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North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 6th 2011

White Pocket was a suggestion given to me by an avid area hiker. I have never seen it on any map and it is pretty tough to find any information on it online. The weather here is getting pretty crappy and there is snow predicted for this afternoon and into tomorrow; chances are good that I am not going to be hiking to the Wave. Could this be the next best thing? After the hike up Angels Landing I didn’t have much to lose, I’d already done something pretty amazing with my day. Plus this guy had told me that he likes this one better than the Wave, that was right before he gave me the directions. Which went something like this: “Take that same Houserock Valley Road past the Wirepass Trailhead stop, and look for ... read more
Photo op
Showing the colors
Piece of White Pocket

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 22nd 2011

Just a day for fun in the sun. We donned our swimsuits, rented a speed boat, packed a lunch and took off to cruise Lake Powell! What a great time! Pulled up to a small beach and had our lunch, then everyone water skied or at least tried to. We spent the rest of the afternoon gawking at the surroundings and wishing we had more time here. After a well needed shower, got on the cycle (Greg M. notice we really do ride the cycle.) and went to Page, the nearest town, loaded up on groceries and hit the road to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.On the way there, we saw some of the reddest rock formations on Rt 59 and 89. Even got out on a very dark highway to look at the ... read more
Lake Powell Dam
LakePowell with Dam in distance
Two friends chatting

North America » United States » Arizona » Page April 11th 2011

Vrijdag 8 april Vandaag verlaten we Nevada en Las Vegas. Het is een beetje somber weer en aardig afgekoeld, nog maar een graad of 14. Na een half uurtje bereiken we de Virgin Gorge, hier veranderen de rotsen ineens naar prachtig rood, zijn we in Utah en is het ineens een uur later (mountain time) en begint het ook nog eens lichtjes te sneeuwen met uiteraard dalende temperatuur erbij! Ons eerste doel is Zion Canyon, een NP in Utah. We zetten onze auto neer bij het bezoekcentrum en nemen de shuttlebus het park in. We stappen uit bij een mooi uitzicht punt op 3 bergtoppen: Abraham, Izaäk en Jacob (we zijn in het land van de Mormonen, vandaar de bijbelse namen) De zon is even gaan schijnen en de sneeuw valt van de bomen (ja ... read more
Een pak sneeuw in mijn nek.
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page March 31st 2011

We had two great adventures in Page , Arizona, and wanted to share. There are lots of pictures which is always best. Ron's sister, Carlene, invited us along on a trip that she was taking with friends Lee, Holly and Wayne - from Alpena. We met them in Page and started right in trying the top rated restaurants in the area. The two favorites were Bonker's and Fiesta Mexicana - for anyone heading that way. Our first trip was to the Glen Canyon Dam to board a raft for a float trip down the Colorado River. We had a great weather day for our 3 hours on the river. The current did most of the work with an occasional use of motor power from the guide. The canyon is in the Vermillion Cliffs area and was ... read more
Glen Canyon from the top
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page March 9th 2011

I said slot canyon, not slot machines! A slot canyon is formed by the wear of water rushing through rock. A slot canyon is significantly deeper than it is wide. Some slot canyons measure less than 3 meters across at the top, but drop more than 30 meters (100 feet) to the canyon floor. Most slot canyons are formed by sandstone and limestone rock, although granite and basalt canyons are also found. But only a small number of creeks will form slot canyons due to the combination of the characteristics of the rock and the regional rainfall. The largest known slot canyons are in Australia, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. The majority are in the Wollemi Wilderness and are difficult to access. In the United States, the largest concentration of slot canyons are in ... read more
Antelope Canyon 104
Antelope Canyon 107
Antelope Canyon 109

