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Drove to Canada. The kids have been getting along great. The music for this trip has been Pentatonix. We’ve been trying to stick to our no electronics in National Parks (included Adirondacks) rule. Arrived in Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy experiences the world’s highest tides, as much as 40 ft. Visited the Flower Pot Rocks at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. Hopewell is a place where, at low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor near cliffs and rock formations. We built cairns every 5 minutes to see how much the tide went out! Great experiment. We will return tomorrow to see it at higher tide. At high tide the water covers the ocean floor and part of the rocks and cliffs. We returned to the campground for dinner, ... read more
hopewell rocks (18)
hopewell rocks (2)

On the 20th, Friday, it was a reluctant leaving taking of the Artisan Suites because the COUGH has hit me again. Here at the campground the toilet is a bit further than a jump from bed to toilet bowl. When it is dark there is no problem ... the dog walkers let their pets piddle all over the place during the morning pippy parade ... and almost every RV has a dog. One family had two Golden Retrievers and a German Shepherds. …but I’m getting ahead of the narrative. Fundy National Park The park has finally opened ... who knew it was Victoria Day Weekend???? To reach the park gates a 336m mountain had to be crossed. With popping ears and in 3rd gear the gates and the visitors centre came into view. Never did get ... read more
The Enraged Cape
The Three Amigos
Approaching the Tea and Herb House

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park October 19th 2013

Today we got to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. It was a 4 hour drive from Lunenburg. When we got there it was about 6:00 so we just set up camp and made supper, after dinner we went to bed. The first full day there we stayed at camp and did school work because we were tired from doing so much in the days before. The second day, Mom and I went to a mushroom walk. I liked it! The researchers were really informative. When it was over we went for a kayak on a little lake, it was hard yet fun, we were pooched. Once we got back and put the kayaks on the car it started to rain. When we got back to the camp it started to pour. At camp we hid ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park September 25th 2013

We got to Fundy National Park late in the day but we still had enough time to set up, make supper and try to go see the stars. They have a dark sky designation and a big portable telescope, but the sky wasn't cooperating; it was full of clouds. Still we had a great conversation with the park people and went to sleep full of ideas for the next few days. I thought the park would be functioning at minimum but they did have activities set up all weekend. Jacob and I went to the fungi foray. A number of experts walked with us on a trail along a beautiful stream and then waterfall. The experts helped us see the diversity of fungi all around us. Then mushrooms started catching everyone's eye everywhere. We got to ... read more

Ok before I start I have no idea what happened with the pictures and captions on my last blog but you really have to use your imagination on some of them. I think it was the internet at the time, anyway hopefully it won't happen again. So we headed to the North Shore of Nova Scotia and this was not my favouite part of NS, but to be fair we had about 4 days of rain. We camped at Amhurst NS, which is on the border of NS and NB and very close to PEI. When we pulled into the camp ground all we saw was a burned up building. Alady came out and told us yes we were at the campground and they had full hook ups but their shower/laundry facillity had burned down. Well ... read more
Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy
Same place

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park September 29th 2012

Rainy day The pitter patter of rain on the roof was soothing and we slept in til 8 am. I jumped up and said “It’s high tide, we have to go to town”. Then I checked the tide schedule and high tide was 12:08pm so we had lots of time for coffee/tea. There was a little break in the showers so Oscar went out very quickly. We listened to music, had coffee, played on the computer and plotted our day as it promised to get worse. The showers indoors got a very good rating this morning. We had breakfast in town then walked down to see the condition of the fishing fleet. It was ½ hour from high tide and the water was really high already. Pictures What do women do on a rainy day, shop! ... read more
today's high tide 37 ft difference
Upper Salmon River
High tide today

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park September 28th 2012

WE woke to a brilliant pink sky. Sunrise wasn’t for a while yet but the sky was anticipating it’s arrival. Marg and I both showered in the exceptional showers and were home for the sun rise . We didn’t have the Oh God sunrise of yesterday but it was wonderful. We broke camp, had breakfast and headed out for Alma by 8:55 am. Yesterday we met a woman from St.John’s who said how wonderful it was so we had to see it. Well, it was a full fledged city! We drove around a little then decided to head for Alma. An hour later we were there and marveling at the small, quaint, sea town. We checked into the rv park, left the van and headed for Cape Enrage. It was a beautiful drive over a mt ... read more
Photo 3
Cape Enrage Lighthouse

Hi folks and welcome to a visit to "The Rocks" at Hopewell Cape not far from Fundy National Park has likely been twenty years since we last visited this beautiful spot on the Bay of Fundy ...and...WOW what a surprise . In the past we would drive up and park and head to the observation area and if the tide was out we would scamper down the stairs to the water's edge and frolic in and about the rocks. Well much has changed ...three large parking areas and and a gate where we had to pay to play amongst the "Rocks" and then we came face to face with a huge gift shop and restaurant ............and who can resist the aroma of freshly cooked bacon and eggs.(not Roger & Lorieta) after a hearty breakfast and ... read more

Bay of Fundy and Hopewell Rocks has 45 foot tides. It is incredible. There's so much history here, whalers, Acadians, Dutch, Basque,English, German. One town might be all German names and the next was settled by Scotsmen. Lunnenburg has a monument to the "Men who go down to the sea in ships." In 1926-27 this tiny village lost over 200 men and boys to storms at sea.... read more

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