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North America » United States » Arizona » Page August 13th 2009

Le 11 août. Avant de quitter Page, nous repassons dans Lake Powell Boulevard et recomptons les églises qui s'y alignent. 12. Nous n'avons pas vu de mosquée. 89 south, puis 89A West. Nous traversons la Colorado River sur Navajo Bridge, qui a été le premier pont construit sur le Colorado. En fait, la route emprunte un pont plus récent, construit à l'identique à coté du précedent. Technique Double cantilever ? La piste qui empruntait non loin un des rares gués s'appelle Honeymoon trail, car les mormons d'Arizona l'empruntait pour faire confirmer leur mariage à la basilique de St-George en Utah. Nous longeons les Vermilion Cliffs qui sont des falaises en bordure d'une très grande mésa, large de 40 miles. A Jacob Lake, nous bifurquons vers Grand canyon North Rim. La route s'élève de 2000 ft et ... read more
Page churches
Page churches
Page churches

North America » United States » Arizona » Page April 16th 2009

Well, we didn't freeze, the coldest we saw was 21 at 6:30 this morning, but it was 48 inside the camper. It was cold, but sunny and still for a change. It actually felt warmer than yesterday even though it was 10 degrees colder, but without the wind. We sent Bob and Gena on ahead while we broke camp, agreeing to meet at Desert View. The Canyon was spectacular this morning under clear, bright skies. The Canyon vistas were the clearest we've ever seen. It was a beautiful morning at the Grand Canyon. We headed east toward Cameron, then north to Page. We had thought to go to Kanab, but we dawdled in Page. After hearing that Bryce Canyon was supposed to get snow tonight, we decided to spend the night in Page. After setting up ... read more
Grand Canyon
Lake Powell
Lake Powell

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 19th 2008

We zijn net terug van Antelope, bedekt met een goeie laag rood stof. Maar het was de moeite, een heel schoon natuurverschijnsel. We kregen de toeristische route te zien, ik denk dat de "photogapher's tour" misschien nog mooier is. Ze raadden ons aan om zonder flits te fotograferen, wat we aanvankelijk ook gedaan hebben maar in het duister viel dat toch allemaal niet zo goed mee. In het terugkeren heb ik dan toch nkele foto's genomen met flits. Het was nog vroeg 's morgen en bijkbaar niet het ideale moment om foto's te nemen. Ik zou zeggen oordeel zelf. Momenteel maken we ons klaar om naar Vegas te vertrekken, het is nogeen kleine zes uurtjes rijden zonder stops. We gaan en stuk route 66 afrijden als eht goed gaat. Horseshoe bend is een bocht in de ... read more
Antelope Canyon.
Antelope Canyon.
Antelope Canyon.

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 19th 2008

Het is 6.30... veel te vroeg om al wakker te zijn op congee. Om 7.30 hebben we al een excursie gepland naar Antelope Canyon, dat gebeurt met enorme 4x4 jeeps. Dat zou mooie foto's moeten opleveren. De rest van de dag rijden we dan door naar Las Vegas. Vier dagen! Ik zet al mijn verbaasde gezicht op en oefen tussendoor mijn 'pokerface'.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 9th 2008

Oct 28, 2008 After a cursory look at Monument Valley, I was headed down to the city of Page in Arizona. I gained one hour as Arizona does not observe day light savings. It was about 3 hrs of drive between MV and Page. At Page, I saw Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. Cool places. For Upper Antelope, you are put on a pick up truck and it makes a bumpy ride on sand. The 4WD handles the sand well but that does not mean that the ride is smooth. Far from it. But it is fun. The two little girls who were part of a family of four, specially enjoyed that ride. I did not bring my tripod which was needed to photograph shady areas of the canyon. It is a narrow slot canyon where ... read more
Upper Antelope
Upper Antelope
Nice artwork of nature

