Cuernavaca Taxco and the Pyramids

Published: March 5th 2015
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1529 A.D. !!!!Templo de la Asuncion de Maria1529 A.D. !!!!Templo de la Asuncion de Maria1529 A.D. !!!!Templo de la Asuncion de Maria

Imagine , this church was built nearly 100 years before Montreal was founded ... 200years before the founding of the U.S. ...
I must confess I am doing the photos from the Christmas trip ... they are 2 months old but I just didn't have the ,time ,inclination... to do them before . It is all a good exercise for me though as I get to relive/remember some of what Mexico has to offer .

Cuernavaca is well known to many in Regina as people here have been helping the poorest of that area make life a bit easier . The city itself has attracted the rich and the powerful for centuries . Cortes built his Palicio here in 1522 and the Emperor Maximillian and his wife used the city as a retreat during their reign . It is cooler here than in Mexico City and that offers a respite during the summer months. Besides it is in the mountains and it is beautiful country .

Taxco is VERY pleasant. Built on the slopes of hills (mountains ?) most of the buildings are white . I really liked it and would have enjoyed spending a few days there. Could happen another time when I have more time to sit and not worry about getting in to the airport on time.
A Franciscan ChurchA Franciscan ChurchA Franciscan Church

Simple really . From the exterior it looks like a fortress , meant to intimidate . It is built within a high walled compound .

The pyramids surprised me !! After all I have been to Giza right ..! These aren't nearly as old (2-3000years)but they are majestic


Additional photos below
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These were rediscovered in the early 1900's . It is believed they were painted in the 17th Century to show the persecution of the Franciscan missionaries in Japan.
The Exterior ChapelThe Exterior Chapel
The Exterior Chapel

The native people had worshipped in the outdoors and the idea of praying indoors was not something they were comfortable with .Thus , an outdoor altar . Another theory though is that it was to keep the Spanish and the natives separate . I remember a church in San Cristobal that had a separate church and courtyard for the native born who were not ALLOWED in the cathedral. I don't remember what order that imposed that rule.
A later additionA later addition
A later addition

The 2 towers are quite different from each other . I believe this one was built in the 19thC
Love those tilesLove those tiles
Love those tiles

I think I commented on my aha moment regarding the tile work in Mexico ...The Moors brought their skill with tiles/ceramics to Spain who in turn brought it to Mexico.

Isn't it pretty ! Almost Mediteranean looking but smack in the middle of the mountains.
From the restaurtant BalconyFrom the restaurtant Balcony
From the restaurtant Balcony

The silver mines of the area are all but depleted but Taxco , a national historic site , has worked to preserve it's colonial charm .Tourism is their key to survival in the 21st C. New buildings here must conform to the old in style , scale and building materials.

A beautiful display in front of the church.
Pipe OrganPipe Organ
Pipe Organ

The Churrigueresque style is amazing. Nothing is left plain.
Santa Prisca Santa Prisca
Santa Prisca

Baroque construction of rose coloured stone built between 1751-1758 . Imagine , only 7 years with few machines to assist in the building.
Volkswagons ruleVolkswagons rule
Volkswagons rule

The streets are narrow , have sharp turns and steep inclines. I would not want to navigate these streets in a vehicle . It was hard enough to walk!
Mi CasaMi Casa
Mi Casa

I had planned to stay here a few days and had reserved a room here. It would have been nice !
From the TelefericoFrom the Teleferico
From the Teleferico

These photos were taken from the Gondola that that ascends 173 meters to the Hotel Monte Taxco ...a very pleasant place. The views were fantastic.

Founded @100BC this is the 3rd largest pyramid in the world...who knew? The base measures 225 meters on each side and rises 65 meters. Huge!
Plaza de la LunaPlaza de la Luna
Plaza de la Luna

There are 12 temple platforms here ass well as several altars.
From the Pyramid of the Moon (300 A.D.)From the Pyramid of the Moon (300 A.D.)
From the Pyramid of the Moon (300 A.D.)

I climbed to the top of this one for this view and I am glad I did. Unlike Egyptian pyramids these were places of prayer not just places for burial.
Pyramid to the SunPyramid to the Sun
Pyramid to the Sun

I couldn't quite figure out how these were built . It seems to me they are small stones cemented together somehow to form blocks . The steps were carved out not built. Interesting.
Palicio Palicio

There are 3 palaces in the complex which are believed to be homes of the high priests. This whole area is large . It is believed that 200,000 people lived here . There are other dwellings , outhouses , remnants of smaller structures and archeologists continue to find more .

8th March 2015

Thanks for these photos. I've taken to showing your latest to my little family. The pyramids are amazing!

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