STAGES 4 (Amended) and 5

Published: July 14th 2015
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Stage 4. GAKONA. TO HARTS D RANCH. Destination: HARTS D RANCHDistance: 93.5 Kms Road Condition: v good Weather: Rain in morning,then warmer in afternoon. Time in Saddle: 4.15 hoursSpeed: av 22 kph. Av Cadence 66 rpm Elevation: 575 m up; 385 m down

It was a shorter ride today by 10 kms, not a lot but significant. Still needed extensive voltaren on the knees and calves though.

Saw my first Moose and 2 calves at 100 feet today. Massive animals, 1.5 horse size, impressive antlers. Unfortunately couldn't take a photo. It was raining and camera was in bag, and by the time got camera out, the moose family had wandered off to the trees. Some good quality bitumen on some fast descents which was enjoyable- 57 kph. Made the climb worthwhile. Scenery is mainly hills and trees with the occasional lake. Everything looks very pristine! Saw a sign for the Canadian border today and will cross it after the rest day tomorrow.

Pleasant camp with grassed sites. About 50/50 males/ females. About 60% Canadian. Most doing segments not the entire journey. Owner of park suggested we visit a fish wheel in the nearby Copper R. Did so and saw 5,18 inch Red Sokeye Salmon. Apparently locals are entitled to take 500 Sokeye out of the river annually. The owner used to race sled dogs, 12-16 in a sled team, 20 mph. She gave it up recently. She is 70! Heavy rain back at camp, so an early night listening to rain drops.

Stage 5 HARTS D RANCH to TOK. Destination: TOKDistance: 104 Kms Total Dist to Date 533km Road Condition: v good Weather: Mostly good and a little warmer. Time in Saddle: 4..5 hoursSpeed: av 228 kph. Av Cadence 62 rpm Elevation: 586 m up; Total up to Date 4600 m; 730 m down. Total down to date 3590 m.

After yesterdays' rain it was good to wake to cloudy skies only! Rode all morning and no rain. Tonight is start of a rest day in a motel. On arrival put tent gear out to dry, amazing how much larger wet gear is in your bag. Then off to the laundry- clean clothes.

Knees and hips aching. Will need to adjust seat and perhaps pedals tomorrow. Voltaren Tabs a necessity this afternoon, will apply Voltaren cream to areas before bed.

Tok is 80 miles from the Canadian border. Literally a T Junction around with 2 Motels, a shop. and a garage have opened. Nearest bank is 100 kms away! Internet is again lousy. Willl investigate an ATT Data card for the iPhone. Will wait to Canada.

Before lunch the scenery was mountainous and fast rivers and lots of green trees. After lunch, 10 am!, scenery was long and flat with paper timber trees. A little bland. Heard Eagles and spied them from a distance and 2 Squirrels. Otherwise we must have scared all animals away! Tonight we fend for ourselves food wise. Ate a BBQ pork roll whilst doing laundry, disgusting, however the best coffee so far in the USA. So expectations are mixed!

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14th July 2015

Hot Cycling Blog
Hi Roger, good to here your cycling commentary again - very good blog. How often do you stop or take a break during the cycling day? I see your saddle time, but what's your daily travel time? Cheers, Peter
14th July 2015

Time spent
Hi Peter Good to hear from you, how are you and what have you been up to? Rest at lunch for about 30 mins. But can stop wherever, but to date have made few stops as there are vast spaces of emptiness. Usually depart at about 7am and arrive at days end about 1 pm. Might be pushing it to hard on the hills, accounting for my sore knees. I hope i can maintain your interest, cheers Roger
15th July 2015

aching bones
Aching bones goes with getting older, sorry Rog !

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