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Last time I visited Antelope Canyon, I showed up the day before to book our next morning tour. This time, I had a look months ahead on internet, than I forgot to take action. Two weeks before the trip, I had another look on the web. Well, for our day, only the 6.30am tour was least, that one was still available! So I just booked....but we were actually sleeping in Kanab the night before. Well, we would just have to wake up at 4am, not the end of the world to have a great and very early start of the day! The sunrise on the way and above Lake Powell was just stunning. But no way we could be late, so I kept driving. Our tour was actually full booked too, so was not a ... read more
We made it to the North Rim...
Horseshow Bend, stunning place....wondering how many die here every year...
Stunning view from the North Rim....

North America » United States » Arizona » Page July 9th 2017

So this morning started out at a nice clean crisp 3:15 am as we wanted to get to grand canyon for sunrise. Has to be so early because arizonia is stuborn and does not do daylight savings go time so sunrise is 4:18. Now Grand Canyon is an amazing place that everyone should go see. It was a bit disappointing because clouds and The haze was pretty bad. Being out tight As always schedule did not have a lot of time to wait for it to burn off. Still great and wonderful thing. Next however I was very pleasantly surprised by antelope Canyon. We hiked the lower Canyon. It was brutally hot but well worth it. Now given the option I would much rather do it in the spring or fall. However in my opinion this ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page April 26th 2017

Surprisingly good bagels and coffee for our free breakfast started the day in Page. Quick drive out to Horseshoe Bend to join the masses taking photos. Made sure to take a few shots that would stress pop out and it is a stunning outlook but very crowded. Off to Monument Valley. Along the way we stopped a couple times to enjoy the view and Wayne bought me some funky earrings from a Navajo woman who he shared some stories with. Navajo monument national park had a nice little gallery and museum and the short walk to view the adobe houses in the side of the canyon cliffs was well worth it. Lunch at Kayenta was a Sonic experience. Instead of driving through you drive up to a personal booth choose what you want place your order ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page March 25th 2017

Up super early to jump on the free shuttle to the GC visitor centre to see the sunrise over Mather Point and hike an hour or so back along the rim. Brilliant! We watched a black abyss transform into colourful ribbons of rock. I always love a good sunrise but watching the outcrops glow and change as the sunlight moved over them was pretty magical. The walk along the rim was great. Perfect to take loads of photos, learn about the geology if that’s your thing and build up an appetite for delicious breakfast at El Tovar overlooking the canyon. The Maswik Lodge where we stayed was only a couple hundred metres walk to the rim so we strolled back and packed up. On our way to Page we stopped at a bunch of lookouts including ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page October 19th 2016

Wednesday October 19 - Today we stopped again at Walmart to get a toy that Jeroen's nephew wanted. From there, we headed to Lower Antelope Canyon, which is just outside of Page. It's on tribal land, and we had to go with a tour to view it. At first, I was annoyed by how many people there were. And this was not high season, and supposedly the less popular of the canyons, with Upper Antelope Canyon being the first. We chose this one because less people do it, and it was cheaper. Upper Antelope Canyon gets these incredibly beams of light that you can photograph, but not in October. That said, it was a totally amazing experience. We went with Ken's tours - there was one other company - and we were not disappointed. Despite the ... read more
Walking out to lower antelope canyon
Looking out

North America » United States » Arizona » Page July 9th 2016

Page, Arizona, 8 juillet Par une chaude journée de l'été 1931, une jeune indienne Navajo cherchait quelques bêtes égarées de son troupeau. Le hasard lui fit découvrir une étroite fissure creusée par les eaux de pluie au travers des massifs de grès du désert de l'Arizona. Nul ne sait si elle y a croisé quelque antilope, mais le lieu fourmille aujourd'hui de visiteurs curieux d'arpenter cet étrange monde souterrain. J'en rêvais depuis un bon moment et cette promenade spéléologique dans ce lieu magique m'a comblé et rafraîchi, compte tenu des 40 degrés à l'extérieur aujourd'hui. Je vous laisse regarder les photos, jugez en par vous même! Tourlou!... read more
Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona
Lake Powell, Arizona
Antelope Canyon, Arizona

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 26th 2016

Jeanne didn't feel like going out today so after some light housekeeping this morning I left for a hike to Horseshoe Bend, a portion of the Colorado River below the dam that almost doubles back on itself. It is called an Entrenched Meander. There's one I've seen in Utah that's a little more elaborate at Gooseneck State Park. We have both been here before and we also floated down the Colorado as far as Lee's Ferry so we've seen it from both perspectives. It's about a 700 ft drop from the cliff to the river. I used to measure the length of my hikes by mileage or kilometers but as the hikes have become shorter I find that distance alone is not an adequate metric. I have to account for not only distance but also the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 24th 2016

21 June 2106: Tuesday was a repeat of Monday's "Getting Ready to Go". At about 1600 I went to the storage yard to get the coach, I checked the air pressure, bleeding out excess pressure because the tires were hot. After parking it in front of the house, We started loading. I seems that no matter how much time your allow for preparation, at the end you are throwing all the odds and ends into a laundry basket and stacking it on top of everything else. OWhitney was a big help as Jeanne was limited in what she could do with her broken foot. North 22 June 2016: Departure Day! We were up at 0600, finished loading, got in the cab and left at 0810. Our route for the day was to take the I-10 West ... read more
Flat # 2
Flat #1
San Francisco Peaks

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 24th 2016

23 Jun 2016: It was so cool when I woke up this morning. All we had done the night before was plug into the shore power, re-hydrate and wait for the temperature to drop to a reasonable level before turning in for the night. Poor Jeanne was so hot and tired and miserable, but through it all she was a real trooper and didn't complain about the hardships or her sore foot. We loafed through the morning hours and in the afternoon went into town for lunch and then drove over to the Carl T. Hayden Visitors Center next to the Glen Canyon Dam. Senator Hayden got his start in politics by serving as the Maricopa County Sheriff in the Arizona Territory. Later, after Arizona achieved Statehood, he was a congressman and subsequently became one of ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page June 17th 2016

Bonjour à tous, LA NATURE A VRAIMENT GÂTÉE CE PAYS Hier au soir , je suis allé souper chez l'italien du coin, c'est un des 2 restaurants répertoriés dans les guides. Je regardais avec admiration la jeune et jolie serveuse, une indienne, avec un corps de rêve, mais des yeux noirs, perçants comme pas permis, lorsqu'une jeune femme est arrivée, et immédiatement je me suis dit c'est une française, au loock, elle consultait le menu, et son mari attendait sur une grosse moto, que j'avais aperçue à l'hôtel. Je n'étais pas trompé, ils ont été placé juste à côté de moi, ce qui m'a permis de passer la soirée à parler français. Un couple d'Annemasse (banlieue de Genève, mais en France) Ils ont loué une moto à San Francisco et font tous les parcs de l'ouest. ... read more
Lac Powell
Quelle route!!!
Au Grand Canyon

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