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Our flight out of Tijuana was non eventful - after paying the surprise $38 “6 month visa” fee. Any trip longer than 7 days requires a 6 month visa. However, the walk through the CBX (Cross Border Express) and the bridge to the actual airport, was fairly easy. Tijuana airport is modern and there’s room to grow. Jo and I enjoyed a quick breakfast, hopped on the plane, and 3 hours later- Mexico! Luggage took a while, but traffic slowed Diana, so all was well. What people say about traffic here is 100% true. In a city of over 21 million, things are often reduced to a crawl. Add in a thunderstorm, rush hour, no lines painted on any road, side streets that appear to the left and right out of nowhere, honking horns, and topes...speed ... read more
They hate him here, too...
Bougainvillea Madness

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid October 15th 2017

Hang on Will - Mom's on her way! Off to sunny Madrid for a much needed holiday with my son. Note - I often fly American - the flight from New York is nonstop and usually fairly comfortable. Not so much this time. I requested the bulkhead seat for the extra legroom and found myself on a plane that did not have individual screens. First world problem having to watch the same violent movie as everyone else. I couldn't swallow an ambien and don eye shades fast enough. To make my sleep a little more comfy - I "borrowed" a better pillow and blanket from business class. No one said a word. 10 hours later - I was in Spain! This will just be a LONG post - 18 months later, I"m publishing... We had originally ... read more
soak up the sun
Channeling the Rhum Bar
View of Madrid

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid January 29th 2016

10 days in a carry on - I've done it before and I'll do it again! I'm off to sunny Spain to see the boy. Nonstop Dallas to Madrid on a 787 filled with extra oxygen, shadeless windows and hopefully, less jet lag. And hooray! No one in the seat next to me! Note to self - Row 25 or so, the last one in the first economy cabin by the lavatory shows only 2 seats instead of 3, probably to give a little extra aisle room near the lavatory. I took the window thinking no one would purposefully book that horrible aisle seat - and no one did! The entire row (1 extra seat yippee!) to myself. Good gamble on my part. Glass of wine, 1/2 Ambien, and 10 hours later I'm waking up in ... read more
a room with a view

North America » United States » California » San Diego November 22nd 2015

Hello San Diego! And hello Hyatt Grand in the Gaslamp District. That's downtown to those who don't know. A gorgeous view of the the Coronado Bridge to the south and SeaPort Village and the Midway to the north. Up high on the 25th floor - seagulls fly by (and even land on the ledge outside- totally unafraid) and the USS Roosevelt sailed into the harbor just in time for Thanksgiving. What do I spy first off in the airport? A large, very nicely decorated Christmas tree AND a giant menorah for Hanukkah. Thank, SD. Not much of the latter in Texas. Ocean Beach provided delicious breakfast, awesome people watching, and the sight of 2 little dogs perched on top of their owner's van. Back to dinner at Old Venice with friends, Debbie and Frank. 30 years ... read more
San Diego
Coronado Bridge
USS Roosevelt pulling into the SD Harbor

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo August 3rd 2015

Our less than comfortable close call with Vegas now behind us, and we are headed to Amarillo, pronounce Am-uh-rill-ow, like pillow. I keep saying "amari-yo, (or yellow in Spanish - I speak enough to be dangerous), and Kathi keeps calling it Armadillo. Potato - potahto, who cares, it's the first stop in Texas, and we headed to that place. Keeping a close lookout for the TX border, we finally see a giant Lone Star sign. We pulled over for the photo and waited patiently for the other car ahead of ours. It's over 100 out, so we're staying in the AC as long as possible. Texas Dept of Roads and Transportation must know about the crazies like us who leave the road to take the picture because the sign was fairly far off the side of ... read more
Breakfast at IHop

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 23rd 2015

Fu King Smoke Shop. I can't make this stuff up - that was the name of the smoke/hookah shop on Route 66 next to the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, NM. Probably not as vintage route 66 as other establishments, but still - great photo op and jokes a plenty! (For my brother, Jef and my son, Will - in the same vein as the Damn Dam) First, our start of the day selfie. We want it with one of the many elk heads posted around the lobby of the El Rancho Hotel, but they all were too high and Kathi and I are notoriously horrible selfie takers. We tried the stairs but still couldn't fit in the elk. Kathi kept telling me to jump on 3 and we'll take the picture then. Or, I have ... read more
Gallup NM
With the Elk heads at El Rancho Hotel
Gallup NM gas

Europe » Spain » Galicia » A Guarda December 24th 2014

Poor Will didn't feel so well this morning, so we abandoned the mountain hike idea for a quicker walk along the beach. First, a trip to the local market to buy some much needed supplies like paper towels and chorizo, a swing by the pharmacy for some cold/flu medicine, and a quick cup of coffee at the little cafe down the street. We walked down to the port and climbed on the rocks for a better view of the ocean. It really is so pretty here, even though the weather is cloudy and windy. We wandered around the town for a bit, althgouh most places were closed for siesta. Siesta is a real time here in Spain - everything does close down for about 2 hours every day. We joined Will's roomate, Cecelia, for a sunset ... read more
Port of A Guarda
ruins of an old fort

Europe » Spain » Galicia » A Guarda December 23rd 2014

San Diego to LA to Amsterdam to Madrid to Vigo to the Hotel Mexico. 35 hours of nonstop travel. BUT, I am in a carry on suitcase, so my bag also arrived safely. A few glasses of vino tinto (red) and a ham and cheese tortilla (which is really an omelette) and I fell into bed for a good 7 hours of very necessary sleep. This morning, I woke up and took the very necessary shower and then went off to find coffee. I love how all coffee in Europe is really espresso served in real cup and a lovely little pastry or chocolate is served right along. So civilized. We wandered around Vigo for a few hours and then hopped the bus to A Guarda - about an hour or so away. We rode through ... read more
Schipohl airport
Vigo Spain
Vigo Spain

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 5th 2014

Off to Amsterdam for a few days and then we will meet our friends, Rhonda and Meecy. They will hang out for about a week and I'm so excited to show them all around! But first, to explore a very interesting city (without kids!) a little more in depth. No surprise, but the Dutch are a pretty liberal minded group. Not only liberal, but very pragmatic, too. It's very evident in how their society treats subjects such as drug use, prostitution, homosexuality, and the influence of the church on society. They figure it goes on -one can ignore it, preach against it, pretend it will go away, or criminalize it, OR, legalize and regulate it for safety and tax purposes. Prostitution is legal and safe - the girls must be tested every week and a positive ... read more
Pee Here sign
Street singers

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem July 31st 2014

It's hard to believe we have been in Holland for nearly 2 weeks - with nearly 2 more to go! I'm starting to think it's just not enough time! Onward, we go... Den Hague is home to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring and we must visit her. She lives in the Mauritshuis Museum which is named after a man who had entirely too much money and loved to flaunt his conspicuous consumption. Included in the collection are works by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen, Holbein and other Dutch Masters. This time, we opt to leave the car at home - bad parking memories sparked a spike in the learning curve and we will take the 20 minute train instead. We are in the suburbs, after all. As we walked toward the Mauritshuis through the House of Parliament ... read more
Rule breakers
Waiting for the PM
PM of the Netherlands

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