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Our flight out of Tijuana was non eventful - after paying the surprise $38 “6 month visa” fee. Any trip longer than 7 days requires a 6 month visa. However, the walk through the CBX (Cross Border Express) and the bridge to the actual airport, was fairly easy. Tijuana airport is modern and there’s room to grow. Jo and I enjoyed a quick breakfast, hopped on the plane, and 3 hours later- Mexico! Luggage took a while, but traffic slowed Diana, so all was well. What people say about traffic here is 100% true. In a city of over 21 million, things are often reduced to a crawl. Add in a thunderstorm, rush hour, no lines painted on any road, side streets that appear to the left and right out of nowhere, honking horns, and topes...speed ... read more
They hate him here, too...
Bougainvillea Madness

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal January 20th 2018

In the morning I woke up and enjoyed a great breakfast. Great tasting coffee, fruit, a sandwich and yoghurt. I had a mid morning bus to Mexico City airport. The bus I took was again quite luxurious. A movie was shown and there was plenty of space on the bus. I arrived to Mexico City airport and took a taxi to Mixcoac to stay with Rolando’s parents. The traffic was busy, although this seemed like a common occurrence in Mexico City. The relatively short trip took just under an hour. The taxi dropped me off directly at the door of Rolando’s parents. I rang the doorbell, which was literally a string with a bell at the end, to meet Sergio, Rolando’s father. They were very kind and took me to a private quarters they’d built by ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal November 19th 2017

When the 2017 NFL schedule was revealed last April and the New England Patriots were playing in Mexico City against the despised Oakland Raiders, I knew I had to see this game en vivo. Getting to Mexico was easy but procuring last minute tickets was going to be tough. As luck would have it, upon walking into my hostel last Thursday I met an equally rabid Pats fan from Colombia who was also trying to find tickets for him and his girlfriend. The next day the 3 of us got tickets from a local woman that Santiago had met through Facebook. Seemed sketchy as we had no way to be sure if the tickets were legit until we actually tried to get into the stadium, Estadio Azteca, which seats approximately 87,000, down from an original 113,000 ... read more
Inside El Estadio

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal November 25th 2016

De zaterdag werd ik wakker en kreeg ik gelijk slecht nieuws bij het ontbijt: het hele hostel was volgeboekt voor de volgende nacht dus ik moest een ander hostel zoeken. Ik kreeg wel wat tips over waar meer hostels waren, dus ging ik op zoek naar een bed. Wat ik echter niet wist is dat het een nationale feestdag dag was op zondag en er was een gigantisch festival aan de gang. Dus alles was volgeboekt. Ingrid had kaarten voor dat festival en daar was overnachting bij inbegrepen. Na anderhalf uur rondlopen en meer kruisjes op mijn kaart dan ik graag wilde kreeg ik goed nieuws. In het hostel waar ik toen was, was er een groep van 6 mensen die van plan waren om het hostel te verlaten. Om 1 uur zou de eigenaar weten ... read more

Dear All Greetings from Mexico City! Mexico City “revisited” as this is the second time I’ve been in this wonderful city, whose population of around 21 million people makes it the second largest in the world after Tokyo. In fact, and as mentioned in my last blog, I came here on my first backpacking trip 18 years ago, on my first trip also out of Europe. The place holds many memories for me, as this is pretty much where it all began, where I was bitten and forever smitten by the travelling bug, and it is just a sincere pleasure to be back here again. You could say I’ve come full-circle in my travels, but actually my plans include hopefully many more travel circles yet to come! So I arrived here on Tuesday evening, in style ... read more
Bicycle-Taxi, Palacio Nacional
Skulls, Templo Mayor Aztec Ruins
Frida Kahlo Photo, Frida Kahlo's House

Day 2 and I woke at the crack of dawn. 5.30 am, which NEVER happens - I simply don't *do* mornings!! The boy wasnt far behind me and we felt quite lively. After collecting my BILs son we headed out for barbacoa for breakfast which was a great experience. Proper Street food on the side of the road at plastic tables. The food was absolutely delicious maybe helped by how hungry we were!! Then we headed out to Xochimilco. The organisation was chaos, but once we were on all organised it was fabulous. If you haven't been or seen, it's a very traditional Mexican Sunday lunchtime event. We took a brightly painted boat decked out with table and chairs on a cruise down the river we had ours to ourselves- me and the boy, my sister ... read more
Crazy corn!

I must confess I am doing the photos from the Christmas trip ... they are 2 months old but I just didn't have the ,time ,inclination... to do them before . It is all a good exercise for me though as I get to relive/remember some of what Mexico has to offer . Cuernavaca is well known to many in Regina as people here have been helping the poorest of that area make life a bit easier . The city itself has attracted the rich and the powerful for centuries . Cortes built his Palicio here in 1522 and the Emperor Maximillian and his wife used the city as a retreat during their reign . It is cooler here than in Mexico City and that offers a respite during the summer months. Besides it is ... read more
A Franciscan Church
The Exterior Chapel

We got an early start this morning so we could have a full day to enjoy the ride. Everyone showed up at the house promptly and we loaded up the food, drinks, and kids into the van. We managed to fit 15 of us into the minivan which is no record for Mexico but it was a personal best for me. I cringed at the thought of all the children wedged into the back cargo area. Our daughters sat in the middle row on our laps. I had already messaged one of the url= companiesin Xochimilco so we knew which embarcadero we were headed for, the very last one it turns out, Embarcadero Nativitas. They offered us a discount, the boat ride all the way out to the Island of the Dolls for 1350$ pesos. The ... read more
Helping paddle the boat
Dancing on the bow of the trajinera
Floating Musicians

Petite journée tranquille aujourd'hui. Comme c'est une fin de semaine de 3 jours, beaucoup de trafique donc on ne peut aller trop loin. Nous sommes allés à l'UNAM, l'universisad national autonoma de Mexico. Une très grande fierté pour les Mexicains. La plus grande et importante université de l'Amerique latine. Et gratuite en plus. Pour y entrer il faut avoir de très bonnes notes et passer des examens très difficiles. Quand nous y sommes entrés, ils nous ont collé des carrés rouges sur le chandail....( la comprenez-vous....). C'était peut-être aussi un collant pour l'entrée au musée... Donc dans la UNAM il y la le MUAC, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo. Peut-être pas la meilleure visite pour les jeunes. Je ne crois pas qu'ils sont des admirateurs de cet art, même si on a vu des "choses" particulières. Mais ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico » Distrito Federal September 5th 2012

Español / Català Since immemorial years the Fourth Sun, Nahui-Atl, had given way to the Fifth, Nahui-Ollin, in the place where the gods were born, Teotihuacan, the culture that permeated and spread Mesoamerica for hundreds of years and widely would influence peoples who followed them: Toltec, Mixtec, Mexica… Inin tonatiuh itoca naollin ye tehuantin totonatiuh / in tonnemi axcan auh inin inezca in nican ca inic tlepanhuetz in tonatiuh / in teotexcalco in oncan in Teotihuacan (This Sun, its name Four Movement, it’s the sun we live in now. And here's its sign, how it fell in the Fire of the Sun, in the divine stove, there, in Teotihuacan) * Four centuries had to pass by after the decline of the empir... read more

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