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Photos from this day at Joshua Tree & Lake Pleasant We saw no reason to get up too early on this day because we didn't want to get to Phoenix too early and didn't expect to reach Tucson until well after dark. After the complimentary breakfast at the hotel we finally made it to the park. The plan was if anyone saw something to shoot they would flash headlights and pull over. After driving almost 5 full minutes in the park and after we passed by several spots that I thought we could shoot, the Edge finally pulled over. Jakub said, "Hope you don't mind. I'll be quick" as he pointed his lens at a posing Joshua tree. He saw that I was already rushing into the scene winking a What-took-you-so-long look in his direction. After ... read more
Joshua trees
@ Lake Pleasant
Chasing the moon

Photos from this day in Joshua Tree We arose early enough to get to the Pinto Basin when the light first appeared in the park. Our target was the Cholla Gardens to capture some backlit teddy bear plants. When we finally got to the parking lot there was a sign telling us the area was closed. We knew there was somewhere in the park where road repair was taking place and 30-minute delays were said to be expected. It was too early for road construction so Jakub noticed a ditch on the other side of the road that didn't have a No-Parking sign, and I was happy to see we were going to shoot first and answer questions later. These spiny cacti seem to shoot needles that stick to every part of your clothing, including boots, ... read more
Cholla Garden
Nasty Needles
Flowering cactus

Photos from this day in Joshua Tree This trip was centered around spring break because that was when our friends Jakub and Yvonne Jasinski were going to be available. From the beginning Jakub dubbed it our CAAZ trip because it started and ended in California and mixed in a few good Arizona days along the way. We all left on the same day, but they departed from Philadelphia and we flew out of our local airport. The Jasinskis flew into San Diego and made their way to Yucca Valley, stopping for the first day and night at Anza-Borrega. Barb & I landed in Palm Springs and headed north to Yucca Valley, making a note to photograph the thousands of wind turbines just outside of town when we returned on our last day. ... read more
Outstanding Standout
Rock Rest
Roadside Attraction

Wednesday, May 09, 2012 I have not been writing in my journal. I have really not had the time. I thought this trip would have a lot of down time but Debi and I are up with the sun and eat dinner well after the sun goes down. We both just can not get enough of the magical places we are visiting. Well to up date: We left Yucca Valley early on Sunday after doing laundry and getting restocked. The campground was only 6 miles from where we were staying. We stayed at Black Rock Canyon campground. Our campsite was perfect, completely isolated and with views of the canyon and desert from every window and opening of the tent trailer. Yes, Joshua Trees National Park does have Joshua trees. They range from thick forests to isolated ... read more
Granite formations
Jashua Tree at Sunrise
Blooming Yucca

So i set off with friends by road from San Francisco heading down the highway to Joshua Tree. Stopped at the ghost town of Calico on the way, arriving just in time for the sunset. We then continued further down, so total of 8hrs driving until we got to our travel lodge in Joshua Tree. For those looking for a pleasant budget hotel, this one on 29 palms avenue was definitely to be recommended! Hot tub, large rooms, bathroom, all the goodies and a hot tub and gym!!!! Not bad for 25 dollars per person a night! Next day we spent the day exploring the wonderland of boulders and amazing scenery in and around Joshua Tree National park. We even saw the San Andreas fault from a view point and down onto the Coachella Valley and ... read more

We visited Jeff's parents at their Palm Desert home over Christmas in 2011, and we spent a day at Joshua Tree National Park driving through this rather large national park. Starting out at Cottonwood, we then went to the Cholla Cactus Garden, Jumbo Rocks, Keys View and Hidden Valley before existing into the Yucca Valley and heading back to Palm Desert via the Morongo Valley. I've labeled the photos to the best of my recollection. Enjoy!... read more
En route to Cholla Cactus Garden
En route to Cholla Cactus Garden
En route to Cholla Cactus Garden

It was crazy driving on the big Freeways out of LA and visiting the huge Walmart for the first time where we stocked up on camping supplies and food; it was difficult to find anything in a small size! We arrived at Joshua Tree National Park late and after finding a camp site at Hidden Valley we went on a little walk at Barker Dam before tea; the camp site was lovely and we had a nice chilled night. In the morning we woke really early; you don’t have much choice as the sun rises early and we had an un-comfortable night’s sleep. It was a good thing as we wanted to go on a walk to the Lost Horse Mine and so did it before the sun got too hot. Another great walk with stunning ... read more
Cactus bigger than Dim!!
Old Saloon
Yo Dude..

Ostersonntag gab es Besuch von saemtlichen Teilen von Chris Verwandtschaft, inklusive Hunde und Kindern. Mir wurde die Ehre zu Teil, Ostereier verstecken zu duerfen. Es gab kaltes Buffet und den ganzen Tag lang Trubel. Mit von der Partie war auch Tom, der schon in meiner Muencher Wohnung uebernachtet hat, als er in Deutschland war und seine Freundin Samira. Am Montag ging es mit dem naechsten Mietwagen zum Klettern in der Naehe von Malibu Beach, in den Santa Monica Mountains. Nach einigen eher mittelmaessigen Aufwaermtouren gelang mir eine 5.11a onsight. Dummerweise stuerzte ich beim dritten Versuch in einer wunderschoenen, 30 Meter langen 5.11d danach drei Zuege vor dem Anker. Nach einem Abendburrito bei Chipotle tranken wir noch bei Ryan, einem Kumpel von Chris eines seiner gruseligen, selbstgebrauten Bier. Nachdem Chris ein Telefoninterview mit einem potentiellen Arbeitgeber absolvi ... read more
Toni, Rylan und Chris
Guns and roller skates
Ostereiersuchen mit der grossen Familie Wecklich

Going it alone Joshua Tree After such a long drive to Twenty-nine Palms on Good Friday, I took it easy on the Saturday. I was very relaxed and happy – even though I again had to share the breakfast room with families. Spring break seems to go on for ever in the USA. Some schools had their Spring Break about a month ago, but all the Christain faith schools are apparently having theirs at Easter. I loaded my cooler with bottles of water, my lunch and snacks – all this photography is thirsty and hungry work. It was about 11 when I got to Joshua Tree Park. The visitor centre was, as they always are, a mine of useful information. The ranger was really lovely, telling me exactly where to go for spring blooms, Joshua Trees ... read more
vlh230411 JT02 Cactus and Spring Flowers
vlh 230411 JT03 cactus in flower
vlh 230411 JT04 spring flowers

Life is full of surprises. Some good, some bad. Joshua Tree National Park was a good surprise. We had planned to spend two or three nights, but ended up staying eight nights. There are two distinct areas, as the park includes both the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert. We spent half our time camped in each. The Mojave section of the park is where the Joshua Trees are located. They are strange and other worldly. They are fascinating to look at, as each one is different. I tried to imagine traveling in this area before roads, compasses, GPS and road signs. Giving directions would be different with needing to rely on distinctive rocks, mountains, plants, etc. In other climates a fun thing to do is to see objects in the shape of the clouds. Here ... read more
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree Forest

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