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September 25th 2013
Published: September 25th 2013
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We got to Fundy National Park late in the day but we still had enough time to set up, make supper and try to go see the stars. They have a dark sky designation and a big portable telescope, but the sky wasn't cooperating; it was full of clouds. Still we had a great conversation with the park people and went to sleep full of ideas for the next few days.

I thought the park would be functioning at minimum but they did have activities set up all weekend. Jacob and I went to the fungi foray. A number of experts walked with us on a trail along a beautiful stream and then waterfall. The experts helped us see the diversity of fungi all around us. Then mushrooms started catching everyone's eye everywhere. We got to get first hand explanations and names as we found different types. We saw jelly bellies, which were my favorite. They ooze in vibrant colours and feel rubbery. It was difficult to remember to look up and see the beauty of the trail, since we were so involved in the miraculous diversity of the mushrooms. The park had set up a mushroom tasting with a local chef after the walk, so we got chanterelles, oyster, chicken loaf, lobster, and cauliflower mushrooms to taste, sautéed in butter of course. We were also able to go to a kitchen party set up by the park. The went back in time and did a character party for the second female captain in North America. There was music, stories, dancing and acting bits, with complete audience participation. We left with cookies and hot apple cider to the light of the now slightly less than full moon.

The next day, we decided to check out the low tide. We had seen the high tide so could really take in how the tide changes up to 4 stories in height, incredible. On route to the beach, we got to see two coyotes sunning themselves on the road. They really do look more like the wolves they have bred with in this province. Then we followed a very young moose for about 3 km since he decided that he didn't want to get of the road. We particularly liked how his back legs move in a cross back and forth pattern as he ambled down the road. My first and only siting of a moose this trip and it was for about 20 minutes. The beach was full of interesting rocks and shells, but the real pull was seeing just how much water goes out and then comes in, mind blowing. In the afternoon, we went for a short paddle on a little lake and practiced our skills of paddling against the wind as the day got more blustery. The lake had three tiny islands and was only 2-3km long so it was hard work but not dangerous since the waves were only 6 inches high.

We slept well despite the pouring rain that night.

The next day was filled with preparing for Jacob's next leg of the trip and meeting with his Dad. I was able to have a roaring fire that night and get a good sleep in preparation for the cross Canada trip back home that I would start the next day.

Goodnight and sweetdreams.


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