbands for when we landed in Hawaii, but that ended up being quick so it was not a big deal. The flight was great as Nathan and Rosie watched movies ... read more
Wrestle time
Whaler's Village beach views

The day started around 3am with Rosie crying about nothing and everyone having a rough night's sleep. Vivian wanted to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy and when trying to transition back into her crib, she rolled over or smashed up close to Steve's back and cried that she wanted "Daddy's bed" so we let her toss and turn in bed with us after that because it was cute and we were too tired to fight with her. Since the sunlight came up early everyone was up and ready for the fun day planned ahead at the Big Bear Zoo. First, we had breakfast before spending an hour at Sugarloaf Park again. We wanted to see if Steve would balance on the seesaw vs. the other 4 members of the family, and as the pictures ... read more

North America » United States » California » Big Bear May 29th 2021

For the Memorial Day weekend we went to Grandpa Jerry's cabin in the SugarLoaf area of Big Bear to stay 2 days and 1 night at Tory's childhood cabin. The cabin was being sold in June, 2021, so the family went for the first/last time to see the place that had many of Tory's memories including where she learned how to ski with her mom at the Snow Summit slopes. Before this trip, Nathan went one time as a 1-year old and Tory and Steve went there while dating for a memorable ski fun trip where it snowed and they were forced to stay an extra day until the roads to leave the mountain were reopened! In the morning, everyone got up early and began the 3-hour drive to the cabin. We stopped by some sunflowers ... read more

It was a better night's sleep and everyone woke up happy so Steve put Vivian up in bed with Rosie. They figured out how to open to full window and screen to see and hear the ocean, then Vivian had a very fun time sticking her head out the window and giggling. We did another easier breakfast of cereal and microwaved egg bites as the kids were able to watch some Strawberry Shortcake DVDs so it kind of felt like home in the RV. Most of the things were put away but the remaining items got packed up and we took a family picture in front of the RV before driving off. There were no dumps at the RV Campground but we could use them at Sycamore Canyon Campground so drove a few minutes south to ... read more

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