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Sailing into Victoria we could see the approaching barren mountains of the coast looming closer, barren of any snow (okay, so it is summer isn’t it, and to paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, we’re not in Alaska any more)! Sharon headed to mass and then we headed up to the Lido for Breakfast. I got myself a serving of Swiss muesli in the Lido and some French toast to go with it. I had to wait because there wasn’t any premade ready to serve. Sharon got her scrambled eggs and they’ve reverted to the really soggy, chew, jerky-like turkey bacon. We went back to the cabin to don our “We don’t need Google” T-Shirts to commemorate this final day of Team Trivia at 10:00 AM in the Crow’s Nest. We stopped at the Explorer’s Lounge to ... read more

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38I wonder if the local eateries realise how good the Hop on Hop Off bus is for their business....we usually pick a venue that we see on the way. We have been spotting the Swan Inn on our rounds and so we settled on this as the brunch destination of the morning.We did call in to the Fudge Shop and Chinatown to stock up on supplies for tomorrow's ferry adventure. Our Chinatown adventure was made complete with a walk down Fan Tan Alley - the narrowest trading alley in BC. The Swan was an absolute treasure. Clam chowder to die for (@LizMcPhee!!!) and seafood prepared to perfection washed down with a locally brewed raspberry beer and a root beer - all with a view of the hustle and bustle of the entrance to the ... read more
Clam chowder was delicious
Finding Fan Tan Alley
Very passing

Geo: 48.4218, -123.368We had been getting around from place to place on the red bus but today we were committed to getting a closer look at the harbour surrounds on foot. Lucky the map didn't have distances on it or we may have been daunted. Endomodo and UP keep us honest and credited us with 25 000 steps and 14 kilometres of tourist heaven. Ironically we started the day by organising some transport for upcoming events - a shuttle bus to "the" gardens and a dusk carriage ride for Friday. With those details in place it was off to Parliament.The facade of the building is magnificent and of course we have enjoyed the night time view from The Empress because the building has been outlined in some 4 500 lights - which make a distinctive daily ... read more
Guided tour of Parliament House
Blending with the splodge of oldies
Women making history

Geo: 48.4218, -123.368The dash across the street to the big red bus was completed as scheduled. But it seemed like all the other tourists were early birds as well and it was a shuffle and a squeeze to get a seat on the first shuttle. But with a bit of creative seat rearrangement by the tour operator a spot was secured for us.The hour trip dropped us off at The Oakes Inn for a leisurely breakfast and a little bit of relaxation in the sun until it was back on the bus for a return trip to The Harbour.Today was about THE MUSEUM and yes, the capital letters are justified. This would rate as a super hot 10 out of 10 spot on any itinerary in Victoria. It seems modest in its entry but when you ... read more
Bus rider 1
Bus Rider
BC Museum adventure

Geo: 48.4219, -123.367Location, location. You can't beat it. Perched right on the Inner Harbour in Victoria it seems that all roads lead to The Empress. The boats, yachts, skiffs, ferries, kayaks, paddle boards and cruise lines, the sea planes, the buses, the bikes and scooters, the cabs and even the horse drawn carriages are at our front door. And right across the road is the Visitor Centre. And after doing a very very happy dance because we have an IRON at last (who would have thought this would be so special!) the Visitor Centre with the very helpful Ted was our first stop.Tried our best for room service team to be out by 10 am but it was closer to 11 before the day was under way. We opted for a two day Hop on Hop ... read more
Quick brunch - cooked in front of you
Bay Centre Courtyard
Potential for Whistler return!

Geo: 48.4219, -123.368Our first round of Whistler fun has come to an end and now we have left our Friendly Guides to do our own thing on Vancouver Island at Victoria.We started the morning with packing and headed down The Aspens hill one last time for a quick breakfast snack at Portobello. We were only gone for 45 minutes and by the time we returned Mindy and Ian had transformed their apartment to its former glory....all the furniture had been returned to its apartment-for-two configuration, linen was stripped, washing was on and there was even a chocolate slice cooking in the oven! Can't thank them enough for making us so welcome over the last two weeks. We have had a ball!Whistler is beautiful. It is a constant round of adventure and people are so friendly and ... read more
Last morning The Aspens
Coming back to do this

Great news! My trip is back on! I leave here on Mon Feb 9 and meet up with Andrew in the airport in Toronto. From there we fly to Frankfurt then on to Chennai. I will be home again on March 25, see you all then. Looking forward to sharing the adventure with all of you.... read more

So.......Things don't always go according to plan! Due to an unfortunate turn of events, our India trip has been cancelled, at least for now. While I was in Waterloo to meet up with my son, we received word that my daughter-in-law's father passed away in Turkey. So she and my son left right away to be with her mother and family, and I have returned to Victoria. Once the kids return from Turkey we will talk about resuming our trip, and may go some time in Feb. Thanks all of you for following my blog, hope I will be able to tell you about my adventures real soon.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria December 31st 2014

New blog to keep you all up to date with my adventures in India. I will be leaving here on Jan 9 to meet up with Andrew in Waterloo, then on Jan 14 we depart for Mumbai. The general plan is to travel south from Mumbai, down the west coast and up the east coast and home from Chennai on March ll, with a 2 day stop over in Dubai. Hope you will all follow along and feel free to leave a comment. Let the count-down begin.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 12th 2014

This is our final evening in Victoria before we start travelling to California tomorrow. In the past two and a half weeks we have seen some wonderful coastline and become more familiar with Victoria, where we both feel very much at home! Lorna has worked hard, showing us many places of interest on the island and making us feel welcomed. Everyone we have met has been very hospitable, even strangers who greet you with a smile when out walking. We drove along the coast to Fort Rod Hill which was built to protect the island in the second world war but never actually saw any action. We also spent more time downtown in Victoria, exploring Chinatown and then moving on to fisherman's wharf where there are some beautiful, well maintained houseboats which have become really desirable ... read more
Blue Bayou Cafe
Disappearing into the distance
Just getting the hang of it

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