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We woke to the sound of steady rain falling, thankfully it had stopped by the time we left for the ferry. It was only a short ride and we got there and on board with plenty of time to spare. The conditions were quite calm and the trip took just over two and a half hours arriving at 10:45am. We then had to collect our luggage and bikes and go through customs (as we had travelled from the US to Canada). At border security we went through as a group. The conversation went something like this . . . . Border Security Officer (BSO): So are you going to leave anything in the country? Tom: No Mark: No Jeff: No Mark: Hey Jeff, what about that present for Edna? Jeff: Oh yeah, I have a present ... read more
Vicoria is the capitol of Vancouver
Fisherman's whaarf
St Andrew's Catholic Church

I have become negligent in my blogging so now must catch up. A few years ago we took Zaya for tea at the Banff Springs Hotel. She loved it so much that we thought it might be fun to have high-tea in Victoria with the 4 grandkids. We love Victoria anyway, so it seemed a good fit. We really wanted to have tea in the Empress, as that is probably the equivalent to the Banff Springs. Alas, there were no reservations available and we were forced to look elsewhere for our high-tea. We found several recommended in Google so, Sunday afternoon, we started out, kids dressed in their camping finest. We went to the highest recommended but it was closed, as was the 2nd. Finally, we found a tea house, in Chinatown, that was open and ... read more
Royal Museum
In the "Old Town"
In the Lobby of the "Grand Hotel"

Sunday 23rd June 2019 Eleven intrepid travellers and one sea captain, set forth for three and a half hours this morning to navigate eighty-eight kilometres of ocean, in search of Killer Whales. The captain was Jimmy, a marine biologist from Victoria and the passengers comprised of five German tourists, four Canadians and John and myself (two brave Brits paying cheaper “Senior” rates). Our craft was a fast twelve-seater Zodiac, the only one on the west coast that has six double seats and a walk around edge, so everyone can stand up (if they really must) and everyone has a “window” seat (well they would if there were windows but the Zodiac is an open inflatable-rib boat); a great craft for close-up views of marine life. One doesn’t just don life jackets to get on board, we ... read more
Female Orca just 2 metres from our Zodiac...
...and her calf

Saturday 22nd June 2019 Our drive from the West Pacific coast to the east of Vancouver Island on Thursday was yet another sensational scenic and memorable journey. On the way we went to a Salvation Army “Thrift store” in a town called Duncan, which has a fair percentage of families in need (sadly a disproportionate number of these are First Nation communities). We spoke to the manager there who was delighted when we donated our tent, inflatable mattress and sleeping bags. She was so delighted with these useful items that it made our day. We arrived at my cousin Kaye and Randy’s beautiful home in Brentwood Bay on the Saanich Peninsular in the afternoon and spent a lovely evening with them. A speciality in the region is salmon barbecued on a cedar plank of wood. The ... read more
Butchart Cove
River otter

Day 8 13/05/2019 Vancouver – Butchart Gardens – Victoria Up early to get ready for the tour to Vancouver Island to see the Butchart Gardens and Victoria. We decided to check in with the Concierge to make sure that they knew we were waiting for a tour and we were asked f we had booked the tour a while ago as the tour company wasn’t doing them anymore. They then quickly informed us that someone else had taken over the tours and they pick us up at the bus stop outside the hotel. E found the bus driver and boarded and was on our way. We picked up other people from other hotels and then headed for the ferry that goes to Vancouver Island It was a 90 minute ferry ride over. First stop for the ... read more
Butchart Gardens
Butchart gardens
Tulips Butchart Gardens

Victoria, BC Friday, October 5 Our first, and only, day of inclement weather. Rain. No big deal. We have the umbrella and our coats to keep us warm and dry. It won’t be a long day in Victoria, as we depart around 4ish. Christopher and I get our tickets for the shuttle, get on the warm bus and head into town. We stop on the main shopping street in Victoria (this could be a problem) and get out of the rain asap. Conveniently, the bus stopped directly in front of a store featuring Irish wool and linen. We are always on the lookout for linen napkins as we no longer use paper napkins in our house. Eliminate paper waste, and the water used is the same as used for our towels; we mix our towels and ... read more

Early start today! Quick run to Breka (a bakery chain) for coffee and breakfast, then downstairs ready to be picked up for our Vancouver Island tour at 8am! A quick bus change and we were on our way. Forecast is for clouds, but no rain. It is a 45 min drive south from Vancouver to Tsawwassen (silent T) where the ferries depart. The bus drives onto the ferry, they are fairly large! We went on the Coastal Celebration - holds 300+ vehicles and 1600 people (so not like the Lawrence ferry!). You are not allowed to stay on the bus for the 90 minute sail across the Juan de Fuca Strait through the Gulf Islands, so have to go from Deck 2 (taking note of where your bus is parked - one of 4 identical green ... read more
On the way to Vancouver Island
Entrance to The Butchart Gardens

Die Zeit hier in Victoria vergeht wie im Flug, was wahrscheinlich daran liegt, dass ich zusammen mit zwei sehr guten Freunden lebe und uns nie langweilig wird. Von der Natur habe ich noch nicht allzu viel gesehen, dafür haben wir Sport gemacht wie z.B. Volleyball, Bouldern oder Tischtennis. Neue Leute habe ich hier nicht kennengelernt, aber das war auch nicht zwingend nötig. Zum Thetis Lake fährt man von unserer Wohnung aus ca. 20 min mit dem Bus, was vergleichsweise nicht viel ist, aber dafür bekommt man schon sehr viel geboten. Ein wunderschöner idyllischer Ort, das einzige, was stört, ist der Lärm der Straßen in der Ferne. Der Beacon Hill Park hingegen liegt im Süden Victorias, also fast mitten in der Stadt. Enten, Pfaue, Eichhörnchen und weitere Tiere sowie große Blumenbeete machen den Park aus, der auch ... read more

An meinem letzten Tag in Los Angeles hatte es ein richtiges Abschiedswetter. Es war kalt, wolkig und hat angefangen zu regnen. Nach einigen Orientierungsschwierigkeiten am Flughafen ging meine "Heimreise" los. Bei meinem Zwischenstopp in Seattle musste ich mir leider etwas von dem überteuertem Essen am Flughafen kaufen, weil ich so hungrig war. In Vancouver angekommen kam mir wieder alles bekannt vor, die Strecke bis zu meinem Hostel war gar kein Problem. Am nächsten morgen habe ich das kostenlose Frühstück im Hostel genossen und mich dann mit dem Skytrain und Bus auf den Weg zur Fähre gemacht. Nach der Fahrt von ca. 100 min bin ich in Swartz Bay auf Vancouver Island angekommen. Von dort aus bin ich mit dem Bus nach Victoria gefahren, wo ich endlich meine Freunde aus Deutschland getroffen habe. Ob ich hier arbeiten ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria February 24th 2018

7/24 Well weren’t we surprised this morning when our grand old Victorian Gatsby B&Bserved our breakfast as a High Tea! This is of course Victoria, British Columbia where High Tea is in stiff competition. We began with a small bowl of blueberries topped with an Earl Grey infused whipped cream and a piece of mint. Then the tea tray arrived with French toast with Canadian maple syrup, spicy sausage, quiche with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and artichoke, smoked salmon canapes with cream cheese, mashed capers and dill (marbled bread was a bit dry), and finally, light savory scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I would have been very impressed because of the sweet little tea room presentation and good food but it simply could not touch the excellent high tea at the Empress Hotel, which ... read more
Chinatown in Victoria
Fan Tan Alley
The great stuffed woolly mammoth at the Royal British Museum

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