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An update from last entry had many things happen with work, family, and specifically Helen's immigration. I completed my duties as a teacher, department head, registrar, and curriculum designer at Maple Leaf. The last few months of school involved me setting the stage for the future Wuhan Maple Leaf without Ben. Major projects included setting up the wireless provincial exams, making purchase orders for next years technology requirements, training the new BIT department head and support teacher, finishing my curriculum designing and preparing the Grad Dance. Every day was so productive and necessary but by the end of it everything went great. Grad dance (or prom) went great with student volunteers. Highlights of the prom include a large poster, commercials and music video. The dance had live school bands and plenty of catering, contests and games. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 20th 2015

It was a long 30 hours, having departed on Thursday, 24 September from Brisbane at 6.00am into Sydney from where we flew to Vancouver, boarded another flight into Victoria, arriving at 11.30am on the SAME day! A little recovery time and a shower later on what was a very showery and grey day, we walked for about 5 hours taking in some of the local area and just doing our best to stay awake until evening. The British Columbia Parliament building is spectacular and grand in every detail! We were speechless at the beauty of its interior. Our hotel is well appointed, overlooking the picturesque Victoria Harbour, with large car and passenger ferries docking out in front of us, along with many other large and small water vessels. Everywhere in every bar and hotel "happy hour" ... read more
Inside Parliament House
Parliament House
Parliament House

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 10th 2015

At night we think about what happens next. We got some more money than expected so we think about renting a car for a week and see the Island. BUT it is crazily expensive!! So we end up looking at cars in Craigslist again. We make a trip to Victoria on Wednesday the 9th of September to check some adds. A dealer offers us a 3.600 cad minivan, with not much space but it could do if we get cozy. We decide to buy it, but not today, let us come back tomorrow with the money. Diego checks the net once more and… there it is, a big, nice and cheap GMC Safari from 1992. It is 23 years old, in very good shape though. We get it registered incredibly easy and head back to Cobble ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 6th 2015

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Home again...September 6thI'm happy that we packed last night before bed. This morning we enjoy our breakfast as we look out over Victoria Harbor one last time, and soon set off to the bus stop.Jeff has figured out that land transpotation for this whole trip has cost us exactly $20 Canadian or about $18.50 US. Bus fare is only $2.50 each and transfers are free. Let's hear it for public transportation!When we get to the airport and head to the counter to check our bag, who is standing there but John and Janet!! What a marvelous surprise! Their flight is a couple of hours after ours, but they had to come to the airport early to return their rental car. What great timing. The four of us walk to our gate, and we chat ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 5th 2015

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Butchart Gardens, VictoriaSeptember 5th Did you know that Canada also has a Labor Day holiday? But I guess in their case it would be "Labour Day", eh? We didn't either and it is the same weekend as the holiday in the US. This weekend. Had we known we might have switched our sightseeing agendas between today and yesterday. Today we are going to Butchart Gardens, and with it being a holiday AND the last Saturday night of the Butchart Gardens fireworks show, we're sure to be in a crowd.We walk a few blocks from the hotel to catch the bus and we're on our way. The Butchart Gardens are built over a limestone quarry, and the area is still owned by the Butchart family. It is unbelievable. Imagine one of the biggest, most beautiful, ... read more
Moon jellyfish
Some of Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 4th 2015

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Victoria, B.C - September 4th Today Jeff and I wandered hither and yon in Vancouver, once we got out of bed, took (another!) shower and donned CLEAN clothes that is. John texted us while we were at breakfast that he was on his way over to pick up his clothes and pressure cooker. It took him longer to arrive than we thought it might because he was once again waylaid by the wooden boat show. According to him, this is a "must see" event. Jeff and I decide to walk down to Fisherman's Wharf, which is a couple miles from our hotel, and, coincidentally, we have to walk by the boat show. WOW! John was right! These boats are gorgeous! There were many boats open for the public to board and one of my ... read more
Float house
Crown Princess cruise ship
Us on the Olympus

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 3rd 2015

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38It is our last day on the Ibis...this morning we began with a nice breakfast of granola topped with the last of the blackberry goo. Delicious!We have a long way to go to get back to Oak Harbor in Victoria, and we get busy. The dinghy is brought around to the front of the boat, reloaded and tied down, the anchor is hauled in and off we go. John is at the helm and the sun comes out! The sea is calm....there is a nice breeze and it isn't raining! The sails are up but we are still motoring. After a long while of cruising along, Jeff relieves John. They are following the "rum" line. At least that's what I thought they've been saying all week; rum line. Of course, every time they say ... read more
Pokey and Gumby waiting for the bus

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Oh, Canada... (August 28, 2015) Here we are in Canada. Funny how a "short" trip like this takes the whole day and is so tiring. We dinked around the house "waiting" for our agreed upon depature time. A nice relaxing morning.When we arrived at the US Airport parking lot and turned off the car, Jeff looked at me and said, "Oh Crap!" Actually he didn't say "crap", but this is a family blog so we'll say "crap." "I forgot my hat!"Well, this is a disaster. Jeff bought this wonderful hat specifically for this trip - it was a Tilley and designed not to blow off, it was expensive, and it was still in our hall closet. Crap is right. Our flight to Seattle was uneventful, though it was a small plane, two seats per ... read more

We touch land in Swartz Bay, and jump into the bus taking us to Victoria downtown. Just stepping out of the bus and we already like it. Victoria has a strong British atmosphere with it's own special taste. Finally the decision is made to spend our money on booking two nights in an expensive Hostel and some rental bikes. We soon discover that everything in Victoria is expensive :S All in all, the good city-feelings we couldn’t find in Vancouver are here around every corner. After two days of exploring the area and finding deer in the city parks, we try to get north to our WWOOFing place in Cobble Hill. It is a day early and we want to make a stop in Mill Bay. As we are on a low budget we want to ... read more

One part of planning a perfect trip that often doesn’t get enough attention is the arrival. It’s likely that most travelers are so anxious to start their vacation that they probably pick the quickest way to a destination. The fun will be had once you get there, not on the journey. Arrival by air is often a necessity in the fast paced world of exotic destinations and short stays. Perhaps some choose transportation based on cost. Lots of people going? Can they all fit in the minivan? Some destinations lend themselves to a certain type of arrival. While rarely mentioned, I think the popularity of Venice, Italy is due in part to the necessity of taking a boat up the Grand Canal at arrival. Gliding past opulent Palazzo on both sides of the canal you naturally ... read more
Empress Hotel at night
Sheringham Point Lighthouse
Victoria's Inner Harbor

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