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Well the school year ended and we had a couple days off to plan and pack for summer vacation. By Tuesday morning we started our trip back to Canada and we boarded a plane to Beijing. About 3 hours later we were landed in Beijing. We had a seemingly long 5-hour layover that actually past quite fast after a coffee and chat with fellow travelers and a lunch. As we waited in the airport we discovered we were on the same flight as my school's Principal and his family and another coupled co-worker friends. The flight was fairly long as Meili was a handful for the first 3 hour of the flight. She was restless and wanting to run down the aisles of the Boeing 777. But we landed in Vancouver 11 hours later. We de-boarded ... read more

3.7.2014 - Left Whistler 8.45a.m. - one and a half hours into Vancouver with a stop at Shannon Falls enroute - another pretty drive. Our bus driver took us to the Seaport area near the cruise terminal in Vancouver where we caught a seaplane to Vancouver Island, the capital of which is Victoria, in fact the capital of British Columbia, my Canadian geography is not too good, I thought Vancouver was the capital of British Columbia. The seaplane ride took about 35 minutes and we landed in the harbour near the famous Butchart Gardens, there was a Butchart Gardens person to meet and greet and took us up to the restaurant in the gardens for our lunch, such a beautiful place especially if you are a gardener, they change the gardens over and over each year ... read more

Des journées comme celle ci j' en redemande. Ce matin a 10 h départ pour l' ile de Vancouver, et sa ville principale Victoria. L' embarquement, a Horseshoes, Vancouver nord, je suis au sud est. Vendredi, j' ai pris cette route, j' avais mis 1½ pour faire 30 kms, aujourd'hui je prend mes dispositions, pour être a l' heure. Je met 45 minutes, pour faire les 40 kms. Je suis donc bien en avance. Je préfere, ce n' est pas grave d' attendre plus d' une heure, surtout sous un beau soleil, et un cadre magnifique. Lorsque j' ai réservé le passage, je l' ai fait au hasard. J' aurais pu choisir l' autre point de départ, qui est ou j' étais hier, au sud, en plaine. Horseshoes, c' est aux pieds des montagnes. Ces sommets, ... read more
bel horizon
le premier

Beautiful day on Vancouver Island. We spent hours learning about totems and British Columbia at the museum. StephenS explanation was very helpful Kids are our spending all their Canadian money and enjoying the waterfront harbor area. Salmon and halibut sandwiches are easier to get than McDonalds. No one is complaining ... read more

An emotional day visiting the site where Marilyn Bell came ashore after swimming the strait from US to Vancouver Island. We sang Stephen Hatfield's Beacon Hill and brought him to tears . We also shared music with his parents. What a special day. See a video on Facebook. ... read more

I was up early for my 08:00 greyhound bus to Calgary from where I was to revisit my hostel as I had left my tea bags behind, an Englishman can’t go anywhere without them!! No tea bag is left behind! I then gorged myself on an Indian buffet which was to last me all day before making my way to the city hall bus stop from where I was to catch the 300 bus to the airport. Well that was the plan at least as the road had been closed as there was a procession down the main street to celebrate the Canadian Olympic team, there were no signs of an alternative route and after asking some cops and locals I gave in and hailed a taxi, which costs me 35 bucks and early killed me!!! ... read more
Getting ready for whale watching
Killer whales

There was a road accident and the bus was late. I was trying to catch the 9AM ferry but it looked like I wouldn’t make it. The bus that was supposed to take us to the port couldn’t make it so another bus that was meant for another route took us instead. There was an old chatty man on the bus. You know how they like to talk about their past adventures. There are times when you just wanna be left alone but out of politeness to the elderly you have to listen to them. The teenagers next to him had that job. The moral lesson that he stressed was “You can do anything you want. Just don’t get caught”. He’s been to jail several times. I don’t think the kids would take his advice. They ... read more
Cherry blossoms
Fairmont Victoria
view from the ferry

August 18, 2013 Enjoyed a lovely day in Victoria with a lot of walking (good thing considering I gave into temptation and had an A&W burger & fries for lunch). We walked in the opposite direction to the harbour straight into a residential area with detached houses. Victoria appears to be so much less densely populated than most big cities (although thinking about it, Ottawa and Canberra are not dissimilar in this respect but you know what I mean. Certainly compared to Vancouver with its mass of apartment blocks it seemed very different to be walking just a block or two away from the busy touristy downtown Victoria past detached houses in the residential area known as James Bay). Within minutes we were on an empty beach at Holland Point watching the sea traffic travelling in ... read more
"Search for the greens"
Chinatown, Victoria
Dragon Boat Races

It's been about 3 years since Helen and I first talked about traveling to Canada. From the January through June 2011 we applied twice to the Canadian consulate in Shanghai for her travel visa and twice were denied. We knew it was an uphill battle, we weren't married and had only been a couple for a year. However we thought it was worth a shot, but when we were turned down we wondered just how difficult it would be with our applications in the future. A year later we got married and in the summer had Meili. So last summer travel was not possible. In to this year though we thought we'd give it another shot and applied in February. Newly wed friends, a Canadian husband and Chinese wife, applied at the same time. They were ... read more

Seattle is a very industrialised city developed around the Puget Sound with some very impressive scenery- it is quiet different from Portland with cycling less obvious and little specific facilities provided to allow for safe riding. It has an good public transport system with combination of bus, street car, tram and light rail and of course the mono rail from the Seattle Centre to down town shopping centres. There is a section of the city downtown where light rail and buses uses a dedicated transit tunnel which works very well. We enjoyed the best experience we had since coming to the US when we visited the Chihuly Glass and Garden Museum- the works of a local US glass artisan-Dale Chihuly- on permanent display in a new facility close to the Seattle Needle ( telecom / sky ... read more

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