North America » United States » Arizona » Page October 14th 2008

Monday October 13, 2008 Today was Canadian Thanksgiving, and Columbus Day in the US. We celebrated by doing something that was on Kayla’s ‘must do’ list - a slot canyon. Antelope is one of the most famous and most photographed, so we had lots of company. But we didn’t care and had a great time. Getting there was half the fun. We were shuttled in by a Navajo driver in the back of an open-air truck designed for lots of power in soft sand, much like the tour in Monument Valley. It only took about 20 minutes to get from the town of Page to the canyon entrance. Slipping and sliding in the soft pink sand, we were jostled about and whipped by very cold winds, since it was only 12 C (54 F) today, even ... read more
DSC00479 (Medium)
DSC00455 (Medium)
DSC00458 (Medium)

North America » United States » Arizona » Page October 13th 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008 Yes, it froze hard overnight and Richard forgot to disconnect the pressure water. He was not the only RV camper trying to coil 10 metres of very stiff popsicle hose. We slept in our long underwear but at least the forecasted 20% chance of snow never happened. Eventually the sun warmed up the hose and we were off for a visit to the local Café for internet publishing of three days of travel blogs and pictures. Then on to Page, AZ. Our exit to the east from South Rim Grand Canyon included several overviews that we missed on the way west (highway AZ 64). These pullouts give several good views of curving sections of the blue-green water 3000 feet below and 4 miles away. A few rapids are visible and even a ... read more
Colorado River
South Rim Viewpoint
Vishnu Temple

North America » United States » Arizona » Page July 11th 2008

8/7 - 11/708 Kære familie og venner Dette er 2. mail/rejsebrev fra vores USA-rejse som omhandler: * Jesus Kristus, de sidste dages hellige (mormonerne) * Familien * Trafikulykken * Da tornadoen tog vores mad * Mødet med klapperslangen i Zion. Dagen før mødet med Bjerregaard-slægten i Utah, så vi regeringsbygningen og ”mormonkirken” eller templet, der var bygget af store klippeblokke transporteret fra bjergene med hestevogn i år 1857 og årene efter. Pudsigt at tænke på, at Anders Bjerregaard, der emigrerede til Utah, formentlig har været med til at skabe dette imponerende bygningsværk - og sikkert har siddet i den bygning vi sad i, da vi mødte China en dansk missionær, som Hillerødderne kendte. Nogle af vores amerikanske familiemedlemmer er tilknyttet kirken, og vi fik samtaler om flerkoneri, hvilket de nu også tager afstand fra, og som ... read more
Genforening Bjerregaard USA og DK
Klar til foto

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 24th 2008

Zion Supplanted Zion has been our favorite until today - so good is the usurper that I have devoted one entire entry to it's glory. We woke up early, around 6AM (thanks especially to the fact that Arizona does not follow DST), and headed out of Page about an hour after that. Scattered clouds in the sky, a cool 45 degrees, we knew it was a good idea to get to the Grand Canyon early. As we drove south on US89 just outside of Page, I saw the typical reddish-brown sign indicating a site worth visiting. I remained fearful as ever that I may miss a great place as I had the day before with the Coral Sand Dunes. So we pulled off and followed a short dusty red dirt road up to the base of ... read more
Natural Liberty
The Horseshoe Bend
On the Edge

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 23rd 2008

Leaving Zion After a day of driving through southern Utah and northern Arizona, we agee that nothing is quite as impressive as Zion Canyon. We crossed the famous mile long tunnel on Route 9 that was constructed as a shortcut to Bryce Canyon at the behest of the railroads. The tunnel was interesting only from a historic standpoint as it was not easy to construct and was the longest tunnel at its time. We had been told by our tour guides that when we crossed to the other side we would enter into a different world and we truly did. Gone were the sheer jagged cliffs cut by the Virgin, in were smooth undulations of thin sandstone sheets. The white and red sandstone was still there but rather than shaved pieces of rock, it looked like ... read more
Slow Down! Slow Down!
Zion Arch
Peak to the Heavens

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