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Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Chris and I caught the buss downtown where whilst waiting, 2 deer casually cross the road, uncaring of oncoming traffic. we spent the day wandering Victoria and the harbour. Booked the ferry to Seattle for Saturday which is a 3 hour trip so should get to see some stunning scenery as we cross the border. If lucky may even see orca. The evening was spent with vic and Dave at a great restaurant with a great urinal with a soccer goal.... read more
Parliament house
Yummy yam fries
Urinal at the crooked goose

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Doing the sights and seeing huge star fish, hawks, listening to woodpeckers in the garden and two dear two houses down.... read more
Olympic range USA
Vic and I
Going for a walk at back of vics and dave's

Geo: 48.4644, -123.38Well that was an interesting 35 minutes of bumpiness but worth every minute as the views were spectacular as expected. Would not do it again as neither of us are keen on single engine planes but its a must do experience.... read more
Survived and waiting for luggage

After A pretty Beautiful ferry ride to Victoria we arrived at Swartz bay, from there we jumped on the local bus for an hour plus and soon arrived in the heart of Victoria which is a beaut, then the hard work started finding our hostel, we walked up and down every other road, I must have asked 10 people, no one knew where it was, anyway we found it, turns out we passed it four time while looking and its nice enough, although I suspect there are some homely people living here too. Victoria's is a really lovely little city it feels more like a town, it has a harbor and loads of little shops selling amazing clothes and trinkets. The city has a real British/European Vibe, so far I've seen Three British sweet shops and ... read more
Not our best looks
Free Willy
Sea puppies

Six months ago, we, Ian and Helli McColl, had a "we should do that" moment. We've had many "we should do that" adventure moments, all of which have come to fruition over the years. Such as, "we should take our 27' Formula powerboat down the outside of Washington State and cross the Columbia Bar into the Columbia River". Done: June 2007. "We should do that again!". Done: July 2008. "We should boat up to Juneau, Alaska for 7 weeks". Done: July 2011. So last year when we casually remarked that we should ride our motorbikes from Victoria BC to St. John's NL and back, I didn't quite expect our departure date to arrive so quickly. The last six months have been filled with I wonder where Canada's largest Tim Horton's is. I wonder where Canada's largest ... read more

Well the last few days we've been pretty busy! The weather on saturday got quite warm so we headed up to North Vancouver to the Capilano Suspensio Bridge, only a 20 minute bus journey from where we were in Downtown, it's a wooden bridge in one of the parks, surrounded by rainforset which rises 450 feet above the river Capilano (so pretty high, and also swings with the more people who get on it!) and then theres the cliff walk which is a small walkway hanging on to the cliff about the same hight as the bridge. It ended up being a really good day out and well worth the visit! Yesterday (sunday) we pretty much chilled out for most of the day as the Vancouver Sun Run Marathon was on so everything seemed to shut ... read more
This was when our bags were weighed for the ferry, can you guesse whos it is?
On the ferry to Victoria

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Normal 0 Welcome to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia! Here in the City of Gardens, you can enjoy the best that Vancouver Island has to offer. Visit the historic downtown - Douglas and Government Streets extend for miles, offering many attractions certain to appeal to everyone from families to couples to solo travellers young and old. See the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel (where you can enjoy afternoon tea), located right beside the beautiful harbour. Walk down here on the weekend and enjoy local art dealers and other interesting local crafts being sold in this area. Have children with you? Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum and ... read more

New boots - check New shorter length jeans - check Waterproof jacket - check Umbrella - check Scarf - check That is the new mental preparation list that I now go through each time I step out the door! I always knew that there would be a lot of rain in Vancouver however the relentlessness of the rain over the last few days has started to drive me a little crazy and I now realise that I need a little bit of sunshine in my life each day!! On Sunday I had an adventure as I made my way from Vancouver to Victoria (on Vancouver Island). For a start, the rain had really started to come down hard and so with my backpacks tightly fastened to me I made my way via the Canada Line to ... read more
Posing with the sequoia tree
Victoria's Inner Harbour on a beautiful sunny morning
Ferry trip - Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay

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