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Since this was Eric's first trip to Vancouver Island, Nichole played tour guide and took us up island to Duncan and Chemainus. The murals in Chemainus are amazing and tell the story of the town's evolution. They have added life like sculptures now too. We had one thing to see in Duncan. The world's largest hockey stick. Given the state of the NHL and that they finally have come to terms on an agreement, it was even more fun to see the stick this year! To get a good picture we had to walk around the arena, through a ball field and a truck show that was set up in an adjoining parking lot. We decided that if anyone asked us what we were doing, we would tell them we were in the next edition of ... read more
Boys and their Toys!

Eric and I left Vancouver after a delicious feast at Slickitty Jim's Chat and Chew Diner! We travelled to Victoria on the ferry (Eric's first big boat ride), and found our way to Nichole's place. Wayne arranged for them to be away for a little while in the afternoon just long enough for us to get there and get ready for the big surprise! The plan was to be in their back yard, behind their plum tree just partially out of sight so that we could shock her a little. Wayne thought it would be a good idea for us to be raking his grass and fallen fruit (not sure why we fell for that ruse). When they came home, Nichole was more than a little concerned that there were some strangers in her back yard ... read more

I went to go see my sister over the 4th of July weekend in 2005. I hadn't seen Sis and her family in 4 years. Before I got to Seattle, I asked her if she would mind if my nephew, Will would be able to come to Victoria with me for an overnight trip. I figured he would be happy to see a change in scenery and it would give us the chance to catch up over the years that we've missed. Both were delighted at the opportunity and I was happy to play tour guide. Will and I left Seattle early in the morning via the Victoria Clipper. The ferry ride is about a 3 hour ride, so it provided Will and I the chance to talk and snack on some goodies that the ferry ... read more
Streets of Victoria
Our home for the night
Butterfly Gardens

Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo Getting up at the crack of dawn is always easier when it’s to set off on an adventure. Our alarm went off at 4:30 Saturday morning, June 25. It was an especially short night because the previous night we had been out to see the Diana Krall concert, and didn’t hit the hay until after 1:30. We were aiming for the 6:30 ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, with the intention of putting down the bed and sleeping on the ferry, but we ended up on one of those sloped ramps, so sleeping was out of the question. Victoria We arrived at our friend Orleen’s house in Victoria almost the same moment she did, around 11 am, having stopped for a leisurely breakfast in Nanaimo. Saturday afternoon we went down to Wharf ... read more
In the rigging

The theme of this year's outting of Kaye's House (I go to a boarding school) is "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime." No one knew the day's activities until the heavily anticipated morning. Had a morning of awesome paintballing (we made history - first girls' house to do so!). It was so much fun! Then we went back to school for half an hour of showering/changing. After the sweat and intensity of paintballing in the woods of Nanaimo, we girls were dressed up and ready to go to downtown Victoria to sip some British high tea! We saw the Parliament buildings and had our tea at the classiest restaurant on Vancouver Island - The Empress. Concluded the fun-filled day with an evening at the movies. Saw "Mr and Mrs Smith".... read more
Like Old Times
Chocolate Shop!
Parliament Buildings in the Distance

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Boxing Day Shopping Overnight lineups are fun I am just kidding. I didn't really do too much shopping on Boxing day since I'm not one for the overcrowded mall. But we did go grocery shopping looking for a fresh turkey for the evening meal. Only took three stops! Thanks to our wonderful hosts Jen & Nick for having us all over at their gorgeous new house to celebrate! Aside from all of the yummy foods, spinach dip, turkey, ham, salmon, salad rolls, veggies, yams, mashed potatoes, to mention some of the food line up, we played Truth or Dare Jenga. Now that adds a twist to Jenga! Too many moments to describe but the picture of Anita and Jen arm wrestling is just a sampling of what went on during the evening. ... read more

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