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Roadtrip SW USA: Hitting the Jackpot...Photography Tour of Antelope Canyon. I like to say it how it is. You can do tours...join the gaggle of geese that whoosh in and out of there...or pay a bit more for a Photography Tour...and get your moneys worth...good and proper. If you win a lottery and say "No thanks" (see last blog) gotta make up for it with something truly spectacular. As you will see from this blog and those that follow...we made up for it in spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs and more spades...and we didn't visit any of the casinos that dot this fabulous country trying to take your dough! Do we have good reason for feeling lucky? Sure do! ****** I'm gonna tell you a little something about this so you can understand what I'm talking about. ... read more
The nuances of Antelope Canyon
The nuances of Antelope Canyon
The nuances of Antelope Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page March 17th 2015

Geo: 36.9086, -111.473Well here we come to another end....I prefer to view our temporary stop as a hiatus rather than an end to our adventure. It can only end when we decide not start up again.....After 38 days of traveling with very few breaks, I'm thinking the universe might be trying to tell us something. The bike is on life support, cpr being given hourly and a truck and trailer have been rented for the last 300 miles. Sad, relieved, frustrated but not defeated. It may be 6 months or more before we see the road again, but we will see it!Now for the great and not so great stories of the last couple of weeks. Seems like more time has passed since the last update, but nope, with so many roads, so many towns, so ... read more
A Road somewhere to somewhere....
Chicken Biscuit to die for - Grove Hill, AL
Welcome to _____.  (fill in the blank)

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 21st 2014

2014 09 17 Day 16 Drove through southern Utah and northers Arizona desert to the North rim of the grand canyon. After getting up to the plateau the scenery change to lush meadows and forests. The GC is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The other day when I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I thought that must be what angels sound like. Today I saw where they must live. Breathtaking, spectacular, magnificent, etc. etc. none of these words can truly relate what we saw. Some of the pathways were frightening, but worth it. Took about a million pictures, would love to see it at sunrise and sunset. Took the longer route to page, our next stop. Glad I did, saw some spectacular scenery. I'm glad I got to see northern Arizona. Made ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 18th 2014

Monday, 16 June, 2014 We left Bonita Campground just after 8:30, which is really early for us. The winds are really kicking and are expected to be worse this afternoon. We got set up at Ten X Campground in Kaibab National Forest, just south of Tusayan near the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful campground, mostly pine trees, with paved roads and vault toilets. Definitely bare-bones camping, but it is only $5/night, a real bargain this close to the canyon. We drove into the Grand Canyon National Park and, after parking at the visitor center, rode the orange route bus to several overlooks where Sean got his first sight of the Grand Canyon. We got exclamations of “awesome” every place we stopped. It's gratifying to share some of our favorite places with him and to have him ... read more
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 31st 2014

Page The drive to Page is pretty straight forward, though unfortunately the old Route 89 was struck by a very large landslide in Feb 2013 and 23 miles of the road is now shut, so we will need to go to the GC North Rim via Kanab. C drives to Cameron where we fill up with gas at an amazing $3.49 a gallon. P takes over till Copper Mine and M drives us into Page. The roads are pretty good most of the way and the landscape interesting in that after Cameron it’s low level greyish green mounds on both side of the road, nearer Page it’s more spectacular – red rock sculptured by the wind and rain. This is Navajo land – part of their Reservation. We go to the Glen Canyon Dam where there ... read more
Catching the light, Antelope Canyon
Awesome Antelope Canyon
C on the edge to get her shot, Horseshoe Point

North America » United States » Arizona » Page November 25th 2013

Geo: 36.9086, -111.473Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area near Page, AZ has been the site of many movies.Why? Because the scenery is SOOOOOOO spectacular.Check out the following link if you are curious about which movies were filmed there : "Movies and the Lake Powell Connection: We had agreed to meet Sky and Bobbi at Lone Rock camping, kayaking and generally having a good time. We got there about lunchtime, and they arrived shortly afterward. They had wanted to camp close to the water so it would be easy to get our boats in and out of the water. We found a spot we thought would be nice and when they arrived they thought so as well.We met Sky and Bobbi down in Mexico in 2008 in the old silver mining town of Alamos. We had a ... read more
Lone Rock Campground, Glen Canyon NRA
Lone Rock Campground, Glen Canyon NRA
Lone Rock Campground, Glen Canyon NRA

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 18th 2013

Vandaag kregen we voor het eerst van Bruce een keuze in wat we wilden doen: het officiële programma hield in een bezoek brengen aan de Glen Canyon Dam, een grote maar verder niet heel bijzondere dam aan de Colorado rivier (blijkbaar paste de nog grotere en veel beroemdere Hoover Dam in de buurt van Las Vegas niet meer in het programma en moest dit als alternatief dienen). Als andere optie had Bruce een adresje voor een toer van de Antelope Slot Canyon, volgens de reisgidsen een droom voor elke fotograaf. Dit moesten we dan zelf regelen maar die keuze was voor met name Marloes, Ron, Corien en ik snel gemaakt en drie anderen gingen ook mee.Helaas had Bruce niet vooruit gepland en bleek het agentschap die dit zou moeten verzorgen geen plek meer te hebben; na ... read more
Antelope (2)
Grand Canyon (1)
Voor de Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 25th 2013

Saturday morning began at 4:45 a.m. as the sun began to shine through the bedroom window. Not wanting to wake Cynde so early, I headed outside to read the Oklahoman and soak in the early morning sunlight! It was beautiful, looking over Lake Powell and it’s still blue waters. Not much activity that early. By 5:45 a.m., I was making sufficient noise so as to wake Cynde. Since we had the alarms set for 6 a.m., I didn’t feel too bad. I thought that we could hit town to scope out a breakfast place before we hit the river for our float trip. Cynde hopped out of bed rather uncharacteristically. She was ready for the day’s adventure, so off to Page we headed. We made the round of town once, and not finding the perfect breakfast ... read more
Calm Waters
A Dam Site
Cold Water

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 10th 2013

Ce matin, nous avons un peu flemmardés. Finalement debout à 8h30, on prend la route à 9h40 après le petit déjeuner. On prend la direction de Page mais au bout d'une dizaine de kilomètres, pris d'un doute suite à des panneaux "Detour Page", on fait demi-tour. On rencontre une brave dame qui a les mêmes doutes que nous et qui est en train de consulter une carte. On regarde avec elle et on prend la direction la plus sûre, sachant qu'au bout de 100 kilomètress la route est fermée (à 5 km de notre destination finale). On prend donc un trajet de 200 km au lieu de 120, mais on arrive sans problème là où on voulait. Ce que nous voulions voir, c'est "Antelope Canyon". En fait, il y a deux sites, "Upper Canyon" et "Lower ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 1st 2013

I traveled on my honeymoon to page and we went from there to Glen Canyon dam via the tunnel, we started from the bottom of the dam to Horseshoe bend and on our way we took a 3 min break to see the native american old drawings. It was an amazing trip... read more

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