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 21st 2010

Day 3 – Page, Arizona - November 21, 2010 We went to the Glen Canyon Dam this morning. The Glen Canyon Dam is the second largest dam on the Colorado River at Page, Arizona. The dam's main purpose includes generating electrical power, storing water for the arid southwestern United States, and providing water recreation opportunities. Later in the morning we went on a tour of Antelope Canyon. It had rained during the night and it also drizzled in the morning so we thought perhaps our tour would be cancelled, but it wasn’t. It was fabulous! The pictures I posted are from inside the canyon. The lines on the canyon walls were formed by wind and water. After our Antelope Canyon tour we headed to Williams, AZ. Traveling on Rt 89 we experienced a sand storm, snow, ... read more
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Bridge
Entrance to Antelope Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 2nd 2010

So today we tour the Antelope Slot Canyon. Slot - because that is what they are. There are 2 - ann upper and a lower. We settle on an upper with a couple of hundred others. The lower is accessible only from the top and you need to climb down various ladders to get in. The upper is more accessible as you walk straight in. There is not much room in either of them, and we suffer two compromises - it is the wrong time of the year for the sun to ignite the colours properly and we have too many friends joining us. For all of that, we managed some reasonable shots that show off the colours somewhat. There are many tour çompanies that lead these tours and we chose one that is headed by ... read more
Photo 24

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 21st 2010

After our visit to the Grand Canyon, we put Kanab Utah in our review mirror and headed east to Page, Arizona, where we stayed a couple of nights at the Wahweap Campground on the shore of Lake Powell. Our mission was to find Antelope; Antelope Canyon that is. AC is described as one of the most breathtaking and tranquil places on earth. Gently carved from the Navajo sandstone over the course of countless millenniums, the slot canyons are majestic and narrow passages, just enough space for a small group to walk the sandy floor - and for the occasional shafts of sunlight to shine down from above. Antelope Canyon is really two separate canyons - Upper and Lower Antelope. Each contains the hidden "slots" carved from the swirling sandstone, and both drain from the south into ... read more
Antelope Canyon 19
Antelope Canyon 20
Antelope Canyon 22

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 13th 2009

Am ersten Tag in Page starten mit einem eher bescheidenen Frühstück, dass es zudem nur bis um 09:00 Uhr gibt. Nun ja, da wir da eh schon wach sind können wir auch gleich starten. Es geht 18 Milen von Page entfernt auf einer kleinen Schotterstraße bis zu einem Parkplatz, unser Ziel das Valley of the White Ghosts... Wir finden auch recht schnell ein Schild, dass unseren Trailbegin besagt. Ok, soweit so gut. Im Internet gab es Wegbeschreibungen, die die ganze Sache als etwas versteckt und schwierig zu finden darstellt. Naja wir haben ja das Schild und eine aus dem Internet ausgedruckte Karte. Ok, wir steigen, wie in der Beschreibung vorgegeben und auch durch ein kleines Schild makiert in den Wash (ausgetrocknetes Flußbett) hinab und folgen diesem. Wir kommen ziemlich schnell an einen Kreuzung, an der es ... read more
Ein Hoodoo
Wir vor dem "schönsten" Ghost, Wahweep Creek Hoodoos
ein bisschen Schatten? PAUSE bitte!!!

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 1st 2009

Hallo allemaal, hier weer even een kleine update!!! Twee dagen geleden zijn we van het mooie monument valley richting het noorden naar Page gereden. Dit is een klein stadje gelegen aan het bijzondere Lake Powell. Dat is het een na grootste kunstmatige 'meer' ter wereld. Iets van 300 km lang ofzo. Al met al is dit een enorm recreatie gebied waar je boottochtjes kunt maken, zelf boten kunt huren, uiteraard hiken, of lekker luieren / zwemmen. Wij waren te laat om deel te nemen aan een boottocht, en het zelf huren van een boot (een zogenaamde 'power boat') bleek niet te betalen. 500 Dollar voor een dag exclusief brandstof... Niet te doen voor een paar uurtjes dus. Na wat gehannes, wat heen en weer rijden naar diverse plekken aan het meer, en veel kaart lezen, besloten ... read more
Trading post
Lunch bij de KFC
Ze hebben daar geen patat maar 'wedges'!!! (8=··

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