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"Watch out for those Mohave Greens; there's no antidote in the region for them. They'll have to fly you out if you get bitten. But those rare Mohave Reds are even worse. You won't miss their bite." I was walking slowly and cautiously through the landscape of Lucerne Valley. I could distinguish between 4 or 5 different plants in the area outside of the Sage and the angular Joshua Trees. One little bush was blooming white and each flower had it's own little beetle in it engorging itself nectar. This land is filled with harshness and fear where people avoid looking each other in the eye, yet no one seems to have trouble looking into the television. I've been lucky to make it this far, as the locals are damn tough, and don't pick up my ... read more

First and foremost, I am alive. Barely, of course, but I am here right now in 29 Palms, CA. I have been on the road for only 4 days now and have put in 100 miles. Not a good average. Let me begin... Every year about 20,000 lesbians descend upon the town of Palm Springs for the "Dinah Shore" weekend, which ostensibly started out as a lesbo party associated with an LPGA golf tournament (the "L" in LPGA can be apparently be read as "Ladies" or "Lesbian", apparently). Regardless, the Dinah Shore weekend is definitely not about golf anymore, and it's "not just a weekend" either. And so it goes that the two women I rode down with from Eugene were "coming down" to experience the Dinah Shore series of events, everything from daily pool parties ... read more

climbing in J-tree is very fun! more photos ... read more
starwars wall
scott climbing

09 & 10th October 2007 Los Angeles to Las Vegas via Twentynine Palms Having completely tired ourselves out trouping around LA , we felt fully prepared to take on the enormity of freeway traffic. We were collected from Santa Monica by the world’s largest taxi and deposited at the Thrifty car depot by LAX mid morning. For no apparent reason (save possibly cute kiwi accents and smiles) we were upgraded 4 car sizes from a lowly Kia Hatchback to an enormous Dodge Avenger (somewhat like a Holden Commodore for you antipodeans). After an hour driving around LA’s sprawl to collect supplies and figure out the GPS system we launched forth onto the Freeway system towards the Mojave Desert, and it was at this point we discovered just how essential a large car is when you are ... read more
Jumbo rocks view point
Spot the Kiwi
Desert rocks

Untitled I'm just testing out my travel blog to see if I can figure out how to post photos and a map and to see if people will receive an alert when I post to it. James and I visited Joshua Tree National Park yesterday. It's been so dry here in California, just 2 inches of rain this year, so there was no water in site, but most of the trees still looked pretty good. As we entered the park I asked James, "where are the trees"? To which he replied, "those are the trees" and I said "oh, I thought those were Yuccas". One and the same folks. We were fortunate enough to see a bobcat at our lunch stop and many cool rocks. We took the "geology road" and continued on it for what ... read more

Joshua Tree National ParkDave B 2/28/07 I got up around 7 and got organized to get back on the road. I had a quick bowl of cereal and some Chai Tea. Terri was busy that day so I needed to try and stay out of her way. I left around 8:30. As I drove from her place I saw another plane fly low into the City. I loved watching the planes do that, so I tried to find a place that really showed the planes height in relation to the San Diego skyline. I drove around the neighborhood looking for the right angle. On the tops of these hills the streets are very confusing as they are placed essentially wherever they can be placed and not in a grid patter per se. As a result there ... read more
Joshua Tree Campsite
Park Entry Sign
Mecca for Rock Climbing

It is really lucky for the park service that there happens to be SSSOOOO many Joshua Trees in the park. The place is just full of em. One of the things we REALLY liked about that particular national park is it costs $5 dollars to camp there. FIVE DOLLARS! that's our kind of camping. Grand Canyon is almost thirty a night. Anyways, there was many things we loved about Joshua Tree. We went on a day hike through the Hidden Valley, which is lined with these fantastic rock formations. Turns out Joshua Tree is a huge rock climber destination, and it's clear to see why. Brandi and I would often leave the path to climb in, on, or around the rocks. It was a more hands-on kind of hike, and a lot of fun. The landscape ... read more
Yucca trees

Yesterday the weather just switched to summer - we drove East up highway 10 towards the desert. What fun it is driving this Mustang with the roof down - although it doesn’t do very much for my hair!! We arrived in Pioneer Town around 2.00 p.m booked into Gene Autry’s old room- what fun !! This town was originally a Cowboy movie set and has been kept alive for tourism. Took loads of photo’s and then went for a beer in the Saloon. Off for dinner tonight at Pappy and Harriet’s with a live band. Just a few hours to polish up on our line dancing!! It’s amazing how many odd looking critters we have seen here in the desert - road runners, jack rabbits, turkeys, ………… Today started the day with a sunshine breakfast in ... read more
Kate in Pioneertown
Pioneertown at sunset
In Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park

To get to the Joshua Tree National Park we drove past some interesting (to say the least) towns with names like Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms. Could it have something to do with basically the only vegetation out there higher than 5 feet being varieties of the Yucca lily (yes, it's not a palm tree at all...)? In Twentynine Palms (which hosts a massive military base and seems to be the reason the town is around at all) we were told that coyotes would come up to the car and beg for food, so we looked, and looked, and looked... D saw a tail and a stripy behind, and that was it... The only other interesting fauna we saw was a black-tailed jackrabbit. The park, which is part of the Mojave Desert, is enourmous. You could ... read more
Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Those trees are indeed Joshua Trees. Just when i thought it was impossible for my trip to keep on getting better and better, it goes and does just that. For the last 3 glorious days i've been having a fantastic time in Joshua Tree National Park, 9 hours drive south from San Francisco (many many thanks to Uncle Nick for the driving - about 1100miles in all). In short Joshua Tree is not just a slightly overrated U2 album (oooo risky comment), it's an area of desert east of Los Angleles 558,000 acres big. It's one of 380 US National Parks. It's littered with amazing granite rock formations, cacti, Joshua Trees, sand and general dryness. After the mammoth drive down form San Fran on Monday we arrived at the Jumbo Rocks campground around midnight, pitched up ... read more
Climbing Hidden Valley
Climbing Hidden Valley 2
Joshua Tree National Park

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