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October 15th 2017
Published: July 7th 2019
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Hang on Will - Mom's on her way!

Off to sunny Madrid for a much needed holiday with my son. Note - I often fly American - the flight from New York is nonstop and usually fairly comfortable. Not so much this time. I requested the bulkhead seat for the extra legroom and found myself on a plane that did not have individual screens. First world problem having to watch the same violent movie as everyone else. I couldn't swallow an ambien and don eye shades fast enough. To make my sleep a little more comfy - I "borrowed" a better pillow and blanket from business class. No one said a word. 10 hours later - I was in Spain!

This will just be a LONG post - 18 months later, I"m publishing...

We had originally planned to go up north to the Basque Country, but Will decided he missed the beach - so off on the high speed train to Cadiz we go.

Cadiz was sunny and hot and boasted beautiful beaches with white sand and warm tides. The sunsets were beyond beautiful, the cocktails were refreshing, and the company was perfect. We found
soak up the sunsoak up the sunsoak up the sun

a vino tinto and troubles disappear!
a delightful AirBNB in the heart of the city, searched through cathedrals and archeological ruins, and generally enjoyed our southern life.

After 3 glorious days, we're back in Madrid and getting ready for my birthday - which also happens to be on Columbus Day. Spain still loves their Columbus - a big royal studded parade, all the museums are free, and the atmosphere is generally a party. Will's friends - Al, Patrick, Lucia, Catherine and a few others helped me celebrate up on the "mountain" of Madrid with 8 bottles of wine, snacks, and a clear sunset. No better way to spend a birthday.

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Channeling the Rhum BarChanneling the Rhum Bar
Channeling the Rhum Bar

Just like on Rue de Lapp in the Bastille in Paris
Madrid has PrideMadrid has Pride
Madrid has Pride

I saw boy signs, too
trompe l'oeiltrompe l'oeil
trompe l'oeil

French for "deceive the eye". Only part of this building is real
Sandwich makingsSandwich makings
Sandwich makings

1 euro for cheese, 1 euro for bread, and it's lunch.
Plaza San MiguelPlaza San Miguel
Plaza San Miguel

looks like my 11 year old niece might have decorated

huge store similar to H&M
quick getawayquick getaway
quick getaway

street vendors with their wares on sheets with convenient strings for a quick getaway

my old neighborhood
Will & coWill & co
Will & co

Hanging with the mom seemed a-ok with them

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