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Travel Pulse says these are among twenty underrated U.S. cities. These are the ones I have visited, by hook or by crook (that means on business not leisure). St. Louis The best part of St. Louis is the area called, "The Hill" or the Italian neighborhood. It is filled with great family style restaurants. My personal favorite is Cunetto's House of Pasta. When we (as a work group)went, which was often, we always told them it was someone's birthday. Why? Free dessert, usually an Italian cake or Cannolis. The Central West End was also a great dining destination. Forest Park is one of the better inner city parks. And the downtown area with the Gateway Arch and the baseball stadium is always busy. Flagstaff Northern Arizona is vastly underrated. It is close to several great attractions, ... read more
Bandon beach
Downtown Big Fork

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About fifteen years ago the National Park Service changed the name of Toroweap to Tuweap. Keep in mind that all the signs to guide you there are BLM Toroweap signs. I consider this the best overlook of the Grand Canyon cuz it is the narrow section of the canyon (about 500 feet wide gorge and 3000 feet down). This is where Evil Knevil wanted to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle long ago. Evil (Robert) Knevil got a permit to jump from the Hualapai Tribal Authority, but could not get a permit from the Park Service. From Fredonia, Arizona I drove West on Arizona Hwy 389 and entered the Kaibab-Paiute Indian Reservation and turned South on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Toroweap road mostly crossing Antelope Canyon. (About sixty five miles total to Toroweap ... read more
BLM, Toroweap warning sign
BLM, Toroweap warning sign
BLM, Toroweap Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 13th 2019

Waking up to another Blue bird day, we headed to Page, AZ. This was another long travel day. As we left the Moab area, the topography changed markedly. The cliffs and buttes gave way to immense prairies and rolling hills, with the mountains far off in the distance. Lots of cattle ranching in this area. After miles of this scenery, we finally approached Monument Valley. This is an Apache Tribal park, and displays a first hand look at one of the most tremendous natural structures created by erosion. The absorbant sandstone holds underground aquifers which give moisture to crops and adequate grazing for livestock. The Navajo reservation covers one third of the 130,000 square mile Colorado plateau. After checking out the visitor's center and talking to the photo-op Indian at the overlook, we headed out for ... read more
South of Moab

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To blog or not to blog. I’ve gone back and forth about blogging. My first blog was a daily journal on our 5 month trip to Alaska. It’s a real big commitment to do a blog/journal. We found that our family loved it and many of our friends. I’m not a confident or accomplished writer so I’m bashful about writing. I’ve written for business most of my life and never enjoyed it. But my Alaska blog was so different and I found I really enjoyed it and simply didn’t really care about being so under pressure to be correct, sort of a take it or leave it attitude. My husband, a much better writer, enjoyed my writing and we both realized how quickly we forgot about parts of our trip. The blog became an amazing memory ... read more
Lake Powell from near our campsite.
More views at sunset of Lake Powell
Storms still rolling in from the West

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We are behind in our blog entries but many folks have been asking about Antelope Canyon so I wanted to at least provide cliff notes while fresh. With Siena being a couple months old and waiting for her passport to arrive, we decided to take advantage of one of the wonders of AZ. We stopped in Flagstaff on the way up and back to break up the trip which worked well for us. With Brookston being 3 years old, he has about a two hour limit in the car and we love Flagstaff. We found a great restaurant (Nomads Global Lounge) with delicious food where we could eat outside by a fire and watch trains go by. Antelope Canyon is in Page, which is just under two hours from Flagstaff (or at least is when Shane ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page March 16th 2018

Our neighboring state gets unwanted attention for their views on Hispanics, immigration, and baseball. But Arizona remains one of my favorite states, both for its natural beauty, Spring Training baseball, fabulous golf courses, Tex-Mex food, and its overall southwestern vibe. I just try to forget the politics, and enjoy the best of the southwest. Did you know that it takes over a hundred years to grow an arm of a Saguaro cactus in areas of low precipitation? The age of the Saguaro is determined by its height. There is more than a billion years of rock exposed at the Grand Canyon. Our country's first margarita came courtesy of Arizona, where first barrel of tequila came out in 1936 form Nogales. Likewise, the chimichanga was invented here. Arizona has 13 species of rattlesnakes. Taste like chicken if ... read more
The famous Wave
I love Route 66 AZ
New Salt River baseball complex

North America » United States » Arizona » Page October 20th 2017

Blog 10-20-17 Antelope Canyon The alarm went off at 6:15am and I was excited to get up. Today Ginnie and I had reservations to tour Antelope Canyon with a group tour and I was really looking forward to going back. I had been there a few years ago and had a super experience so my anticipation was high. We had the dogs fed and walked by 8:40 and left just a few minutes later. The meeting place was only 5 min away and we were there in no time as was a bus load of people from New Zealand. They are a singing group and landed in Las Vegas several days ago and are spending 10 days seeing the sights. Don't know how they landed on this tour but they are getting to see something really ... read more
entrance to the slot canyon
Ernest, our guide
the start of the adventure

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blog 10-19-17 Lake Powell This morning was a lazy one and much needed. I finished the blog from yesterday and Ginnie took it easy with a leisurely breakfast then a walk for the dogs. It was late til I was done but Watson and I got a good walk in. Watson has been limping on his right front leg since yesterday and it seems worse today so I'll keep him confined for a day or 2 and see if that helps. No thorn in the paw and no heat from his muscles or joints so I hope it's nothing serious. We booked a boat tour on Lake Powell for 1:15 but we had to be there by 12:45 and it took 20 min to get there so we decided to leave at 12:15 which gave us ... read more
local cactus
fall colors
the desert right next door

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Blog 10-18-17 Hurricane, UT to Page, AZ We hated to leave our neighborhood campground but it was time to move on. There was a tree company blocking off one of the streets in the campground to take down a tree that had died in the Santa Anna winds on Oct 8th. The same winds we drove through and the same winds that created havic in Santa Rosa, CA, burning it to the ground. The tree was not that big but they were making a project of it so we drove to another road to leave the campground. I forgot to take pictures of our campground so we'll just have ot remember how nice it was. We'll write a great review on the internet for them. We took a right turn onto Rt 59 out of town ... read more
cut in the rock
just into AZ

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 6th 2017

Our last day in the Southwest started out with a morning tour of Antelope Canyon before our drive back to Vegas for our flight home. Antelope Canyon, as I expected, is a very touristy place. You pay a rather large fee for what you get, and then get filed through the Canyon Disneyland style. With several companies filing thousands of people through a day, of course it's a short but sweet trip. The beauty of Antelope Canyon is you can generally point your camera in any direction, take a photo, and BAM! you're an artist. The natural waves and colors of the rock make it that easy. Because it's on reservation territory, you HAVE to have a guide take you there. We went with Chief Tsosie. When we got there, we asked a few basic questions- ... read more
Arrived at Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Arrived at Antelope Canyon

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