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By Melisse. On our way from Tucson to Sebastopol we stopped to enjoy one of our favorite spots again, Joshua Tree. We had hoped to spend several days there but due to Ruby’s repairs we had time to spend only one night and the adjacent afternoon and morning. Instant Fun! While meandering through the desert to go scramble over some rocks we came upon an expansive area that was strewn with images people had made from carefully placed stones. Our first encounter was with a stone spiral, which lured us in like a meditation labyrinth. We walked the circular path into its center and back out, while Quito stood by quite perplexed. It was fun discovering the “petroglyphs”, one by one, as we wondered (wandered?) over the terrain. Of course, we gathered up some stones to ... read more
Stone Spiral
Stone Spiral
A Gal and Her Dog

By Melisse. Boulders piled high, precariously balanced, rounded sensuous forms, textured perfectly for traction. A playground extraordinaire, picking our way, scaling rock faces, up and down. Quito bounds from top to rock top. Testing limits while staying safe. Joshua trees, unique to the area, cartoon-like in form, spike the crystal blue or moody sky. Creosote, Jojoba, cholla, acacia, yucca, prickly pear and more, all adapted to desert clime, with reduced leaves, green bark. Spectacular prickly beauty. Snuggly cocooned in comfy tent, wind whipping fiercely throughout the chilly desert night. Sleet pelting in early morning light. Equipped with camping essentials-shelter, food, water, clothes, wood, and friendship. ... read more
Happy Quito
Sensuous Forms
Beautiful Landscape

Monday 19th October to Friday 20th November, 2009. As the warmth of Summer, in the main part due to an Autumn that never existed steamrollered headlong into Winter bringing with it the first rains and sub seventy degree temperatures since February memories of my September visitors had faded to the point where it almost felt as though they’d never even been here. Having splashed out a small fortune on a Ski Pass and committed a further two hundred bucks a month to stake a claim to five square feet of floor space in a dingy Motel Room it seemed a safe bet to assume that a fair percentage of my coming winter weekends were going to be spent on the snowy slopes of Mammoth Mountain. Bearing this in mind whilst awaiting the first substantially snowy dump ... read more
Hitchhiker's Guide .........
Hitchhikers Guide ........
Hitchhikers Guide ........

Zo de vierde dag alweer, gelukkig nog ruim 14 te gaan. Vanochtend 6:45 wakker geworden met een ochtendhumeur dus het tijdsverschil begint nihil te worden. Lekker een normaal broodje met kaas gegeten de auto weer ingepakt de tomtom weer ingesteld en rijden maar. Na een paar minuten staan we bij de ingang van het Joshua tree national park. Meteen een parkkaart gekocht waar we alle parken mee in kunnen. Deze kost 80 dollar en zal uiteindelijk ervoor moeten zorgen dat we goedkoper uit zijn dan 1way tickets. De temperatuur is nog aangenaam 83graden Fahrenheit. Het park is indrukwekkend en dor tegelijk. Er groeit ook bijna niets anders dan de Joshua bomen en een paar struiken die er moeite mee hebben. Behoorlijk levenloos dus. Ook dieren zijn er nauwenlijks te zien. Het enige wat wij gezien hebben ... read more
VakantieAmerika2009 192
VakantieAmerika2009 193
VakantieAmerika2009 194

Normally I look forward to the free "all you can eat" breakfast in hotels, but there was absolutely nothing to look forward to for our 5th breakfast at The Holiday Inn Express. The only remotely healthy choice was Raisen Bran (already with sugar) and scrambled powdered egg on toast. Even the orange "juice" was cordial. Uggh! Not that there was much else to choose from - the fried bacon and iced pastries particular standouts - so it was the _same_ breakfast every day. Well, almost, I did have a cold boiled egg once or twice. Leaving LA was a bit of an ordeal, with the merging, branching and criss-crossing freeways still confusing even with a GPS. But eventually we cleared the city limits onto country roads and settled back for a much more relaxed drive than ... read more

29th April 2009. Joshua Tree National Park Left Riverside this am and travelled to Joshua Tree National Park via Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twenty Nine Palms. JT is the 15th Largest National Park in USA and is part of the Mojave desert. In the National Park there is only Freedom Camping so conservation on everything is a must. We camped at Jumbo Rocks, an area of huge rock formations, formed by volcanic eruptions and erosion, have a look at the photos and tell us what you see, there are many formations. Vegetation is sparse but some amazing colours in the flowering cacti Saw Squirrels, Jack Rabbits (hares), rabbits, lizards, a rattle snake which reared up and nearly had a go at a cyclist riding by. We got to see the Big Horn sheep which is ... read more
29 April Riverside CP, 30 April Joshua Tree NP 003
29 April Riverside CP, 30 April Joshua Tree NP 004
29 April Riverside CP, 30 April Joshua Tree NP 005

30th April 2009 This morning it is cold in the desert, about 12c Went for a guided tour of the Keys ranch with a ranger. You would not believe how these people lived right up into the 1960's, talk about primitive. The thing that got me the most though is that nothing rusts - less than 20% hunidity year round and only 5 inches of rain over the past two years (not a lot of moisture). The steel is as good as the day it was made, paint has been cooked off and the steel has gone brown, but no rust. The old truck in the photo was last used in 1940, but last year with a change of oil, spark plugs which were found lying in the junk and fuel lines blown out, she started ... read more
29thApril Joshua Tree NP night 003
29thApril Joshua Tree NP night 004
29thApril Joshua Tree NP night 006

Today we had a relaxing day at the Joshua Tree National Park. The park is located in southeastern California. A large part of the park is designated to wilderness area; some 2,367 km². Straddling the San Bernardino County/Riverside County border, the park includes parts of two deserts, each an ecosystem whose characteristics are determined primarily by elevation. Below 3,000 feet the Colorado Desert encompasses the eastern part of the park and features natural gardens. The Little San Bernardino Mountains run through the southwest edge of the park. Its not that far from LA so we won’t have to rush to return the car by midday, all part of the plan. We entered the park from the southern entrance and proceeded to drive north through the park. Our first stop was of course the visitor centre to ... read more
Teddy Bear Cactus
Stephen toying with danger.
A Joshua Tree

I left Ehrenberg, Arizona and travelled west to Indio, California. Only about 100 miles, but it was drizzly rain and I had just cleaned the motor home and car. Ugh! Although Indio is in the Coachella Valley which is still in the Sonoran Desert it is quite lush around here compared to Quartzsite. The area is surrounded by mountains and fortunately for me since I have been here we have had two cold fronts come through that have covered the mountain tops with snow making everything even more picturesque. The park here is really lovely; the swimming pool is heated so I have been able to swim most days. The grounds folks do a wonderful job; the bougainvillea and amaryllis are spectacular. There are three hummingbird feeders on the patio that are always in use by ... read more
Mountains in background
Early Morning
Joshua Tree

Just wanted to share a few pictures from my recent solo day hike into Joshua Tree National Park. If there's anyone out there who is in the area of Joshua Tree and is interested in a Hiking partner let me know b/c i'm having a tough time find people.... read more

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