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Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008 Der Antelope Canyon war wirklich wunderschön. Kann man auch auf den Bildern sehen - ein Wahnsinn! Danach sind wir Richtung Bryce Canyon aufgebrochen - es lagen wieder einige Stunden Autofahrt vor uns. Wir haben schon damit gerechnet, eine weitere Nacht im Auto zu schlafen, aber wir sind zufällig bei einem kleinen Hotel vorbeikommen, das direkt vorm Bryce Canyon lag und recht billig war. 60 Dollar pro Zimmer - also 20 pro Person. Das haben wir natürlich ausgenutzt, um uns zu duschen und wieder mal in einem Bett zu schlafen. Es war herrlich! :o) Am nächsten Morgen gings ab zum Frühstück und wir brachen auf, um den Bryce Canyon und anschließend den Zion Canyon zu betrachten. Die Bilder dazu im nächsten Blogeintrag! ... read more
Tanja and Ursi watching the view
Beautiful landscapes

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 13th 2008

Tuesday the 13th, Geoff was up and out at dawn to catch the sunrise at Horseshoe Bend, and was greatly gratified to have a couple of hours to capture images unimpeded by either other tourists or scratched plexiglass. "The light was optimum for photos and really showed the canyon to advantage! It's a breathtaking spot. You walk up the the lip of the canyon and it's a sheer maybe thousand foot drop, a long-ish way," he recounts. When he arrived back at the motel, the breakfast crowd was departing for the diner that proffered the heart-attack-heaven hamburger the night before, which was now offering the coronary-bypass breakfast special. "Good food and plenty of it..." After breakfast, some of the group repaired to the motel for R+R+L (rest, recuperation and laundry), while Dick, Ruth and Geoff embarked ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 12th 2008

Monday, Bob Hawkins' alarm went off uncharacteristically early and he woke the others. But because Ruth and Janice and Donna and Bill Hughes had made a Sunday night grocery run -- including kiddie pack cereals, juice, yogurt and a splendid repast, the group was able to set out around 8:30 am local on some actual sightseeing for an hour and a half of flying over and around Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Marble Canyon in mostly clear but mildly hazy weather. After the flying tour, Donna and Larry peeled off in the RV-4 to drop off Donna in Flagstaff, where she had to depart the group (as per another entry) before beginning his eastbound return. He got as far as Texas, landing in 50 knot winds and waited it out til the winds dropped ... read more
Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 12th 2008

We finally made it to Page, AZ and I, Donna An, will be closing my flight plan with C2C Radio tomorrow and heading for Flagstaff, AZ for work. I had 3.8 hours logged as a student pilot prior to this trip but now have approximately 24 hours. I've flown about 2000 nautical miles on this trip, practiced take off and landings at high altitude, have gotten more proficient at pre-flight checks and communication over the radio. But the greatest accomplishment I have made on this trip is the checklist I have developed for N069RH, the 6th club plane some of you may have flown. I am hoping this will help Janice and Judy on their return flights on N069RH. You may also want to print a copy out for yourselves for your check rides. CHECK ... read more
Riding into the Sunset
Power Off

North America » United States » Arizona » Page December 28th 2007

The Antelope canyon Next stop... Page, Az. We stayed at the Lake Powell resort, and were extremely lucky to get a room facing the lake. We woke up early morning, by accident I must confess, and were blessed with an one of the most absurdly beautiful sunrise ever. There's some magical beauty in the barren rock, devoid of any snow or trees, which adds mystique to every nook and niche. The sun bathes the lucky parts, just enough to bring out the different hues in the landscape. There may not be too many takers for this, but it felt as though the rock was somehow more living than any of us, or the foliage for that matter. We then took a tour of the Glen canyon dam, an impressive construction and especially so considering the water ... read more
Sun rise from the balcony
Sunrise 2
Rock before sun rise

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 27th 2007

We were back on the road and put in a good day's drive through Northern Arizona (this may qualify as the most beautiful state). I had to move to back of the RV and take pretty deep breaths as Mark drove through what he called steep and unrelating mountainous desert roads. Page Arizona (near Lake Powell) is a town that seems to pop up out of nowhere. It's the last Arizona stop before Utah and about 2 hours from our next destination -- Bryce Canyon. We stopped for a great Mexican Lupper (as Elliot named our occassional combination of lunch and dinner) here and to give Millie a break. Just when we were feeling hopeful that the problems were behind us, Millie had some trouble which might be the alternator. She's running but cutting out so ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 27th 2007

Thanks for calling and checking in with us. Dad -- we're not ready for you to drive out and pick us up. But, Peggy and Will -- you may continue to keep us on the prayer chain (or better yet, Millie). We love you and hope you are not losing sleep over our adventure.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page April 28th 2007

Fredag d. 27/4 (dag 11) Efter gårsdagens Heste eventyr, som foregik uden for selve National parken, gik turen idag ind i selve Bryce Canyon. Det var en rigtig flot dag, uden en sky på himlen så solen kunne skinne på de røde klipper i de furede bjergsider. Se selv nogle af de flotte scenarier. Om aftenen var vi på "Ken's Old West Steakhouse" (som har fået forfærdelige reviews på "Google Maps"), som lå lige om hjørnet fra hotellet. En rigtig familie restaurant med skrigende småbørn/babier.... Nå, de gik ret hurtigt, så vi lod ikke det ødelægge fornøjelsen for os. Se, nu er Mads jo efterhånden en halvstor knægt, og i den alder (13) fejler appetitten som regel ikke noget, og det gør den heller ikke hos Mads. Så Mads bestilte det samme som sin far, ... read more
Stellars Jay
Stellars Jay.
Bryce 1

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 30th 2006

“Are you claustrophobic?” Jim, our photo workshop director, asks me. “Well, not too bad. I’m more worried about heights,” I reply. “There are a couple of steep places with ladders.” “I guess I’ll go and if it’s too bad, I’ll wait in the car.” I picture ladders attached to steep canyon walls with no railings. Or, maybe there will be steps notched into the wall. How will I carry my camera, notebook and water bottle? What if I fall off? These are the thoughts that plague my sleep the night before our next slot canyon adventure. The following day, Jim leads our car caravan to Lower Antelope Canyon, located on Navajo land off Copper Mine Road. A large power plant looms near the site. The sun’s glare reflects off the desolate landscape of flat rocks interspersed ... read more
A sandy path through the canyon
Every shot is an artisitc opportunity
Stepping into a wonderland

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 29th 2006

Today, we experience our first slot canyon. After driving to a Navajo booth near Upper Antelope Canyon to buy our permit, we drive back to Page and several miles South on Highway 89. The entrance is a non-descript parking area in front of a locked gate. After walking about a quarter of a mile over slick rock, Jim picks the best path into the canyon, a walk down a slanting canyon wall. Since I’m shaky when it comes to heights, Alan’s steady hand is a big help. At first, the canyon is fairly wide. The photographers practice with their cameras as Jim moves back and forth giving instruction. Since I’m a bystander, I take my notes and pictures and do my best to stay out of the way. The canyon narrows with red walls and sporadic ... read more
The power of water on the canyon walls
I leaned over the edge for this picture
Alan really hangs over the edge for his picture

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