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4 miles west of Lucerne Valley, 14-10-2002. I've set up camp on the balconey of an old abandoned house whose walls are covered with pornographic homosexual graffity...who cares about graffity when I can spend the night here for free? Saying goodbey to Deborah this morning I cycled 71 miles today mostly through flat desert country side, low chaparral bushes on both sides of the road, Joshua Trees slowly dwindling in abundance the further away I got from the park. Hardly any overtaking traffic. Even the temperature was on my side today. The only setback of the day an embarrasing situation: I was sitting stark naked on my sleeping bag here on the balconey and in the process of sacrifising some of my precious water washing the sweat off my body with a piece of cloth when ... read more

29 Palms, 13-10-2002. I wake up to a soft snoring, in the light of an early morning sun coming through small windows I discern a dark skinned female body next to me. Obviously the origin of the soft snoring. i try to figure out where I''m and how I ended up here...wherever here is, clearly it's not my 25 bucks room at the Hill View Motel...this place looks quite different, no big TV, nor fridge or coffee maschine, just a very small place with rubbish thrown all around the one-person cot I share with this dark skinned lady that is still snoring softly at my side. Small rounded windows...I'm coming to the conclusion I'm in a mini-van and with that realisation my memories of last night slowly emerge through the foggy sleep still inside my skull. ... read more

29 Palms, just outside Joshua Tree National Park North Entrance, 12-10-2002. Light blue eyes set in a roundish red face with a thin blond reclining hair, layers of fat around his mid section clearly showing under the loose red T-shirt, dark patches of sweat under his armpits. THis elderly bloke, I guess him to be in his middle 60s, is the receptionist of the Hill View Hotel. His girlfriend is a short rotund yaqui indian woman somewhere in her late 40s driving around the motel's back yard in a trolley full with cleaning equipment her raven black long hair waving behind her, going from bungalow to bungalow to clean those that have been vacated, really quite a funny sight somehow. For 25 bucks a night I've a bungalow annex balconey to sit on at night, with ... read more

Joshua Tree National Park, on the way to Hidden Valley Campground, 11-10-2002. My neighbors, the elderly french couple in a hired mobile home, are still deep asleep when I leave the campground. It's very early in the morning with a silver line at the horizon showing the first rays of sun, the beginning of a new day filtering through the oustreched arms of the distinctive and omni-present Joshua Trees while I slowly cycle north leaving the hills behind and down to a massive plateau. A blueish early morning mist is hanging across the plateau giving the place a magical touch. The park might be a transition area between the Low and the High Desert but is nonetheless full with life. Travelling the world on a crappy old and overloaded bicycle I produce hardly any sounds unlike ... read more

Joshua Tree National Park, south entrance campground, 11-10-2002, one o'clock in the morning. The Box Canyon Road was hilly and I was cycling through an eery but at the same time, magnificent landscape with huge granite boulders weirdly shaped all around me, plenty of Joshua Trees and animal life a-plenty. Small packs of coyotes hunting quick footed marmots, the screams of a peregrine falcon high up in the sky and an army of scorpions on both sides of the road. No signs of human presence though, no cars or trucks overtaking me, no houses or sheds, no agriculture or man-made structures. By the time I fianlly reached the south entrance of the park it was getting dark and by the time I reached the campground I had to pitch my tent in near darkness. I'm sitting ... read more

On the way to Joshua Tree National Park, 10-10-2002. I wake up early to the noicy Quack Quack of snow geese that have invaded the campground. With the stale taste of californian red wine in my mouth and still half asleep I stick my head out of my little tent seeing these fat birds all around my tent and these old caravans that house a small colony of alternative hippies. Investigating goose beaks snap at anything that might be edible but the enormous bowl of spagetti bolognese on an old camping table, from last night has got a sturdy lid and while I eat cold italian spagetti for breakfast helping myself to a huge glass of wine from a half empty bottle, I contemplate last night's party. Most of these friendly old hippies have never been ... read more

Nachdem in den USA erst in der Nacht auf heute die Sommerzeit umgestellt wurde, haben wir letzte Woche (in Oesterreich) und heute (in den USA) eine Stunde dazu geschenkt bekommen - muessen wir dann naechsten Fruehjahr die Uhren um zwei Stunden nach vorne stellen? Oder erst, wenn wir wieder einmal nach Amerika fliegen? Fragen ueber Fragen, aber genug der Philosophie, wir muessen ja raus - on the road again! Heute ist der Joshua Tree National Park an der Reihe. Wir befinden uns ja hier schon in der Wuestengegend, aber nachdem es schon Herbst ist, ist es eigentlich recht angenehm - in der Sonne schoen warm und wenn der Wind geht, fast schon etwas kuehl - im Sommer waere es hier wohl kaum auszuhalten. Zu sehen gibt es hier vor allem zwei Dinge: die Joshua Trees und ... read more
Joshua Tree

USA, Salton Sea, Bombay Beach, 09-10-2002. I left the scarcely dressed ladies in front of my hotel alone last night and, after finishing up my six pack of Tecate beer, went to a nearby bar for a last Caguama - what the mexicans call a one-liter bottle of beer - before going to bed early and sleeping peacefully and undisturbed untill 09.00 h. in the morning.. Leaving Prostitute City - as I've nicknamed Mexicali - and crossing the border back into the USA presented me pas de problem. It's early afternoon now and a strong and dry sun is beaming down at me with a full 38 centrigrate strengh. On my right through the shimmering in the air caused by the intense heat I can discern the Chocolate Mountains and on my right the Salton Sea ... read more

Wednesday, June 4th - Official Arrival It's 11:30am at the Palm Springs airport... do you know where your mini-van is??? Ok, so it took a bit of time to get the actual car; but it was S-w-e-e-t! (HMV = Hot Mama Vehicle!) We were able to eat a very messy burger at Carl's Jr's, check into the Condo, and be out pool-side by 2:30pm that afternoon! Wahoo! Let the adventures begin!! We managed to get up fairly early on Thursday, pack the car with PB&J sandwhiches and plenty of water, lather ourselves with TONS of suntan lotion, and head off 49 miles NE to Joshua Tree National Park. The weather forecast predicted it to be the coolest day of the week... I bet it was 100+ degrees. (It was actually tolerable in the shady areas of ... read more
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A strip of Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park is an area with very little water, scorching sun, blowing sand, beautiful spring flowers at this time of the year and a profusion of boulders pilled up in curious ways resembling toy blocks in a gigantic, sandy playground. Despite its harsh conditions, though sparsely, desert-dwellers thrive in this habitat: several types of birds, jackrabbits, lizards, squirrels, rats, snakes, some curious beetles that do a 'headstand' when threatened, besides other animals such as foxes, iguanas, desert tortoises, bighorn sheep and the greater roadrunner - a strong bird that moves fast and captures lizards and rattlesnakes (it inspired the cartoon character Bip-Bip, remember?) Obviously this desert is famous for the gracious, strange-looking species of yucca which seemed to stretch their branches to show the pioneers what directions to take ... read more
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