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North America » United States » California November 10th 2018

While our trip started on a Saturday morning the 10th, the drama started on Thursday night on the 8thwhen the Woosley fire struck through Oak Park. There was a mandatory evacuation at midnight, so we took the kids to stay at George and Heathers house in South Pasadena. Luckily, our suitcases of clothes were packed in advance of the evacuation, so Tory’s good idea to get our valuables packed after the kids went to bed made it easy to leave when the evacuation orders were given. Sadly, many homes were lost in Oak Park, Westlake Village, and Malibu. We stayed glued to the news all night and day Friday about an hour away from all the danger and smoke. We took the opportunity to spend time with Connor and Heather in the morning as we walked ... read more
Playing around the Habit
Brooke reading to Rosie
Amy's playground jumping boy

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim November 2nd 2018

Most people in L.A. probably don't write a blog about going to Disneyland, but we are not like most people. Plus, it was Rosie's 2nd birthday, and Disneyland is big vacation for anybody even for one day. While we are adding additional part-vacation posts, why not add a picture of some cute Halloween pictures of front of the pumpkins and Halloween costumes.... read more

North America » United States » California » Agoura Hills October 23rd 2018

We left the next morning for the Spokane airport and said our goodbyes as everyone was awake. Getting to the airport and returning the car all went easy and the kids were very well behaved. Our flight stopped in Sacramento but there was no plane change, which helped it go by quickly as we were able to spread out in full rows all the way to Burbank. Tory brought them new trucks that come in boxes or garages that helped keep the kids busy as well, and we found out keeping them sitting next to each other keeps them entertained. Tory's mom Sue drove the Van to pick us up and we took her to her house in Calabasas. The only downside was there was a plane crash on the 101 freeway that delayed out drive ... read more
Happy traveler

North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow October 22nd 2018

We woke up for our last day in Moscow and wanted to make the most of it. The last time we visited was 4 years ago when Nathan was only 6 months old, and we didn't know the next time we would be able to travel there again. Thankfully, Chet, Kat, and Owen still travel often to their house in Somis or meet up at Steve's parent's house and we get to hang out at those places. We had breakfast and Owen went to school. Cheston gave us a great idea to go see the Grizzly Bears at Washinton State University in Pullman, so while he worked Steve, Tory, Kat, Rosie and Nathan drove there. It was quite spectacular to see 4 bears out of their cages in the grassy area where 2 of them were ... read more
Kids and Bears
Very close to Bears

North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow October 21st 2018

Today started really early with the kids up not long after 6. We suspect it was from their anticipation of going to the Palouse Ice Rink to try some ice skating and then watch Uncle Cheston's adult league hockey game. We first had some donuts for breakfast and headed to church at Christ Church lead by Pastor Douglas Wilson. The service went as well as can be expected for two kids who aren't used to having to stay in the service with us. We enjoyed the liturgy of a more formal church. We stopped by the Walmart again and got some Starbucks to bring back to the house as a treat. We all had lunch and hung around the house for a bit before Rosie went down for a nap. Tory took time to rest too ... read more
Big smiles
Happy hockey boys
Zamboni excitement

North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow October 20th 2018

A fun day and night all around Moscow! It started with a trip down the street to the park to watch Owen's rugby game. It was funny to see people in tank tops in what we feel like is cold morning weather. There was a parade downtown for the Idaho University homecoming that we went to next. It was really fun to see all the local teams, bands, and several farm equipment right in front of us marching by. The parade also threw out candy that the kids loved, and Nathan and Rosie enjoyed the views up on Steve and Cheston's shoulders for a while, and right in the front of the parade. It ended with 5 firetrucks and a street sweeper, much to the kids delight. We walked around after and stopped at a pizza ... read more
Great cousin role model
Fun balloons
Parade tractor

North America » United States » Idaho October 19th 2018

We woke up to a nice morning with coffee and breakfast while the kids enjoyed time together. Nathan went into read books with Owen in bed early in the morning and the rumor is they talked early in the mornings before everyone was awake most of the days. Kat, Tory, Steve, and the kids walked down to East City Park while Cheston worked. The park had great playground equipment and Steve and Owen played football on the grass punting the ball around to each other. The fall foliage was incredible, like nothing we ever see in California and gave us some gorgeous photos. Back at the house, Nathan and Owen played with hot wheels tracks and hockey in the basement whenever there was downtime. Rosie and Steve napped while the Kat and Tory went out for ... read more
Boy under red tree
Throwing leaves

North America » United States » California » Agoura Hills October 18th 2018

Off to Idaho! The land of the potatoes and miles and miles of wheat fields. We had Grammy Sue take us to the airport, which was a big help with getting dropped right off at the airport terminal. She provided breakfast and we had plenty of activities for the flights. A short flight to Oakland and then a plane change was fine for the kids to explore the airport and get a little energy out. Naturally, Rosie enjoyed picking a wrestling match with her big brother Nathan, and they both enjoyed watching some planes from the windows. The 2-hour flight to Spokane was a relief as Rosie wanted to nap and slept on/with Steve for most of the flight. We got to our rental car, loaded our car seats, stopped for a McDonald's lunch in Spokane ... read more
Smiley girl
Wrestling buddies
Entertainment needed

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 31st 2018

It is coming down to our last full day at the resort and we had nothing planned for the day. The kids actually slept in so we had an easy breakfast and Steve and the kids headed down to the beach for a while. The water was really cold and Rosie was not in the mood for it. She had been very much into her Mama for most of the trip, and didn’t get happy until Tory joined at the beach. Her favorite part of the morning was playing at the beach showers. Nathan would push the button to spray for her and run in circles splashing in the puddles, as Rosie shrieked with delight. Nathan and Steve spent a long time in the pool while Rosie napped, as Nathan has become in love with the ... read more
Someone loves sprayers
Happy guys
Ahhhhhh water!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 30th 2018

Tory was up with kids and was gracious to let Steve sleep in until 7. We then headed out for a place called Gazebos in Napili Beach for special macadamias nut pancakes. When we got there, the wait was over an hour, so we left and drove through Kapalua briefly to see the famous golf courses. We ended up at a fun pancakes place called “Slappy Cakes,” where you can make your own pancakes at your table if you want. Nathan also enjoyed playing the toy trucks in the waiting area. Everything tasted great, Steve’s chocolate chip pancakes and Tory and Sue’s banana macadamien nut, too. We headed back for Rosie’s nap and then decided what we wanted to do the rest of the day. Nathan had been playing all week with his tiny trucks inside ... read more
Strike a pose RoRo
Such a happy boy
Truck boy

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