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Gallivanting Like a Royal Alaska Adventure August 2020 – Summer of Covid by Duchess DJ Love As a passionate traveler needing a destination away due to the Covid lockdown, I book a trip to Alaska August 6-12, 2020. I needed a safe destination especially since my mom will be traveling with me. Mom has Alzheimers. I have to take her needs into consideration. You can learn how we are dealing with this illness and how both of us cope. More on this topic in my book, My Royal Mom…Lady Lexie vs Alzheimers. Alaska was open to US travelers only with strict travel requirements. I assumed few folks would be traveling with the enhanced restrictions. Alaska was a safe, well as safe, as you could get a place to go. I was not about to let this ... read more
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Turnagain Arm
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

We left Palmer this morning and made our way towards Valdez. Stopped for the night here in Glennallen since we don't have reservations until tomorrow night in Valdez. It is a small RV park called Northern Nights. While it is quaint, it is tight for a 45ft Coach. The amenities are, how shall we say, rustic. She asked if I would be showering in my own rig and I said yes so she did not expain any further. I think you will understand when you see the picture of the bathroom. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the situations we get into. They do have dessert nights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so we were in luck seeing as we were here on a Monday. We headed over at 7pm sharp to partake in the ... read more

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Click here for photos from this ride The 9-and-a-half-hour train ride from Denali to Whittier was also an excellent choice. In fact, Barb still says it was the most fun part of the trip. We stood outside the Princess Denali in a cold rain waiting for bus 8 to take us to the train. And, yes, I think every car on that train had the Princess name on it. Before we even landed in Alaska, Maureen mentioned her brother coaching her from past experience to make sure to get a seat on the top of a train car that had windows. Maureen and I were both ready to fight our way to the top, but were relieved (we’re both kind of pass-the-fists pacifists) to see that every car had windows and everyone had assigned seats that ... read more

Stage 4. GAKONA. TO HARTS D RANCH. Destination: HARTS D RANCHDistance: 93.5 Kms Road Condition: v good Weather: Rain in morning,then warmer in afternoon. Time in Saddle: 4.15 hoursSpeed: av 22 kph. Av Cadence 66 rpm Elevation: 575 m up; 385 m down It was a shorter ride today by 10 kms, not a lot but significant. Still needed extensive voltaren on the knees and calves though. Saw my first Moose and 2 calves at 100 feet today. Massive animals, 1.5 horse size, impressive antlers. Unfortunately couldn't take a photo. It was raining and camera was in bag, and by the time got camera out, the moose family had wandered off to the trees. Some good quality bitumen on some fast descents which was enjoyable- 57 kph. Made the climb worthwhile. Scenery is mainly hills and ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Alaskan Highway August 3rd 2013

So, jetzt bin ich wieder bei heute: Nicht viel zu sagen: Delta ist ein Ort, den man kaum bemerkt, nur dass halt etwas mehr Autowracks rumstehen - daran erkennt man eine Stadt. Ansonsten zieht sich alles ewig lang der einen Strasse entlang. Es gab im Motel kein Fruehstueck, also fuhren wir erst mal 160 km bis Tok, dort Fruehstueck. Dann nach N abgebogen, nach Chicken. Dies ist eine ehemalige Goldgraeberstadt, im Sommer hat sie die riesige Menge von etwa 30 E, im Winter nur 15. Es steht noch Maschinenzeugs rum aus der Goldabbauzeit, und in den Fluessen der Umgebung sitzten Maenner mit kleinen Wannen und sowas, um doch noch ihr Glueck zu machen. Chicken ist der einzige Platz auf einer Strecke von 200 Meilen (360 km), wo etwas los ist (jedenfalls im Sommer). Die Strasse wurde ... read more

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I hope everyone enjoys joiningon our Adventure in Alaska. Getting all of our papers together today, and we are all zipped up and ready to go!!!... read more

July 11, 2011 – TESLIN, YK TO SKAGWAY, AK “ALASKA ISN’T JUST A PLACE YOU VISIT, IT’S A FEELING YOU EXPERIENCE, AND REMEMBER FOR A LIFETIME.” This was one of the most beautiful days on our trip thus far. The scenery was so dramatic words cannot do it justice and the camera just cannot capture the scope of its majesty. Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather – warm and sunny with clear skies, so we were able to see all the mountains along the way. Driving by the lakes the water was not only an interesting green colour from glacier water – but also still enough to capture some lovely reflections as well. Coming down into Skagway the highway has a long 9% grade for 11 miles. Halfway down we cross into Alaska and ... read more
2011-07-11 Totem Poles at George Johnson Museum
2011-07-11 Native canoe and Teslin Lake
2011-07-11 Beauty along Hwy. 2 to Skagway

We arrived in Haines on the Ferry from Juneau and headed up the Haines Highway to Haines Junction where the Alaskan Highway (Alcan) begins. We had been warned that the road was not very good through most of the Yukon. Don says: "This was the worst road on the earth." We had to drive 30 mph and often much slower. There were stretches where the highway is narrow and curvy, where it lacks center lines and ample shoulders. And then there were GIANT POTHOLES. We had to constantly watch out for sudden loose-gravel breaks where the pavement has failed or is under repair. Sometimes the gravel gaps are marked with little, orange flags; sometimes they aren’t. And that asphalt paving can ripple like a roller coaster track in places where “frost heaves” are caused by seasonal ... read more
Dezadeash Lake
Alcan Highway

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Americans like to chat. It is not uncommon for them to strike up conversations with complete strangers. In Britain or Australasia you would be considered somewhat abnormal to behave this way. I like it. I suppose the theory goes that if you're still conversing after 5 or 10 minutes then there is a mutual agreement that neither of you are crazy?! Or possibly that both of you are crazy in which case you'll be lifelong buddies. Americans love to socialize. It is an endearing and largely inherent American character trait in the Yankee makeup. The problem I have with Americans abroad, and for that matter any nationality who speak English as a first language, is their general expectation of foreigners to automatically speak and understand English regardless of where they are in the world. Yes, it ... read more

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