An evening in Coyoacan

Published: January 20th 2018
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In the morning I woke up and enjoyed a great breakfast. Great tasting coffee, fruit, a sandwich and yoghurt. I had a mid morning bus to Mexico City airport. The bus I took was again quite luxurious. A movie was shown and there was plenty of space on the bus. I arrived to Mexico City airport and took a taxi to Mixcoac to stay with Rolando’s parents. The traffic was busy, although this seemed like a common occurrence in Mexico City. The relatively short trip took just under an hour. The taxi dropped me off directly at the door of Rolando’s parents. I rang the doorbell, which was literally a string with a bell at the end, to meet Sergio, Rolando’s father.
They were very kind and took me to a private quarters they’d built by their house. Sergio told me they had planned to use this as an Airbnb, and I was one of their first guests. They had done a fantastic job and it was fully equipped with everything from a tv, to water, a cooker, microwave, coffee, a hammock, shower, double bed, WiFi, everything in a compact space. I took some time to settle in, when Sergio recommended I visit a nice area of Mexico City called Coyoacan. I decided to walk there as it appeared to be fairly close to Mixcoac. Coyoacan by night was a really nice place. Although most of the shops appeared to be closing, there were a number of restaurants open. I walked around the square, and sat down in a restaurant to order some enchiladas with guacamole, onion and chile topping with a coca cola to wash it down. I walked around the area to visit some of the other shops, but after eating I was too full to try some of the other snacks or coffee. I returned back to rest for the next day ahead.


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