Bay of Fundy

Published: October 8th 2012
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Hopewell Rocks, NBHopewell Rocks, NBHopewell Rocks, NB

high tide and yes the water is brown they call it the chocolate river
Ok before I start I have no idea what happened with the pictures and captions on my last blog but you really have to use your imagination on some of them. I think it was the internet at the time, anyway hopefully it won't happen again. So we headed to the North Shore of Nova Scotia and this was not my favouite part of NS, but to be fair we had about 4 days of rain. We camped at Amhurst NS, which is on the border of NS and NB and very close to PEI. When we pulled into the camp ground all we saw was a burned up building. Alady came out and told us yes we were at the campground and they had full hook ups but their shower/laundry facillity had burned down. Well we decided to stay so payed for 2 nights and followed her to our camping space, at this point we see about 6 Rv's that are obviuosly not being used and haven't been for some time. There were 2 other units that looked like people stayed in them but no one was around. I felt like I was in the RV graveyard and could hardly
Bay of FundyBay of FundyBay of Fundy

so the ocean comes in and because the salt water is lighter it goes beneath the chocolate river water
wait to leave. In the meantime we went to Springhill which is the hometown of Ann Murry and they have a Centre for her. Before some of you start groaning (and I know you are) let me tell you there has never been to this day another Canadian recording artist that has won or been honoured with as many rewards as this woman. We then went to Joggins where the Bay of Fundy comes in on the NS side to see the tides. Next day we travelled back into New Brunswick to a beautiful little campground in Moncton. That day we went to the Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy because the tide was in. The next morning we were up early and back to the Hopewell Rocks to see it when the tide was out. This is a swing of 46 feet. The pictures will explain it better than I can. It is the highest tides in the world and we walked on the bottom of the ocean, pretty cool. We also went to magnetic hill where you drive to the bottom of the hill put your vehicle in neutral and sit there as it coasts up hill.
Bay of FundyBay of FundyBay of Fundy

The Bay is home to the Hopewell Rocks, and the highest tides in the world
Of course its an illusion of the road but it is pretty wierd. Then we went to the zoo (tired of museums). We had a couple from Sask. parked next to us in the campground and they were also leaving the next day for Maine so we made arrangements to stay at the same campground and we will have a Canadian Thanksgiving together. We passed through Saint John on our way to the US but did not stop just took a couple of pictures going through. So our Canadian Adventure has come to an end for now and we loved it. Now on to the USA, stayed tuned.

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Same place Same place
Same place

different scene these high tides were taken about 4 pm
Private HomePrivate Home
Private Home

this is in New Brunswick don't know who lives there but they were doing it in style
The travellersThe travellers
The travellers

we walked on the ocean floor
One of the RocksOne of the Rocks
One of the Rocks

you can tell how big they are by looking at the people they loose some of these every year because the ocean keeps washing at them
The BayThe Bay
The Bay

between the ocean and the rocks is about a mile of ocean floor now
The RocksThe Rocks
The Rocks

dino bones are discovered every so often because the ocean takes a liitle more of the cliff away

hope this turns out because it is truly orange
Fall ColoursFall Colours
Fall Colours

in Nova Scotia just starting here
Anne MurrayAnne Murray
Anne Murray

whole building dedicated to her life and all the music awards she won as well as the people she met along her career path

part of the Bay of Fundy in NS
Joggins, NSJoggins, NS
Joggins, NS

tide is definitely in.

In the fall here is so spectacular because of the red of the maples
Amhurst, NSAmhurst, NS
Amhurst, NS

this town is full of old brick and stone buildings

these buildings date back to 1700's

the architecture is unbelievable and they are all still being used

alot of homes are run down and then you come across a gem

look at the stone work on the house
Black SwanBlack Swan
Black Swan

his home was in the pond in the private home picture first time I have seen a black swan

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