Angels on a Saturday Morning

Published: July 19th 2019
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Our flight out of Tijuana was non eventful - after paying the surprise $38 “6 month visa” fee. Any trip longer than 7 days requires a 6 month visa. However, the walk through the CBX (Cross Border Express) and the bridge to the actual airport, was fairly easy. Tijuana airport is modern and there’s room to grow. Jo and I enjoyed a quick breakfast, hopped on the plane, and 3 hours later- Mexico! Luggage took a while, but traffic slowed Diana, so all was well.

What people say about traffic here is 100% true. In a city of over 21 million, things are often reduced to a crawl. Add in a thunderstorm, rush hour, no lines painted on any road, side streets that appear to the left and right out of nowhere, honking horns, and topes...speed bumps every 10 feet...we made it home in one piece!

It’s Saturday, so we’re off to the El Bazaar Sabado - a colorful collection of angels, delicious foods, local artisans for arts and crafts, and crowds of people. It’s only open the one day during the week. Its rainy season, so everything is great and blooming crazy colors. Totally gorgeous And a bit overwhelming. After a few hours of trying molè, chocolates, and other delicacies, we headed off to Condesa to a restaurant called Merkavá...a little bit of Israeli heaven that was recommended by a friend in San Diego. It did not disappoint. We shared kibbe (ground raw meat with garlic and spices), hummus, tahini, baked bread, and cocktails- smoky margarita with mezcal, Israeli cosmo, halvah martini. Top it off with traditional Turkish coffee service...Happiness.

Tomorrow, a quick workout at Di’s club and the hop on, hop off bus to get my bearings and learn a bit more about Cuidad Mexico.

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Teeny TinyTeeny Tiny
Teeny Tiny

Zero calories though...

Saturday Market

Chocolate TemptationChocolate Temptation
Chocolate Temptation chocolate coma this time.
Waiting for MomWaiting for Mom
Waiting for Mom

I love a reader!

Delicious Israeli themed food

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