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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria February 23rd 2018

7/23 We were up early, packed and down the stairs for our 8:30am BC Ferry Connector Bus pickup at the Georgian Court Hotel to take us to the terminal for the BC Ferry to Victoria. We were the first pickup on the bus so we had to ride around town to other hotels before arriving at the ferry dock which was fine with us. It gave me time to write my journal, Dave to rest and to see more of Vancouver before leaving. Even after all the passenger pickups we still had a 45 minute ride to the ferry terminal. It is not close to downtown Vancouver! We were perched at the front of the bus as the driver drove onto the ferry for the 11am departure from Tsawwassen in Vancouver to arrive in Swartz Bay ... read more
Victoria Harbor
High Tea at the Empress
Buchart Gardens

Saturday: Sylvia and Mark walked the sea wall all around Stanley Park, I met them partway in time for lunch at the Tea House. In mid-afternoon we headed out with a bus day pass downtown to the Skytrain to the Main Street neighborhood to a knitting store for Sylvia. We stopped off at a bistro for appetizers and drinks, a bookstore, then back to the Skytrain to go across the bay to Richmond for the last weekend of the Night Market. The market was fun but turned out to be mostly Asian food and vendor stalls. An experience to be sure. Back at the Sylvia Hotel we finished with a drink and snacks. Sunday: Off to Victoria. The tour bus picked us up near the hotel, drove to the bus station to pick up more passengers, ... read more

We have joined many of the Canadian Coasters at the Saanich Fairgrounds, located in Saanich BC on beautiful Vancouver Island. It is great to see old friends and to meet our new travelling companions. There are still many that I have not had a chance to have a visit with and more will be arriving tomorrow. The excitement builds with each new arrival. Some we have not seen for seven years, so we have a lot of catching up to do. Rick Cathro and Bill Cross cooked us a yummy group breakfast this morning, so that got us all together to start the day. There is plenty to do and see so everyone went about their own ways after breakfast. Some cars needed some repair work. Some people went to dip their wheels into the Pacific ... read more
Ab on the ferry to Swarz
Meeting another ferry

Bonjour à tous, Je ne peux pas dire que j'ai passé une super nuit, mais le manque de sommeil de la première, a aidé au fait qu'elle soit mauvaise. Hier au soir nous avons passés une superbe soirée, chez Jo, le beau père de Daniel, filleul de Pier, le marié de l'an dernier. Le jeune couple habite ponctuellement, jusqu'au 15 juillet, chez Jo, en attendant la livraison de l'appartement qu'ils viennent d'acheté. Ils nous ont gâtés, avec de la morue noire, préparée en papillote au barbecue. Je ne connaissais pas ce poisson, qui vient d'Alaska. Une finesse de chaire, d'une onctuosité, un régal. Dommage qu'elle n'est pas été plus grosse. Voilà 3 fois que je rencontre Jo, et le trouve particulièrement sympathique. Toute cette famille est très agréable à fréquenter, malgré mes difficultés avec l'anglais. Ce ... read more
Butchart Gardens

Last week, when I had my days off, I decided to go to Victoria. I went hitchhiking all the way. It didn't take very long. I don't think I've waited more than 10 minutes anywhere. First, some cool ozzies with a van picked me up from the centre and drove me to McKenzie Road (not that far, they were camping at Bella Pacifica, but every little bit helps!) Next, a girl who lives in Ucluelet picked me up from there and left me at the junction. There I was picked up by a truck driver, who drove me until Port Alberni. Although it was out of his direction, he even drove me all the way up the hill so it would be easier to get picked up again and so I didn't have to walk all ... read more
Goldstream Trestle
Parlement building
Feeding seals

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria November 12th 2016

I have always thought about going to visit one of the most beautiful part of Canada like Vancouver Island. I came in BC for business as well and this gave me plenty of time to admire, discover and be awestruck by this fantastic province and its nature. After a few weeks spent in Pitt Meadows working on a farm, which is 48 km eastward Vancouver downtown, I decided to head to Vancouver Island for some exploration. I landed in Victoria which is the main hub on the island and also a very unattractive place: just a modern city so I stayed as little time as possible there. I quickly rented a car and left the city to deepen inside the nature. It is so incredible that in a few minutes you are just in the middle ... read more
Juan de Fuca N.P.
Prestine lake

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 25th 2016

Since leaving my cruise ship, I have been on a whirlwind sightseeing tour of this small corner of British Columbia. I joined a wonderful travel network for women before leaving home and it is thanks to my three fabulous hosts whom I met through this network, that I have been not only able to afford to travel to, and stay in this corner of the world, but come to know it very thoroughly. My three hosts have been amazingly generous with their time, resources and hospitality. I have been met at ships, ferries and buses, provided with accommodation and meals and taken on personalized tours by knowledgeable local hosts. Vancouver is a big city ... well, let's qualify that ... as you all know I am a small town girl, so all metropolitan spaces seem HUGE ... read more
Canadian Inside Passage shore line
View from top of the world - Squamish Sea to Sky gondola
Killer whale pod in Canadian Inside Passage

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 22nd 2016

Today is the last day of our holiday and we spent it on our feet - true to the TTATs philosophy! After another rather large breakfast, enough to sustain us all day, we set off along the coastal trail not far from our accomodation. The trail runs along the shore towards the city and looks across the Strait to Mt Olympus in the US. It eventually goes to the Overseas Terminus for Tourist Ships and one huge ship had just docked spewing out large numbers of people onto tours, buses or local shops. I am so happy I'm not one of the sardines - so far. Our trail took us to the Fishermans Wharf which we had not expected having not done our homework. It is at the Marina and has a number of colourful floating ... read more
Seal feeding at Fishermans Wharf
Floating houses at Fishermans Wharf
A life sized mammoth at the museum

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 21st 2016

After a good night's sleep in our high rise bed (we almost needed a ladder to get into it) our day started with a four course breakfast at the Victoria B&B. It is well known for it's breakfasts and the Victorian house and rooms. Needless to say there was more than we needed for the breakfast so our lady gave us a bag to put in any excess food which we did - true to our TTATs philosophy. We shared breakfast with four Ozzies three of whom were immigrants which made them interesting. The man ( a real Ozzie bloke) was married to a Mauritius woman who was born in Australia. She had her Mum and Aunty with her and they were originally from Mauritius. How much do we know about Mauritius? Practically nothing. English is ... read more
The fountain in the old quarry bottom
The star garden
A most perfect ball dahlia

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria September 20th 2016

Today was mostly a travel day from Ucluelet to Victoria. After yet another sumptuous breakfast and a farewell to the owner of one of the best Guest Inns ever, we set off for the approximately 4 to 5 hours to Victoria. It is mostly a slow drive as the road on the western side of the mountains is fairly awful with slumping or broken tarmac in many places. Gradually the road is being upgraded in the most mountainous area but the coastal area needs a lot of work done to the road to match the eastern side. Until we reached the coast the scenery was mostly mountains, forests and lakes with any views to be had often blocked by trees. This country has enough trees to build houses for everyone in the world. Linds found the ... read more
Nanaimo Harbour
A floral whale in Victoria

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