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And we’re off Heading from Victoria to Tofino - by coincidence my brother Jamesie ( or Martin) has friends almost directly on the way between Victoria and Tofino so we dropped in on Kathy and Michael and their 2 children who had recently moved from Findhorn to Vancouver Island. Brunch a chat and a walk followed which broke up our journey perfectly. Kathy is a great artist who should give folk the opportunity to purchase her work - it’s that good. They recommended we stop at cathedral grove where we saw an ancient forest before we continued to Tofino. Tacofino apparently is the place to eat near Tofino and we weren’t disappointed. In fact we managed to go twice while we were here. Mind you we managed to go to the Tofino craft brewery 3 times ... read more
my run
one of 4 beaches we walked though.

Surftown Tofino! I came here with the purpose to get more into surfing. Unfortunately I have only been in the water twice. It's cold!! I did get a wetsuit (funny.. it was Sebastiens' before) but I didn't get a board. They are super expensive here, even second hand ones. I keep my eyes open, but in the meantime there are some out there that I can use. I'm just, kind of waiting for the weather to get a little warmer. haha! (or someone who just drags me to the beach) When I just arrived, I couldn't stop saying WAUW everywhere I went. It's really beautiful out here. The trees grow moss on them and when I walk on the trails between them I always feel like I'm in neverland and the lost boys can come out ... read more
View from the dock

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino December 13th 2016

We woke up very early the next morning as planned, just in case the road conditions were as bad as they were when we drove in a few days prior. From the weather reports, we were pretty sure it would be okay but we just couldn't count on it. We left at 5am, our flight out of Sydney was at 1:30pm. It was still dark out when we checked out of the hotel. I didn't think about how short the daylight hours are when I planned this trip, so I didn't think about Chris' migraines and driving on dark, curvy roads. The roads, thankfully, weren't covered in snow, though there was still a ton of snow on the sides. So we were able to drive much faster. I kept thinking we'd be able to stop somewhere ... read more
Another Snowy Drive
Another Snowy Drive

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino December 12th 2016

This morning started out stunningly beautiful as we were greeted with a colorful sunrise at breakfast. It was probably the most sun we'd seen since our trip started. Ok, it WAS the most sun. It set the theme for the day- calm, mostly dry, skies. Chris and I ate breakfast at The Pointe again. I had some kind of eggs with goat cheese on bread with potato, although way more artful than I described. Chris had a breakfast version of a pulled pork sandwich. We finished up our delicious food and then ran down to the beach just in front of the hotel to take a billion pictures of the sunrise. After that, we went back to our rooms to get dressed for the day's adventure. We didn't originally plan on this because we didn't think ... read more
My Delicious Breakfast
Chris' Breakfast
Chesterman Beach Sunrise

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino December 10th 2016

Geo: 49.1311, -125.891The day started off at the stupid early hour of 4-something AM. The baby was sick with the flu, and instead of accompanying us on our trip as planned, she was staying with the grandparents last minute. Suddenly our family trip became a couples' weekend get-away! So, we didn't need to wake up quite as early. Chris and I are well practiced at getting up and moving when need be. We got to the airport for our 6:30am flight- absolutely no lines at check-in and security, which left us with plenty of time to get coffee and breakfast. I had a soup and sandwich. Then our flight was delayed by 20 minutes. It made me a little nervous considering we had a second flight to catch in SeaTac. I pulled out my book and ... read more
Turbulence- But We're Alive
Navigating Old School
Map of the Island

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino September 24th 2015

I arrived in to Victoria after an enjoyable ferry trip. I visited the BC Museum, where there was a very interesting exhibit on the gold rush. I got to walk through the different settings from getting my equipment and food, setting out on my expedition and even got to try my hand at panning for gold, before continuing on into an exhibit with gold artifacts. After a lovey lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory, I visited the Parliament building and got to see the members’ room. The following day I walked along the waterside to the Fisherman’s Warf, which was very funky. The brightly coloured houses floating on the water, the fat harbour seals being fed fish and the hippy buskers playing cheerful music. On the walk back I went into the Robert Bateman gallery to ... read more

I was up early again to get my lift from my new chums from Brighton, my text destination was to be Campbell River, however, on arrival the campsite was in the middle of an industrial site and there seemed to be nothing of interest amongst the sprawl of the city. I had initially decided on Campbell River as it was near some great hiking trails but from where the campsite was it would take me all day just to reach the start of the hike so I asked my new chums if they could take me wherever they were going as it had to be better than Campbell River. As it turned out they were headed to the other side of the Island to Tofino, I had read about this place and was pondering whether to ... read more
My room for the night

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Tofino December 4th 2013

As everyone told me to go and visit Tofino, I thought I would maybe take some time and go and see if this town was really worth it. And yes, I must say it is. Even if the weather wasn't up to it, I got to see some of the most beautiful sceneries. Message to all the surfers, this is the place to go !! I also got to meet very nice people in the youth hostel I was in and enjoyed nice moments with them. It was worth the 4 hour bus trip, just that was breathtaking, never saw such magnificent nature. Just look at the pictures and you'll see by yourself !!! :)... read more
Beginning of rainforest trail
Big tree in rainforest
Bird flying away

The west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the wetter places in Canada. During any visit, one should expect rain. I was prepared to have rain during my time there, but the rain had cleared up just after I arrived. The forecast had actually called for some form of rain. But it never materialized. The night passed with no rain and in the morning, I awoke to a beautiful day. I got up at the ridiculously early time of around 6. I'm not much of a morning person, but camping has seen me tending to go to bed earlier and thus getting up earlier. Not fighting it, I got up, packed and headed out to see more of the park. I first went to one of the beaches, Combers Beach. It was quiet, except for ... read more
Walking in the Rainforest
Graveyard of the Pacific
A Lighthouse

Bear trip this morning after another bad night waking up at 5am wide awake and then knackered when we had to get up at 645am. There were only 4 of us on the trip so had the boat almost to ourselves. We saw 8 bears in total which is the most they have seen this season so far. There were 2 females that had two cubs each, they were last years cubs so about 15 months old and she will be chasing them away from her very soon. The first ones were not bothered by our presence at all but the second lot of cubs ran up and hid in a tree. We also saw 2 males in different areas, much bigger than the females but not as big as I thought they would be. We ... read more

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