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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon May 10th 2019

Wow! Just a few more days before I fly out from this little Saskatoon nest I call home for the longest international trip of my twenty-two years of life. It would be an under-exaggeration to say that I am EXCITED (yes, even if I write it in all-caps), but unfortunately my feelings are more intense than what the English language can capture right now. *sigh* A question I get asked a lot is: "What are you most looking forward to in this Uganda trip?" I'll try to channel the essence of my answer in a few sentences. I am looking forward to the many learnings that lay ahead--about health/nutrition, about culture, about people, about myself. I am looking forward to having my knowledge and faith stretched as I get pushed into that uncomfortable place where growth ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon June 22nd 2018

Hi everyone! I cannot believe it has been two years since I last began this blog but the time has come to dust off the cobwebs and write again because...I am going back! I have rather been quiet about this trip as I begin to understand and fully appreciate again what it was like last time I went. I felt on top of the world, able to achieve everything and ever so fortunate to be selected to travel to Africa. This time around I chose to go back. I chose to because I love my job, I find passion in it every day, and I chose to because Africa is frequently in my thoughts and makes my heart pang with heart break. I also chose to go back regardless of the terrible, lonesome time I had ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon August 3rd 2017

Bonjour à tous, Pour commencer le repas hier soir, au Pampa (Brazilian steakhouse). Déception n'est pas le mot, mais pas loin. Ce restaurant à un succès fou, j'ai du attendre plus d'une ½ heure pour avoir une table. En entrée le buffet, avec de nombreuses salades (pour moi pâtes, pomme de terre), mais ce qui a disparu, et qui me faisait saliver, c'était la rosette, digne de Lyon, ainsi que le jambon cru qui étaient à volonté. Je pensais combler 2 mois de manque. Ensuite la viande, alors qu'elle était cuite au lèche flame, avec le dessus juste grilloté comme il faut, et bien rouge à l'intérieur, maintenant ce ne sont plus que des brochettes, des saucisses, plus rien a voir. Dommage. Vers 18h, à l'hôtel, s'enregistrait un car de chinois, et intérieurement, je me disais ... read more
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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon May 13th 2016

Four day and counting. Seems like an eternity (slash I want it to be because I still have A LOT to do before Tuesday) and like it will come up way to fast (again I should start seriously packing). Getting prepared to leave the country for three months is a lot of work but I was still completely caught off guard by it. The amount of little things you have to have in order before you leave filled up my to-do list way to quick. I only thought of the big things like passport renewal, clothes, and vaccines. I completely forgot about money, cancelling my phone, switching my accounts over to my love, and buying cat food. This past week was meant to be spent on my couch watching the Netflix I missed over the last ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon January 13th 2016

We left for Canada on Saturday morning, the 19th of December, and flew home to Canada via Seoul Korea and Vancouver. We arrived in Saskatoon on Saturday evening. Aaron met us and gave us a ride home. It was quite a treat to arrive in Saskatoon at 6:30PM instead of midnight like we usually do when we have to go through Hong Kong. We arrived home, unpacked, checked the mail and were in bed by 10PM. Maurice wasn't feeling well, and had a very rough trip home. Sunday morning, we picked up Tai and Tucker and took them to Langham with us to attend church with Linda's mother. It turned out the service was cancelled so the congregation gathered for lunch instead. We had a nice visit with all, and we were very pleased to find ... read more
Winter Wonderland
Tucker Popoff
Irene, Maurice's Mother

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon December 2nd 2015

On October 23rd, Linda's mother experienced more heart trouble and was admitted to hospital for tests and rest. After spending a week in hospital, she returned to her home in Langham. We decided that a trip home to help her adapt to her new limitations was in order. The school very graciously granted Linda a 2 week leave, and as soon as arrangements were made, we were off to Canada. We flew from Kaohsiung to Seoul Korea and then crossed the Pacific to Vancouver aboard the new 787 Dreamliner. We found it a much more comfortable flight because the plane flies 10% higher and faster. They also have higher oxygen and humidity in the cabin, the windows are 33% larger, and the ceiling is higher and the storage bins larger. We arrived in Saskatoon on November ... read more
Doris' Bathroom before Reno's
Renos in Progress
Doris' Great Grandchildren

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon August 10th 2015

Today we left Stettler for Saskatoon. After getting very specific directions from Dawn, we managed to get ourselves promptly lost. I know - who gets lost in Saskatchewan? Us apparently. We ended up taking the scenic but not so smooth route on Hwy 51 through small town Sask. After travelling 18 kms through a construction zone on deeply rutted roads and large gravel, we got turned around by a flagperson and had to go back. Someone's wide load was too wide, got stuck, and was blocking all through traffic. Doh! It turns out that getting lost was a gift. We got to witness two pronghorns in full run. Luckily we had lots of time to brake as they crossed the highway right in front of us. Sask got a lot of rain this year which was ... read more
The 18 kms of road under construction that we had to travel both ways
Superb grain elevator - literally
Our wrong turn lead to some beautiful rural scenery

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon July 5th 2015

"Things to always remember while on the road: Bring distractions and their according accessories, never trust a fart, and never turn down a clean shower." I've been lucky so far as to have followed these rules, but the campground we stayed at on Saturday night was a grim reminder of just how little attention some people put into their campsites. Molded concrete, rusted metal, broken toilet stall doors, a $1 per minute fee on the cobweb covered shower, this wasn't a cleaning complex; it was a high end jail cell. And that was just the facilities, the overgrown brush all around and the mud that was the ground did an elegant job at keeping the earlier rains from being soaked in and absorbed. Ever wonder what it's like to sleep on mud? Yeah, me neither, but ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon July 2nd 2015

Here are the photos from our Winnipeg to Saskatoon portion. It's an important part of every Canadian's education to see these provinces! While just 30 minutes into our trip out of Winnipeg, waiting for a construction stoppage to clear, a train passed by (photo 1). A long train. Three miles long. Do you know how long it takes for a three-mile long train to pass you when you're stopped for construction? Well, it actually takes forever! After we diverted north on the Yellowhead, we noticed that the farms were separated by these unusual trees (photo 2). Previously, I've seen hedges, shrubs, dead tree limbs, and the occasional piles of detritus, but these trees have a remarkable interest to them - as if they are saying, "Go ahead and plant your soup peas, Mr. Farmer. I'm still ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon July 1st 2015

As grey traces of dawn tint the eastern sky, three travellers - a man, a woman, and a cat - emerge from the forest shadow. Fjording the rivers Red and multiple times the river Assiniboine, they turn north, journeying into the dark and forbidding lands of the Notleys. Even now the intensity of her power can be felt: weakening the oil price and saddening the pocketbook. If they cannot pass through this barren wasteland, they will become empty, mindless specters, stripped of will and soul. The journey to Saskatoon was uneventful. The scenery looks better in real life compared to photographs. Come out this way and discover it for yourself! Gerry doesn't see it as acutely as I do. I think Saskatchewan is a beautiful place, though I was frequently velocitized and made the most impressive ... read more

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